Jamie Gold Sued Again

For the second time, 2006 World Series of Poker Main Event champion Jamie Gold is being sued for a portion of his $12 million prize.

In a breach of contract suit filed in Los Angeles Superior Court, L.A. resident Francis DellaVecchia claims he helped Gold secure a deal with Bodog to pay Gold's entry fee into the Main Event in exchange for 1% of his winnings.

DellaVecchia, who worked as a consultant with Riptown Media doing marketing and media work for Bodog, claims to have helped put together a celebrity team for Bodog, which included Dean Cain, Mekhi Phifer, DJ AM, and Brad Garrett.

DellaVecchia claims he was introduced to Gold through a mutual friend and considering the former Hollywood agent's ties to actors like James Gandolfini and Lucy Liu, he asked Gold to help him secure a few household names to represent Bodog in exchange for a seat in the Main Event.

DellaVecchia alleges Gold was only able to secure B-List celebrities for the event, but he still made a verbal agreement to secure his $10,000 buy-in for the tournament from Bodog in exchange for 1% of anything Gold might win.

Gold Sued for Half of His $12m Main Event Win

After winning the Main Event, Gold was sued by Bruce Crispin Leyser for half his winnings. Leyser claimed he made adeal prior to the event with Gold to help find celebrities to represent Bodog in exchange for 50% of his winnings.

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The suit was settled out of court with a statement issued to the press claiming Gold had always intended on sharing his winnings with Leyser. Terms of the settlement were not released.

DellaVecchia claims he knew nothing of Gold's agreement with Leyser and his attempts to settle up with Gold immediately after the 2006 Main Event proved unsuccessful.

After May 2007, DellaVecchia claims any attempts to contact Gold or his representatives have failed. Gold's attorney, Hugh Greenup, told PokerListings DellaVecchia's story is untrue and Gold has yet to have been served the lawsuit.

"The claims made by Francis DellaVecchia are false," Greenup said. "He has no agreement, written or otherwise, with Jamie Gold. If Mr. DellaVecchia ever decides to legally serve it upon Mr. Gold, which he has not done yet, his false allegations will be contested vigorously and exposed for what they are."

DellaVecchia is seeking $131,250, claiming Gold's earnings from the Main Event, including the $12 million first-place prize, a $750,000 bonus from Bodog and a monthly retainer for as long as he was representing the site, totaled $13,125,000.

- With Files from Arthur Crowson

2012-01-12 00:31:58

who cares and why now if i was promised money in 2004 i would ask in 2004 if i was promised money from a 2006 wsop main event i would want it in 2006 ,for god sake its 2012 prob 2011 when this was wrote prob just an arsehole who wants money and publicity

2009-10-30 03:23:00

The article states he is being sued and the editor claims to have a copy of the lawsuit. They solicited and received comments from both sides. Unless Mr. Derbyshire is lying about having a copy of the suit, there’s nothing journalistically wrong with this piece. Whether the suit has merit is beside the point.

2009-10-22 18:18:00

Mr. Editor,
I realize that it is your job to write “news worthy” articles.

Have you stopped to think that you are helping to destroy the image of the poker industry and the reason for your existence?

The above article is really disturbing and has exubed my emotions of anger and shock.

Please be very careful to do a thorough research before alarming the poker community.

If Mr Gold is or soon will be involved in another suit, then he will have plenty of back up, and you can quote me on that.

Stacey Chambers

2009-10-22 16:49:00

It is not ironic to see Poker tarnished by greed and the “player haters” factor. I’ve known Jamie Gold since 2004. My ex played frequently with Jamie at the Wynn. We played mainly 2 (blinds) and 5 (blinds) no limit Texas Hold’em.
I was privy to the “so called” meeting that took place because I had Jamie reviewing documents of an impending pitch for a reality show which involved some of the most elite players, and was asked about some of my celebrity clients. I was there!!!!
I am outraged to discover that Jamie Gold is being sued again, and I will not be silent. Jamie is an honorable and good-hearted man. He’s kind of a “pushover” when you get to know him. Regardless of his new fame…..Jamie is still an average 2/5 player at heart, and I mean no disrespect so don’t spin this. Luck was with him in 2006 and he won. No one knowing Jamie, and including Jamie would ever assume that he would win if entered into the main event. Jamie was not a threat to anyone. He was just an unknown 2/5 player. All these people claiming verbal contract is a bunch of [email protected]%$! Yes, I am angry because I know the truth. In 2006, I was a new player to poker with just a year under my belt having made it into the money in 2005 at Harrah’s in Atlantic City, NJ, and captured the title during the Heavenly Hold’em Event at The Commerce. I have had sponsorship by an online pokerroom, and have introduced many celebrity friends and clients to the WSOP Championship. While Jamie is a Producer, I am a celebrity consultant. I will not be silent and standby while Jamie’s name is being defamed.

2009-10-22 15:19:00

I am outraged by what’s going on with Jamie Gold! Mr. Greenup, I will try to contact you. I was a party to that informal and very public meeting.

I will not be silent! Hang in there Jamie.

Stacey Chambers

2009-10-11 21:18:00

err, that or he knows she’s a poker writer named Lisa Wheeler.

2009-10-10 07:54:00

to Martin the News Editor..L. Wheeler, as far as I can see never identified his or her gender. While I believe it is true that in most places like the phone book women tend to use a first intial and not a name probably for safety reasons it seems you’re being a bitch and trying to be subtle and underhanded in calling this guy Ms. I don’t know if this story is what you or wheeler claim it to be but you’re acting like a fuckin asshole..

Martin Derbyshire - News Editor
2009-09-25 12:38:00

Thank you for taking the time to write such a lengthy comment on this story Ms. Wheeler.
I’m sorry that you feel this is bad journalism, but I promise you it is not “suctioned” from another online news source as you suggest.
We have a copy of the lawsuit, we interviewed DellaVecchia and contacted Gold’s lawyer for reaction.
The story is unbiased and simply presents the facts from both sides.
PokerListings stands behind it.

2009-09-25 08:27:00

L.Wheeler. Well said

2009-09-25 05:39:00

I don’t follow all of this very closely. But it seems to me like Gold is always in the middle of some sort of controversy. I guess it just follows certain people.

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