Why Dutch Boyd's Poker Tilt is Next Must-Make Poker Movie

There has never been a better poker movie than Rounders.(15)

12 August 2014

Garrett Adelstein Blindsided in First Episode of Survivor: Cagayan

High-stakes poker pro Garrett Adelstein became one of the rare contestants to get snuffed his first episode of Survivor despite possessing an immunity idol last...(15)

27 February 2014 2

Garrett Adelstein on Survivor: Cagayan: “People Knew What They Were Doing”

Because both games involve deception and bluffing, there’s always been a ton of parallels between poker and CBS reality sensation Survivor.(15)

18 February 2014 2

Uncovering Garrett Adelstein, Poker’s Newest Survivor

Like Jean-Robert Bellande before him, Garrett Adelstein is the latest poker player to attempt to outwit, outplay and outlast his opponents in long-running reality TV show...(15)

23 January 2014 8

PokerStars Launches Shark Cage with $1m Up for Grabs

Swimming with the sharks has never been more lucrative thanks to PokerStars’ newest made-for-TV Shark Cage series that will offer a $1 million first-place prize.(15)

09 January 2014

Rounders 2 Gets Go Ahead; De Niro May Join Damon, Norton

The long-awaited sequel to iconic poker movie Rounders is now officially a go, Deadline Hollywood reported this morning.(15)

16 December 2013

Win $1m, Travel the World, Battle Stars on The Shark Cage

A seat with the game's biggest pros under the TV lights. Trips to The Bahamas, Monaco, Barcelona and London. $1 million up for grabs for the...(15)

25 November 2013

Boston Rob Just Misses WSOPC Ring, Finishes Third

Survivor legend and part-time poker aficionado Boston Rob Mariano almost won a World Series of Poker Circuit ring last night in Biloxi.(15)

17 September 2013 1