Jean-Robert Bellande Report: Week 4

Jean-Robert Bellande

Another week of Survivor: China saw poker player Jean-Robert Bellande doing what he does best - hanging around.

During last week's episode Bellande was in serious danger of being eliminated but managed to convince the team that they would be better off without Christian talk-show host Leslie Nease. It was close but Bellande survived what in poker could very well have been called a coin flip situation.

After Tribal Council Jean-Robert Bellande admitted he was pleased to still be around and again credited his poker player background.

"I'm a professional poker player and my game plan is kicking in. I'm one of those guys that likes to start in last place," he said. "I've kicked ass in the challenges and I've improved my work ethic. At the next Tribal Council I'm not that worried. If Courtney [Yates] lasts another vote she's got to be the luckiest girl in Survivor history."

New York waitress and Fei Long tribemate Courtney Yates disagreed slightly.

"Jean-Robert's a cocky son-of-a-#$*^& and he sucks so bad there's no getting away from that," she said. "I would prefer Jean-Robert go next."

In the challenge, survivors had to use two giant chopsticks to carry small flaming balls to a giant wok on the other side of the course. Bellande was teamed up with gravedigger James Clement and the two struggled with the final part of the challenge but managed to overcome the obstacle and win it for their tribe. The tribe won fishing supplies and a meal for their efforts.

It was fortunate for Bellande, who admitted he was a big eater and was starting to get desperate for food.

A Chinese family brought the meal for the tribe and Bellande surprised everybody by speaking a little Mandarin with them. He explained that when he was younger he spent some time in Taiwan and learned a bit of the language.

"It had been 20 years since I'd spoken Mandarin," explained Bellande in a video diary. "All of a sudden when that family came the words started coming back to me."

The immunity challenge was a physical affair that saw each player wearing extensive Chinese armor while trying to smash vases. Bellande's Fei Long tribe decided to sit the poker player out during the challenge but he wasn't needed as the tribe easily won immunity.

Instead it was the Zhan Hu tribe who had a date with Jeff Probst and Tribal Council. It came down to the overwhelming Dave and the slightly underwhelming Sharea.

In the end it was the sometimes eccentric Dave who got the boot and was forced to make his departure from Survivor: China.

Tune in next week as one of those famous Survivor twists was shown in the preview for the next episode. It will be interesting to see where Bellande will stand if his tribe is forced to take a trip to Tribal Council.

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