Coolbet Open Bratislava: Successful Ode to Poker

Coolbet Open Bratislava: Successful Ode to Poker

The Coolbet Open in Banco Casino Bratislava was a resounding success, attracting poker enthusiasts from around the world. Players hailing from Israel, Iceland, Norway, and Finland converged on the event, which featured an array of side events and a grand Main Event with a €550 buy-in and a guaranteed €300,000 prize pool. The majority of side events also offered substantial prize guarantees, creating an electric atmosphere that kept participants engaged throughout the week.

The highlight of the tournament was Ville Tapana Hakala's remarkable performance. He not only claimed the Main Event title but also secured victory in the challenging 8-game poker tournament, walking away with an impressive €63,055 in total winnings. The event was covered live by PokerListings, providing fans with real-time updates and interesting insights.

Yehuda Yosef's Standout Performance

Day 1 of the Main Event saw Yehuda Yosef shine. Despite facing adversity on Day 1a, Yosef made a triumphant comeback on Day 1c, ultimately seizing the overall chip lead with a staggering 861,000 chips, surpassing the 30,000 starting stack. Yosef's success was partly attributed to sharing the table with chip leaders from the opening flight, allowing him to accumulate a substantial chip stack while enjoying the side events leading up to Day 2.

Thrilling Side Events

The week was loaded with exciting side events that boosted the Main Event's thrill. Notable winners emerged from various tournaments, including Deep Singh, who claimed victory in the prestigious PokerListings Deepstack event, and Italy's Dario Alioto, who triumphed in the PL Omaha event. The action also featured Maksym Ronshyn topping the €225 NLHE Re-entry tournament, Jiri Noga securing the High Roller title, and Merav Tehila being victorious in the Ladies event.

Coolbet Open Bratislava 2023 PokerListings Deepstack Deep Singh
Deep Singh

Coolbet Ambassador's Success

Special Hyper Turbo events, inspired by Coolbet Ambassadors and Streamers like Ylva ‘Jevakim Thorsrud, Christian ‘Sycksbe’ Arstad, and Oskar and Jonatan ‘Wedde Brothers’ Wedde, added extra excitement. Christian ‘Sycksbe’ Arstad had an outstanding run throughout the Coolbet Open, showcasing his poker in multiple tournaments, including the Main Event, Turbo Main Event, his own Hyper Turbo, and the PokerListings Deepstack.

Coolbet Open Bratislava 2023 PokerListings Deepstack Christian Arstad
Christian Arstad

Streamers' Success and International Participation

Remarkably, all Coolbet Streamers advanced to Day 2 of the Main Event, a significant achievement for the brand. Players from Israel, Iceland, and Austria, joined the competition, with notable participants such as Florian Fuchs, Jasmine Schuster, and Daniel Shaker. Florian Fuchs, a former 'Grindhouse' member, was among the friends who made it to the final day of the Main Event. The biggest surprise act of the week was the presence of Martin Kabrhel. The Czech player who is accused of potential cheating during High Roller events, did not make it through the first day of the Main Event. A fun fact was that when he was sent to the tv table before any player even sat down at the feature table, he took a card from the dealer to inspect it completely.

From 620 Entries to Final Day Drama

Out of the 620 initial entries, only 110 advanced to Day 2, each looking for a share of at least €1,005 and the coveted €60,000 first prize. The bubble play was protracted, partly due to the tournament's split across two poker rooms. However, the Coolbet Open garnered significant attention, especially with the official Coolbet stream.

Intense Day 2 and Final Table Set

As Day 2 concluded, familiar names like Yehuda Yosef and Florian Fuchs held the top positions. Eventually, 16 players secured spots on Day 3, which marked the final day of the series. Day 3 witnessed rapid eliminations, with only 11 players remaining, a testament to the tournament's deep structure featuring 1-hour levels. The final table was eventually set, with chip counts as follows:

PlacementPlayer NameFinal Chip Count
1Florian Fuchs3,190,000
2Jaakko Hokkanen1,995,000
3Oystein Stai2,935,000
4Oystein Stai4,560,000
5Maged Aziz800,000
6Rafael Rafi Ben1,230,000
7Ylva ‘Jevakim’ Thorsrud815,000
8Jasmine Schuster740,000
9Ville Tapani Hakala2,190,000
Final Nine

Victory and Drama at the Final Table

Yehuda Yosef maintained a commanding lead, while shorter stacks like Aziz, Thorsrud, and Schuster took risks to accumulate more chips. Oystein Stai was the first to exit the final table, falling in 10th place when his Kings were defeated by Ville Hakala's Aces.

Subsequently, the pace of eliminations accelerated, leading to Jasmine Schuster's exit in 8th place as she ran her Ace-King into Ville Hakala's Aces. Ville Hakala's incredible run continued, with hands like Aces against Kings and Aces against Ace-King, ultimately resulting in Florian Fuchs' elimination when his pocket 8's faced Ace-King.

Coolbet Open Bratislava 2023 Rafael Rafi Ben
Rafael Rafi Ben Going Bust Against Ville Hakala

The Final Showdown and Ville Hakala's Triumph

With only four players remaining, Ville Hakala halted Yehuda Yosef's journey by besting his Ace-Jack with pocket 5's, securing a four-of-a-kind. Maged Aziz, who started the final table as a short stack, eliminated Ylva ‘Jevakim’ Thorsrud, who also had a last-longer bet within her community. Ville Hakala was the last member of the community standing, earning an additional €300. Thorsrud couldn't improve her King-Four against Aziz's pocket 10's.

The heads-up match saw Ville Hakala enter with a substantial chip lead, making his victory a mere formality. He eventually clinched the title with pocket 10's, securing a €60,000 prize. Ville Hakala's remarkable week marked his largest-ever live poker cash. A big congratulations to the Fin, Ville Hakala!

For comprehensive side event results and additional coverage, please refer to the Coolbet Open live blog. Poker enthusiasts can look forward to future events covered by PokerListings, ensuring that the excitement of the Coolbet Open continues to resonate in the poker community.

Final Day Results – Main Event Coolbet Open

PlacementPlayer NameWinnings
1Hakala Ville60,000€
2Maged Aziz38,690€
3Thorsrud Ylva25,190€
4Yehuda Yosef18,440€
5Ben Rafael13,940€
6Hokkanen Jaakko10,340€
7Fuchs Florian7,260€
8Schuster Jasmine5,090€
9Oeystein Stai4,195€
10Shaker Daniel3,590€
11Piira Oskarii3,590€
12Mifsud Brandon3,590€
13Kaljulaid Keito3,050€
14Peter Jaroslav3,050€
15Sorknes Roy3,050€
16Wedde Jonatan2,605€

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