Daily 3-Bet: NJ = Poker Haven, WPT Championship, Negreanu Defends Ivey

Daniel Negreanu
Daniel Negreanu

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is stroll down the mid-afternoon poker news boardwalk that ends with three delicious pieces of saltwater taffy.

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In today’s Daily 3-Bet we’re all about New Jersey with a mainstream article about online poker, the start of the WPT Championship in Atlantic City and Daniel Negreanu ripping the Borgata.

1) New Jersey’s Newest Tourism Draw? Poker!

Borgata Lobby
Here for the poker.

It’s an exciting time for online poker in New Jersey.

With NJCOP underway and the Party Poker-backed WPT World Championship starting today (more on that in a second) it feels as if there is a non-stop poker festival in the Garden State.

Perhaps what’s most exciting is the way that mainstream media has been attaching itself to the online renaissance.

Yesterday NorthJersey.com published a feature about online poker becoming New Jersey’s latest tourism draw.

The article had photos of poker players hunkered down in hotels grinding out profit on their laptops alongside interviews with poker pro Jamie Kerstretter and Caesars' Seth Palansky.

This is positive for U.S. online poker on a few different levels:

  • Online poker is being presented as an attraction for visitors from other states
  • The game is viewed as a revenue generator rather than a social problem
  • There’s a healthy community of players who aren’t degenerate gamblers

More of this please.

2) WPT World Championship Begins

Scott Seiver
Scott Seiver.

Also in the middle of the New Jersey poker explosion is the WPT World Championship, which began today, at the Borgata in Atlantic City.

It’s the first time the WPT World Championship has ever been held anywhere other than Bellagio in Las Vegas and it might be just the shot in the arm needed for a tournament that has seen dwindling numbers for the last few years.

Through the first few levels of play there are nearly 100 players who have paid the $15,000 entry including world champion Ryan Riess, 2011 WPT World Championship winner Scott Seiver and Eric Baldwin.

The WPT World Championship is generally a pretty pro-heavy event and this year’s edition seems like no exception.

The bonafide early Table of Death featured Brynn Kenney, John Racener, Chris Moorman, Joe Serock, Chris Moorman and Jared Jaffee. Good luck with that.

The tournament has two starting days so there’s still plenty of time for everyone to get in the action.

Follow along via the WPT live updates.

3) Negreanu Blasts Borgata Over Ivey Case

One player not at the WPT World Championship? Daniel Negreanu.

Negreanu took the Borgata to task on Twitter this weekend for its case against high-roller Phil Ivey.

Basically Negreanu makes an argument that Borgata was basically freerolling and had Ivey lost, the casino certainly wouldn’t have refunded his money due to defective cards. Good point.

Check out the complete, fairly extensive, rant below:

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