GSP: "Anderson Silva Still Best in the World, Greatest of All Time" (Video)

Georges St-Pierre
GSP is at the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas but took the time to talk MMA with

Georges St-Pierre correctly predicted his friend Chris Weidman would defeat favorite Anderson Silva, but even after it came true GSP says Silva is still the best in the world and the greatest MMA fighter of all time.

GSP is in Las Vegas competing in the $10,000 World Series of Poker Main Event and spent a few minutes on video talking poker and reflecting on Weidman's recent upset victory.

“I predicted Chris Weidman would win but I didn't think he'd win the way he did,” St-Pierre told

“I thought he would win with ground and pound or some kind of submission but he won with a beautiful knockout standing up.

“But I think Silva just got caught. I still think he's the best in the world.”

GSP Stays Classy in the Face of Silva Snub

St-Pierre chose to pay Silva that compliment despite Silva recently slighting GSP on a recent MMA talk show.

Georges St. Pierre
GSP meets WSOP.

Silva pretended not to know who GSP was when host Chael Sonnen mentioned St-Pierre's prediction that Weidman would not only win the fight, but finish with a knockout or submission.

When we asked him about it St-Pierre took the high road.

“Silva's very good at getting into his opponent's head so I don't think it's a lack of respect. It's more that he plays mind-games with his opponents,” said St-Pierre.

“It almost worked this time but he got caught. It doesn't mean that it was a bad strategy for him.”

St-Pierre went on to pay Silva the ultimate compliment.

“You always recognize a great champion by how they come back from a loss and I know Silva came back from a loss and adversity before. He's the greatest of all time for sure.”

But even though GSP thinks so highly of Silva, he still likes Weidman's chances if the UFC decides to give them a rematch.

“I'm really happy for Chris Weidman because his house just got flooded and he's got a family and kid, and it couldn't have happened to a better guy,” said St-Pierre.

“Depending on whether they get a rematch I think Weidman can win again."

Check out the video interview below. Apologies if you're trying to watch it on a mobile device. We're working on a fix now.

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