Daily 3-Bet: Liv Shock, Antonio Sex Block, Poker Night Live

Antonio Esfandiari
I've made a huge mistake.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a flask, a walkie talkie and a case of peanut butter cups smuggled past the counselors at afternoon poker news rehab/fat camp.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find Liv Boeree and Joe Stapleton continuing their heads-up series with some electric-shock Guitar Hero, Antonio Esfandiari locking away his privates for a full year for a prop bet and the Poker Night in America cash game with Mike Matusow, Shaun Deeb and more streaming live (sort of).

1) Boeree vs. Stapes Part 3: Electric Shock Guitar Hero

Enjoyed the first two parts of PokerStars' "Heads-Up with Stapes" bit with Liv Boeree and Joe Stapleton?

You'll thoroughly enjoy Part 3 then, with a dinner with Metallica anecdote, a game of electric shock Guitar Hero and some "Is this thing on?" stand-up from Stapleton among the highlights:

2) Antonio Esfandiari Agrees to "No Sex for Year" Bet. No, Really.

Well, for all we know (and hope), Esfandiari has likely already bought out of this truly terrifying prop bet he's reportedly agreed to. But if not he's in for one loooong and painful year.

After a night of drinking in Stockholm with Jeff Gross and Bill Perkins the prop bets got a little out-of-hand, apparently, and ended in this disturbing tweet from Perkins:

The stakes are reportedly $500k which truly makes it one of the most twisted bets we've ever heard of. Certainly tops the one he bought out of earlier in the night anyway:

3) Poker Night in America Streaming Live Right Now!

Remember the big Poker Night in America cash game we've told you so much about?

If you'd like to check out the action with Mike Matusow, newlywed Shaun Deeb, Greg Mueller et al you can catch it streaming live right here below.

Or at least we think you can - technical difficulties have not been uncommon so far but it should be fixed soon.

By the sounds of the tweets (which might be the only sound available), it's been pretty fun so far:

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