Benyamine and ICallSoWhat coin-flip for $169,000

David Benyamine
As long as I have outs…

David Benyamine played the leading role in many huge pots at Full Tilt yesterday. PokerListings takes a deeper look at one hand he was involved in.

But first, let's investigate the nature of Omaha and compare it with Texas Hold'em.

In Hold'em, two pair on the flop is usually a straightforward hand to play unless the board consists of three suited/consecutive cards. There aren't many situations where you can possibly lay it down. If your opponent has an unfortunate set, it's just bad luck.

In Omaha, on the other hand, two pair is one of the toughest hands to play. If the pot is raised, re-raised, and you push all-in on the flop, one of the two following situations is likely to occur.

  1. Your opponent has a draw, and depending on the strength of it, you'll be somewhere between 10% ahead and a slight underdog.
  2. Your opponent has a set and you're a big underdog.

Consequently, you rarely want to push all-in on the flop with a bare two pair - at least when the stacks are deep and you know that your opponent wouldn't risk his stack with a speculative holding.

But in Omaha, you can have additional outs to your two pair, which makes the hand a lot more valuable. The closer to the nut draw your extra outs are, the better your hand becomes. And even if your opponent has a better draw, your hand might block a few of his outs, which improves the chance of the two pair holding up.

This is exactly what happened in a hand between ICallSoWhat and biggest pots won over the last day, week, month and year, jump to the MarketPulse section.

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