Aussie Millions player robbed

The Prize Money

Any poker player can tell you that the game comes with some highs and lows. Players often will be up or down thousands of dollars, but not many players are used to having a downswing come as the result of a robbery.

Jason Potter, 22, was robbed early on Monday in Melbourne after cashing out $30,000 AUD from the Aussie Millions poker tournament. He lasted to 31st place out of nearly 800 players, and should have been taking that payout back home to Oklahoma.

Instead, on his way back to his hotel, he was robbed at knifepoint and saw it all taken away again.

Potter said in a Sydney Morning Herald article that he heard footsteps as he was walking across the Spencer Street Bridge before he was whacked over the back of the head around 4:30 a.m. (AEDT).

"The man reaches immediately into my hooded pocket, which tells me he kinda knew where to look. It points to him seeing me earlier in the casino," Potter said in the article.

"I definitely believe he saw me at some point in the casino. When he went to take the money, he knew where to look."

Potter said his initial reaction was to fight back, but then he saw the knife.

"No amount of money is worth it," he said in the Herald article. "It's not life-changing. It definitely hurts really bad, but nothing in my life will change because of it. I'd come back here - I've had a really great time."

Potter's stolen winnings were mostly in $100 USD bills as well as large Australian notes. The police are appealing for anyone with information to come forward.

Detective Senior Constable Dean Trigger also said in the article that the department would ask that any financial institutions, banks or even travel agents and exchange outlets notify the police of anyone attending their premises and exchanging large quantities of American $100 notes.

While many of the old-school pros like Amarillo Slim and Doyle Brunson can tell tales of being robbed of their bankrolls after winning big some nights, those stories aren't as prominent in the modern-day poker world.

The most recent high-profile tale comes from Greg Raymer, who was attacked in 2004 in an attempted robbery. Two men allegedly attacked The Fossilman outside his hotel room at the Bellagio in Las Vegas and tried to push him into the room to rob him.

Raymer had just returned from playing in a high-stakes cash game and was carrying $150,000 in chips at the time. He fought back and the would-be thieves fled before security arrived on the scene.

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