Daily 3-Bet: Negreanu Aims, Marvin Claims, $1m Club

Daniel Negreanu
DNegs: Knows where he's headed in 2013.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a seemingly impossible, grappling-hook-and-infrared-goggle-required mission inside the afternoon poker news vault made to look easy.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find Daniel Negreanu laying out his ambitious poker goals for 2013, Mad Marvin Rettenmaier dethroning King Dan Smith from his perch atop the Global Poker Index and Alex Wice, the fastest SuperNova ever, setting his sights on a mind-boggling goal.

1) Negreanu Aims High for 2013

Daniel Negreanu
Cash for $1.5m and help save poker? No sweat.

Ever-present poker ambassador Daniel Negreanu kicked off the New Year with a new rant yesterday and titillated his fan base even further today with his list of poker goals for 2013.

An annual tradition, Negreanu also revisited his 2012 goals and recapped the hits and misses - one of which was topping Jason Mercier for live cashes.

Always ambitious, one of poker's true superstars has even higher hopes for 2013 with not only a long list of personal goals but a commitment to bringing hope to the poker community as a whole.

Among Negreanu's poker goals:

  • Cash for $1.5 million in tournaments
  • Top the WPT All-Time Money List
  • Win a WSOP Bracelet
  • Win a Major outside the WSOP
  • Top 10 ranking on the GPI (he's currently #21)

So, you know, just your average year. Check his full list here.

2) Marvin Rettenmaier New King of GPI Castle

After a truly epic – and entirely deserved – run atop the Global Poker Index rankings, King Dan Smith has finally lost his crown to start the year.

The new king? Party Poker pro Marvin Rettenmaier, whose back-to-back WPT titles and EPT Prague High Roller title finally pushed him to the heights of GPI glory in the latest update.

Marvin Rettenmaier
GPI #1 now Marvin's garden.

With 3350.62 points to Smith’s 3346.44, Rettenmaier’s edge is tiny, true. But regardless of the margin, claiming the #1 spot has to be a tremendous mental boost for the popular German.

Also starting the year on a high note: Former November Niner Joe Cheong, whose multiple deep runs last year bumped him up five spots to #6 overall, and Shannon Shorr, who jumped up eight spots into the top 20 at #16.

The official top 10 to start 2013 below; see the candidates for the 2012 GPI European Awards here.

  • 1. (+1) Marvin Rettenmaier 3350.62
  • 2. (-1) Dan Smith 3346.44
  • 3. (--) Jason Mercier 3091.30
  • 4. (--) Bertrand Grospellier 3061.39
  • 5. (--) Andrew Lichtenberger 2953.60
  • 6. (+5) Joseph Cheong 2923.01
  • 7. (+3) Stephen O'Dwyer 2686.24
  • 8. (+1) Michael Watson 2662.03
  • 9. (-1) David Sands 2641.13
  • 10.(+5) Roberto Romanello 2615.78

3) Wice Shooting for $1.45m, SuperNova Elite x 8

Alex Wice
Cold as Wice.

We touched on online grinder Alex Wice's amazing 39h run to SuperNova status yesterday but it turns out that's only the tip of the iceberg for Wice's insane volume goals for 2013.

According to his personal blog, he plans to hit SuperNova Elite (1 million VPPs) not just once but 8 TIMES. Which, if you're a math guy, adds up to something like 10 million poker decisions this year.

Dubbing it the "Million Club," Wice has set a target of $1.45 million in rake paid which, given the SuperNova Elite rewards, means $1 million returned to him.

How he plans to do it? Pure, terminator-style button clicking and a blind eye to profit, he says:

"The truth is, money is irrelevant to me. I have no expectation of profit, and it has to be this way in order to succeed.

"People can run a marathon for money; but to run a marathon every day, no amount of money can make you complete the run.

"To do something 'impossible.' there are other factors in play, factors that supercede how dangerous, unhealthy, or risky the task is."

Check his blog for the details and a truly fascinating look inside the life and mind of a poker grinder.

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