Meet Martin McCormick, the $27 Scottish Sensation of the 2016 PCA


Every year in the PCA main event a player comes out of nowhere and proves himself to be in some way extraordinary.

This year, it was Scotsman Martin McCormick who, in addition to turning $27 into a $50k+ payday, brought a few players at his tables to the verge of insanity.

It’s become unusual to see and hear a lot of table talk in the last couple of years. McCormick changed that this year and the spotlight was on him at the feature table on Days 4 and 5.

McCormick isn’t a professional poker player. He ran his own business for 9 years and then went to work for global recruitment company Michael Page.

He won his trip to the Bahamas rather accidentally, playing golf on a Sunday and then not knowing what to do when he came home. So he fired up the PokerStars lobby, found a $27 satellite to the PCA, won it, won the next round and eventually wound up winning the whole package.


On Day 4 he ran an incredible bluff with ace-high that got both commentators and viewers of the live stream screaming in disbelief.

He also played a hand completely without looking when he was in the big blind and only the small blind filled up.

He talked his opponent into checking it all the way to the river and then even called blind when his opponent bet on fifth street. He lost, but he sure left a mark.

McCormick is a jester both at and off the felt so you shouldn’t take everything he says 100% seriously. We met up with him while he had a quick cigarette break, of which he’s had about three per level on average. As we met there were 14 of 928 players left.

PL: Are you still enjoying yourself with only two tables left?

MM: I was enjoying myself the first days, but not anymore. First they told me to stop drinking, and today I was even told to stop talking. Now I’m not enjoying myself anymore.

I’m really trying to bust so I can go back to my room.

PL: Yes, but you’ve been saying that for three days now, and it’s not very credible.

MM: It’s true though, it’s just that nobody calls me. I want to go play golf, get a nice dinner with my girlfriend, enjoy myself.

(At this point, McCormick spots Ole Schemion in the distance.)

$51,000? Yes, please.

Is that Ole? Sorry, I’ve got to go over and annoy him. Hey, Ole… !

McCormick lasted another two hours and finally finished in 11th place, just two spots short of the final table. He still managed to turn his $27 into over $51,000.

After busting out McCormick appeared to be another man. He was humble and grateful, saying:

“I couldn’t be any happier. I played with a lot of great players and it was a lot of fun. The truth is I should never have been that deep in this tournament.

“I turned my Sunday evening into a payout of $51,000 so what’s not to like? I’m going to take my girlfriend to dinner now and then enjoy my day off in the Bahamas to the fullest.”

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