durrrr Challenge begins tomorrow?

Patrik Antonius

The tables are set. The players are ready. A time has been agreed upon.

Could it be the durrrr Challenge is finally going to start?

Although we've certainly been Tom Dwan vs. Patrik Antonius is going to happen. (Check out this article if you're looking for some background on the durrrr Challenge.)

Last night this chat history between Antonius and Dwan leaked onto several poker forms including www.twoplustwo.com.

"PA: we an start tomorrow if u transfer me some $$
durrrr: k, u only need 400k or so
durrrr: unless u plan on losing
durrrr: n mayb start 20hrs from now?
PA: u think we should play around 5-6 hours earlier than now
durrrr: kk
PA: sounds good
PA: i think i will play around 2h session tomorrow
durrrr: 4h minimum J
durrrr: lol
durrrr: k"

Because Antonius is in Thailand the approximate time they agreed upon worked out to be 6 a.m. Wednesday. Antonius' request for funds was somewhat strange as most online results databases have him up by as much as $2 million this year.

On the other hand it's been Dwan who has been racking up the losses this year, including nearly $1 million lost to Phil Ivey yesterday.

Nevertheless it appears the challenge will finally begin tomorrow, as Full Tilt has even accommodated Dwan by making four "durrrr Challenge" tables.

Of course we're not totally convinced, but it definitely doesn't hurt to check out the Full Tilt Poker tables at 6 a.m. tomorrow. If you're not up in time, be sure to keep checking PokerListings.com, as we'll have an exclusive session report available.

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