Tristan Wade Breaks Out with First WSOP Final Table

Tristan Wade
Tristan "Cre8tive" Wade

Poker pro Tristan “Cre8tive” Wade emerged from the shadows Monday night with a long-awaited WSOP final table appearance.

Widely regarded as one of the most underrated players on the poker circuit, Wade has had considerable success in online poker.

He's also earned more than $300k in live tournaments, despite never making a six-figure score or a WSOP final table.

He changed all that by securing a spot at the final table of Event 18 $1,500 No-Limit Hold’em on Monday.

“It feels great,” said Wade shortly after making the final table. “I’ve had a lot of deep runs in really big tournaments and luck has just never been on my side.

"Hopefully this can be the big one where I break out.”

A resident of Boynton Beach, Florida, Wade has been playing poker for eight years but hasn’t achieved the same amount of success as some of his fellow poker pros.

“It is frustrating but that’s tournament poker,” he said. “There’s obviously a lot of variance. I’ve come to accept it. It evens out though and I’ll eventually get my dues when it’s time.”

PokerListings picked the 26-year-old as one of its WSOP Best Bets, however, and just two weeks into the Series he’s already living up to the billing.

Wade mentioned he felt the WSOP came at a perfect time as his online game was just beginning to peak.

“Before Black Friday I was playing a lot of online poker because I had ACL surgery and I was confined to a bed for a couple months,” he said. “I really feel my game is probably the best it’s ever been.” 

Despite Wade’s lack of big scores, it’s always been easy to follow the Florida pro as he has a popular blog at and is one of the more active Twitter users in the poker world.

“I started the blog three or four years ago,” said Wade. “I like writing. It’s fun just to say what was on my mind.”

In the last couple years Wade also became a DeepStacks University Instructor, which was yet another way the young pro was able to express his many thoughts on poker.

A sharp contrast to many online players, Wade never dropped out of university and graduated with a BS in Psychology from the University of Central Florida.

Wade downplayed the importance of his psychology degree when it came to poker, however. 

“I’m sure it’s helped me out in a way but probably not as much as someone with a doctorate degree or anything,” said Wade.

No matter what happens at the final table of Event 18, Wade has already established himself as one of the marquee players to watch at the 2011 WSOP.

The 2011 WSOP continues through July 19. For comprehensive coverage live from Las Vegas be sure to check PokerListings’ Live Updates and News.

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