Daily 3-Bet: Rast Gut Check, Cali Go Time, Brunson Gets Gross

Can old school fly in GPL?

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is an organic salve, a deluxe donut pillow and a perfect ocean vista that eases the worst of your afternoon poker news saddle sores.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find Brian Rast on the homestretch of an epic battle, California online poker awaits its destiny and the wildest GPL wildcard comes to the table.

1) Rast in the Wind

As far as we can tell, poker pro Brian Rast is on his bike somewhere out side of Palmdale, California, right now with less than 100 miles to go to collect on his massive 6-1 prop bet.

Brian Rast
Rast rides on.

Ride into Los Angeles within the next 10 or so hours and he'll be $600,000 richer.

Fail to reach the end of his journey and he'll be out $100,000.

A pittance, comparatively, given his sizeable bankroll, but still.

Given Rast's competitive nature the bet is clearly more about the challenge than the money and he'll undoubtedly be crushed if he can't complete the task.

Battling high winds and fatigue for most of the journey, Rast clearly needs to dig deep to get it done. By the sounds of it, he's def. gonna give it his all.

Expect ongoing updates and Periscope videos from Perkins on Twitter as Rast wheels on.

2) Crucial Cali Vote Could Come Today

If you've followed the ongoing saga of online poker regulation in California, you'll know that it's been an arduous process just to get a feasible bill on the table. Like, 7-8 years arduous.

California by WPPilot
Is the time right for California.

The current bill with the best chance of moving forward, AB 2863, will get its due today in hearing in front of the California Assembly Governmental Organization Committee.

California tribes, the Poker Players Alliance and representatives from California racetracks will all be in attendance to represent their interests at the State Capital building in Sacramento.

At this point it seems that mot if not all parties are still on board with the bill as long as certain conditions are kept, including a $60m annual payment to the racetracks as compensation.

There are still a few sticking points even of the bill goes forward, including Amaya CEO David Baazov's ongoing insider trading charges, but if it does pass a vote it could be a monumental leap forward in opening up a critical - and potentially lucrative - new US market.

If watching legislative hearings happens to be your thing, you can watch it live starting at 1:30 pm local time right here.

3) Todd Brunson Gets in GPL Game

When Rome Emperors Team Manager Max Pescatori announced Todd Brunson as a wildcard pick for the Global Poker League there were more than a few observers who went, "huh?"

Todd Brunson
OG hits the GPL

There's no questioning his poker pedigree, obv., and the two are close friends, but given the quirky/modern format of the GPL many wondered if it was a good fit.

Brunson is a true poker "character," however, and we're about to see just how well he can adapt his game (and personality) to the GPL market as he'll play his first match today.

His opponent is Berlin Bear Jeff Gross, who got his GPL feet wet yesterday in the 6-max matches and earned impressive 2nd- and 3rd-place finishes.

A regular Twitch streamer Gross might have the upper hand but Brunson is a veteran of some of the highest-stakes cash games of all time. And, you know, beat Andy Beal heads-up for $5m once.

Vanessa Selbst and Anatoly Filatov got things off to a great start this morning with a back-and-forth heads-up battle, which will be followed by ElkY vs. nanonoko and Brunson v. Gross.

Can old school thrive in the newfangled world of the GPL? Watch it all via the stream below!

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