Høivold's High Stakes Poker Experience

Norwegian Pro Andreas Høivold's time on the sixth season of High Stakes Poker may have been short, but the 2007 EPT Dortmund champ wouldn't change a check, bet, or fold.

"I had the honor of playing in what probably is the best poker game ever assembled," he told PokerListings. "I don't regret anything."

The Ladbrokes sponsored pro lasted just two episodes of the increasingly popular cash game show, dumping the last of the $200,000 he bought in for when he called all in on the turn holding A Q on a queen-high board against Full Tilt's Gus Hansen.

Unfortunately for Høivold, Hansen held a raggedy two pair and despite running the river twice, it held.

Outside of that hand, Høivold said he simply couldn't catch anything. Looking back now he is at least a little disappointed he didn't try to mix it up more.

"I was completely card dead and didn't flop a pair during the 4-5 hours I played," he said. "But I should have played better and more aggressively."

Like Phil Hellmuth on this season of HSP, Hoivold left his seat after losing a single $200k buy-in, choosing not to rebuy.

But that doesn't necessarily mean he won't be back for more.

"I will probably have the chance if I want to," he said. "Time will tell if I take it or not. It all depends on what happens with poker in the future, not the least financially."

High Stakes Poker airs Sunday's at 8 p.m. on GSN.

- With files from Erik Pedersen

About Martin Derbyshire

Martin grew up around gaming culture spending a good portion of his high school years hustling pool in billiard halls around the City of Toronto. Saturday nights meant mixed poker games in smoky basements with the boys and a life-long love for the game ensued. His interest in the world of high stakes poker was spurred on by the success of a player Martin went to high school with who played snooker in the same pool halls around the city. That player is none other than Daniel Negreanu.

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Always One 2010-02-26 20:38:54

There's always one a-hole here to point out some insignificant inconsistency in these stories if one appears.
Do these people work for the competition or something?

lol 2010-02-26 08:29:03

"Dortmund champ wouldn't change a check, bet, or fold."
"But I should have played better and more aggressively."