Steve Billirakis youngest bracelet winner

Hoisting the Cash
Steve Billirakis - the youngest WSOP bracelet winner ever

Being only 21 years and 11 days old at the time of his win in the $5,000 World Champions Mixed Hold'em event, Billirakis crushes Steve Billirakis who stood there with the title and the $536,287 first prize.

In the final hand it was No-Limit play, and the two players were all-in pre-flop with Billirakis holding Ks-2d, and Mueller sitting with 4d-5d.

The board came Qd-Jh-2s-8h-Qs, giving Mueller no help and making Steve Billirakis Mixed Hold'em world champion.

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Results from Event 1 $5,000 World Championship Mixed Hold'em (Limit/No-Limit):

Place Name Prize
1st Steve Billirakis $536,287
2nd Greg Mueller $328,554
3rd Tony George $218,329
4th Steve Paul-Ambrose $146,259
5th Fred Berger $108,105
6th Roger McDow $84,788
7th Kirk Morrison $63,591
8th Jon Turner $46,663
9th John Younger $33,915

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