Robl Posts Stunning Comeback to Win $100k Challenge

Andrew Robl
Andrew Robl

Andrew Robl was the only player to re-enter the 2013 Aussie Millions $100k Challenge but it paid off as he stormed back to win the contest for AUD$1 million.

Robl, who was one of the original members of the Ship it Holla Ballas crew, beat high roller Igor Kurganov head-up to claim his first major title. 

Known in the past for his fast-paced lifestyle, Robl was remarkably calm after winning the tournament.

“I’m gonna have a glass of wine,” he said.

“Maybe after that I’ll go out for a few drinks. Nothing too exciting. If I would have won a poker tournament when I was 20 it would have been a different story. It would have been four straight days at the nightclub or the strip club. Just four days of debauchery basically.”

Dan Shak Falls Short of Repeating as Champion

Despite having a short stack, Robl trumped a final table that included the aforementioned Kurganov, Tobias Reinkemeier, Vanessa Selbst, Niklas Heinecker, Dan Shak and Masa Kagawa.

Andrew Robl and girlfriend after winning $100k Challenge.

Heinecker, who was the last player to register for the tournament, had the misfortune of going out on the bubble when Kagawa busted him in fifth place with ace-queen over ten-nine.

Shak, who actually won this tournament in 2010, was the first player to bust in the money as he fell in fourth place to Robl to win $237,000.

Somewhat surprisingly it was Kagawa who busted next. Kagawa got unlucky to bust to Robl in third place after spending much of the tournament as the chip leader. The Japanese businessman picked up $320,000 for his efforts.

The tournament was a strange journey for Robl who busted to Shak on Day 1. Robl got it in good with top-pair on a 9 3 3 flop while Shak only had A K for ace-high.

An ace hit on the turn, however, and that was enough to bust Robl. Fortunately the young pro opted to re-buy.

“I was pretty tilted when I busted,” he said. “I called my buddy, I told him the hand and he told me that it sounded like I was playing good. He said I should give it another shot.”

Here are the complete final table results:

  • 1. Andrew Robl - $1,000,000
  • 2. Igor Kurganov - $610,000
  • 3. Masa Kagawa - $320,000
  • 4. Dan Shak - $237,000
  • 5. Niklas Heniecker - $0
  • 6. Vanessa Selbst - $0
  • 7. Tobias Reinkemeier - $0
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