Sergey Lebedev Powers Moscow Wolverines to GPL Playoff Spot

GPL wolverines clinch

The Moscow Wolverines have officially qualified for the inaugural GPL playoffs thanks to a strong heads-up performance by Sergey Lebedev vs. the London Royals’ Sam Trickett earlier today.

Lebedev, who has been a bit of a revelation on the Wolverines this year, managed to beat Trickett 2-1, which was enough to secure the playoff spot.

The Wolverines, led by team manager Anatoly Filatov, are the first team in the Eurasian conference to snag a playoff spot.

The Montreal Nationals and LA Sunset have already locked up their playoff spots, but that’s in the Americas conference.

Tight Race for Eurasia Conference

Randy Lew
Randy Lew nearly got the Hong Kong Stars in the playoffs.

It may come down to the wire in the Eurasia conference as only eight points separate the second place Hong Kong Stars and the sixth place London Royals.

Here’s a look at the rest of the matches from today:

  • Alex Luneau (Paris Aviators) beat Sorel Mizzi (Berlin Bears) 3-0
  • Randy Lew (Hong Kong Stars) beat Timothy Adams (Rome Emperors) 2-1

Both Lew and Mizzi had a chance to clinch playoff spots for their teams but couldn’t quite pull it off.

Here’s a look at just how tight things are in the Eurasia conference (*qualified for playoffs):

1. *Moscow Wolverines — 165 points
2. Hong Kong Stars — 158 points
3. Berlin Bears — 157 points
4. Paris Aviators — 153 points
5. Rome Emperors — 151 points
6. London Royals — 150 points

Action continues tomorrow with a series of heads-up matches in the Americas conference. The Sao Paulo Mets are closing in on a spot. Here are the matches scheduled for tomorrow (action starts at 1 p.m. EDT):

  • NY Rounders vs. San Fransisco Rush
  • Montreal Nationals vs. Sao Paulo Metropolitans
  • LV Moneymakers vs. LA Sunset

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