Josh Arieh Brings the Pain at the EPT Grand Final

Josh Arieh
Josh Arieh is not to be stepped to

Team member Josh Arieh is seen as something of a bad boy of poker, his reputation stemming largely from a couple of well-publicized incidents that occurred during his third-place finish at the 2004 World Series of Poker Main Event.

Before play began on Day 2 of the EPT Grand Final, I got a chance to sit down with Josh for a exclusive interview, and I found out that while he's not going to apologize for his competitive nature, behind that ultra-competitive, win at (almost) all costs mentality there's a devoted family man and a thoughtful, hardworking poker player dedicated to improving his game.

Thanks for taking the time to talk, Josh. How is the EPT going for you so far?

It's going pretty good. I feel like I'm playing my best. Whenever I travel off the beaten path, I seem to try harder - it's not like the regular everyday grind, so I've enjoyed it. It's good to be back; I've only played one tournament since the Andy Black with $517,000, while Joe Beevers are among the 88 players still in contention. Join Arieh and the rest of the survivors on's legendary live updates pages from Monte Carlo, starting at 2 p.m. (CET) tomorrow.

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