Antigua seeks EU support in gambling dispute with U.S.

Antigua and Barbuda's World Trade Organization (WTO) attorney Mark Mendel is looking for support from the European Union (EU) in the country's ongoing gambling dispute with the United States.

Mendel is planning to meet with EU Internal Market Commissioner Charlie McCreevy, who recently stated that the U.S. restrictions to the online gambling industry were a case of protectionism.

Even though Mendel considers it unlikely that the EU would bring its own case to the WTO in the short term, he thinks that a meeting with Charlie McCreevy would be beneficial.

"What I do think they can do is add support to our case and help encourage us to get the right results, so I think they can be very helpful. They may be able to provide us with some support at the governmental level that could be beneficial to us," Mendel said according to ATE online.

Antigua and Barbuda's dispute with the U.S. has being going on since March 2003. The small nation challenged the United States' total prohibition of cross-border gambling services offered by Antiguan operators to consumers in the United States.

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