A 240k bad beat at Full Tilt Poker

The Spoils of War

Player DaElvis suffered a nasty bad beat against tie53 in a $300/$600 No-Limit Texas Hold'em heads-up game at Full Tilt Poker.

tie53 emerged at the Full Tilt high-stakes tables in November, and quickly made a name for himself as a true maniac, with bold bluffs and crazy all-in moves as his trademarks.

He has clashed with DaElvis several times, including in this spectacular $240k pot:

tie53 was on the button and raised to $1,800. DaElvis re-raised to $6,000, only to get raised again, this time to $16,800. DaElvis called.

The flop came 6h-2s-2h. DaElvis checked, and tie53 bet $18,600. When DaElvis raised to $40,800, tie53 moved all-in for $124,199. Once again, DaElvis made the call.

The player's hole cards were turned over, and tie53 was in a very bad position with Jd-Jc against DaElvis' Qd-Qs.

According to the poker odds calculator here at PokerListings.com, DaElvis was a 91.62% favorite to win the $244,797 pot at this point.

tie53 needed one of the two remaining jacks to win the hand, but when the 3h fell on the turn, his chances of catching a miracle card were down to 4.55%.

Justice was, however, served when the Js fell on the river. tie53 sucked out, and won the huge pot.

This wasn't one of tie53's craziest plays, but he still managed to get into the biggest pot of all at Full Tilt Poker in November as a major underdog.

Let's hope he sticks around and gets involved in more insane action in the months to come.

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