Phil Gordon video gets distribution deal

Phil Gordon

It just became a lot easier to have professional poker player Phil Gordon come to your house and give you a lesson on playing cards.

Online multi-media company Zipidee announced today they have signed a deal with Expert Insight that will see a variety of content, including Gordon's Final Table Poker instructional video, available for download.

"Zipidee will be an important channel for us to deliver digital content to our consumers," said Gordon, who is also the founder of Expert Insight. "We're very excited about the opportunities and added benefits this partnership brings to Expert Insight and our customers, who can now gain immediate global access to our programming on demand. We are especially excited to offer our videos just in time for the holiday season, as they are popular gifts for game and hobby enthusiasts."

Expert Insight produces videos focusing on "experiential learning" in the fields of poker, blackjack, golf, billiards, magic and more. Known for their engaging style of instruction, the videos feature experts like Jim Furyk, Fred Funk and even fellow poker play Andy Bloch, although he's actually giving blackjack instruction in his video.

All the videos are available for download on and users will be able to choose between renting or buying the titles. Zipidee was launched last month but it already has an impressive catalog of over 5,000 titles. Getting Gordon and company onboard was an important step for the company, according to Zipidee co-founder and CEO Henry Wong.

"For those people who need an extra edge on poker night or who need to work on their short game in golf, they can turn to experts like Phil Gordon on Zipidee and learn from the best," Wong said. "Our partnership with Expert Insight further supports the idea that our partners are looking for a turnkey digital infrastructure in which they can control the sales and distribution of their digital goods."

Final Table Poker is now available for download on Zipidee. To learn more, go to

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