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Sundays are always busy on PokerStars, but this weekend was truly jam-packed with poker.

Not only were the usual tournaments like the Sunday Warm-Up, Sunday Grand and Sunday Million all running but the $2 Million PokerStars Turbo Takedown Event and ElkY Challenge took place as well. There were also enough players for another iteration of PokerStars' High Stakes Showdown.

The day kicked off with the Warm-Up tournament and PokerStars pro Steve Paul-Ambrose was a force to be reckoned with in the event. The 2006 PCA Winner made the final table and cashed $32,450 for coming in fourth.

OnlyPlayRagz ended up winning the entire thing after a two-way deal with salmoncatch. OnlyPlayRagz received $99,150 for his efforts while salmoncatch still won $70,108 for coming in second.

Next on the docket was the PokerStars $5,200 Freezeout. The Freezeout is capped at 20 players and this week it was THE_D_RY who managed to capture the majority of cash by coming first for $75,000. After the players worked out a deal, str8flushin5 won $25,000 for second.

The PokerStars Sunday High Stakes Showdown saw Daniel "Kid Poker" Negreanu clashing with Isaac "philivey2694" Haxton for first place. Negreanu, who is currently in Copenhagen to play the EPT event being held there, prevailed against the uber-aggressive Haxton. According to Negreanu's blog he rivered a flush against Haxton's two-pair to win the event. Negreanu received $50,000, while Haxton was rewarded with $30,000.

Another special event that took place on Sunday was the ElkY Challenge, which saw Bertrand Grospellier take on six opponents in a series of consecutive heads-up tourneys for players from France. Each of his opponents was selected through a daily freeroll or 10 FPP tournament. PokerStars put a $500 prize pool on each match. Every match that ElkY won the money goes forward to a freeroll next weekend. Incredibly ElkY won all six meaning all the money was carried forward. Apparently the PCA champ is hard to beat!

Surprisingly, after all those tournaments, the most lucrative one was yet to come. PokerStars was hosting the $2 Million Turbo Takedown for players with bankrolls of all sizes and none of the buy-ins had a dollar sign in front of them. Players seemed to dig the format as over 10,000 came out to play in the tournament that only required frequent player points to enter.

The biggest fan of the tournament, however, would have to be mombasi. mombasi made the final table as one of the top three chip leaders and quickly used his chip advantage to bludgeon some of the smaller stacks into submission. mombasi quickly busted D.Nowitzki (apparently not the basketball player) and mmmy17.

Retaining a commanding chip lead, mombasi did not let up until he had vanquished tobededope in heads-up play to win the tournament. tobededope had to settle for $120,000 while mombasi took home $200,000 for first place.

Here are the final-table results for the Turbo Takedown and the events held on Sunday:

PokerStars $2 Million Turbo Takedown

1. mombasi (Germany) $200,000.00
2. tobededope (Germany) $120,000.00
3. BleedBlue33 (United States) $80,000.00
4. TXSooner518 (United States) $65,000.00
5. qbgoose (Canada) $50,000.00
6. Karsten85 (Germany) $40,000.00
7. mmmy17 (Brazil) $30,000.00
8. D.Nowitzki (Germany) $20,000.00
9. oakblack (United Kingdom) $11,000.0

PokerStars Sunday Million
Based on finishing order and a five-way deal

1. Kvanmo (Norway) $102,588.54
2. Baikal7 (Russian Federation) $89,253.66
3. sunseeker (Germany) $165,640.65
4. REPda503 (United States) $71,000.00
5. Draughter (Netherlands) $96,077.15
6. Bry23 (United States) $34,760.00
7. MR_CAPO (Denmark) $24,490.00
8. Pappe_Ruk (Netherlands) $14,220.00
9. Bdbeatslayer (United States) $9,322.00

PokerStars Sunday Hundred Grand

1. keepsnoozein (United States) $20,000
2. ctc15 (United States) $10,000
3. jugge1975 (Sweden) $7,000
4. 1ofaKind420 (United States) $5,000
5. X-mann2 (Norway) $3,000
6. fussy45 (United States) $2,000
7. TrueGrlnder (United States) $1,600
8. Jimmy Chagra (United States) $1,300
9. holdemking21 (United States) $1,000

PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up Final Table Results
Based on finishing order and a two-way deal

1. OnlyPlayRagz (United States) $99,150.36
2. salmoncatch (United Kingdom) $70,108.84
3. xBryceyx (Canada) $41,081.70
4. stevejpa (Canada) $32,450
5. DaPokerGun (Slovenia) $25,440.80
6. mjh0318 (United States) $18,821
7. PureCash25 (United States) $13,629
8. junior0071 (Netherlands) $8,566.80
9. ragamuffin44 (United States) $5,062.20

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