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DOJ Pulls Jack Move on Ray Bitar and Destiny Davis

Created By: Matthew Showell
06 May 2011
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The Department of Justice has taken a page out of a poker strategy book as it maintains its uber-aggressive prosecution of the 11 individuals indicted on May 1.

Their latest move came in the form of a supplemental forfeiture filed yesterday in Manhattan's federal court, outlining the seizure of a 7,200 square-foot home in Las Vegas belonging to Destiny Davis, Playboy's Miss January from 2005.

The DOJ also plans to seize four homes owned or connected to Ray Bitar, principle owner of Full Tilt Poker.

The seizure of an innocent Playboy model's home may seem confusing since she wasn't indicted on Black Friday, and as far as we know she has no actual involvement with the poker sites in question.

The move must have something to do with the fact Davis married Chad Elie, one of the indicted payment processors, just one day after the federal charges were announced.

Something tells us that house was bought with money earned through Elie's payment processing, and can therefore be classified as proceeds of a criminal enterprise, subject to forfeiture.

Federal prosecutors are also moving on four homes in Glendora, California thought to be owned by Ray Bitar. The flagship of these properties seems to be a 5,100 square-foot mansion on an estate with clear views of Los Angeles and even a private vineyard.

Given the scope of Full Tilt's operations we don't think these seizures are going to cause Ray Bitar all that much pain. And if Destiny Davis needs a place to stay PokerListings is renting a house in Vegas for the WSOP.

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Calvin Broadus 2011-05-06 20:56:44

If by house you mean studio apartment above Bill Gambling's Saloon, sure.

Can't buy love 2011-05-06 11:58:46

true love obv, losing the house will not effect their relationship

pokerfan123 2011-05-06 11:57:58

so that's the kind of woman illegal gambling money buys you :P