Daily 3-Bet: Find Marafioti, Olympic Torch Akkari, Top 5 Blow-Ups

IPhil Hellmuth MG1414
Blow-up master Phil Hellmuth.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is like business lunch that always gives you the inside scoop on the corporate upheaval in the mid-afternoon poker news world.

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In today’s Daily 3-Bet we’ll look at Matt Marafioti’s disappearance, Andre Akkari Olympic honor and the top five blow ups in PokerStars’ tournaments.

1) Marafioti Still Missing

We make a lot of jokes in the 3-Bet but this is not one of them.

Matt Marafioti
Matt Marafioti

Matt “ADZ124” Marafioti has now been missing for well over two months.

He was last seen at the Southpoint Casino in Las Vegas on June 16.

Randy Dorfman broke news of his disappearance last month asking for anyone with knowledge to come forward.

Dorfman also asked online poker players to keep an eye out for Marafioti’s screen names (ADZ124 on PokerStars, Adzizzy124 on Full Tilt) as both accounts have been dormant since June.

According to Dorfman no one has found any evidence of Marafioti’s location but there is a private investigator currently on the job.

If you have any knowledge of the whereabouts of Matt “ADZ124” Marafioti please contact Investigator David Groover at 702-497-1955 or Randy Dorfman.

2) Akkari Carries Olympic Torch

Poker may not yet be a sport in the Olympic games but that didn’t keep Brazilian poker pro Andre Akkari from carrying the fabled torch this week.


There might be a few good poker games in Rio for the Olympics as Brazlians Akkari and Neymar Jr. will both be on hand for the festivities. The NBA’s Manu Giniboli also said he might play a little in his off time.

You know Michael Phelps doesn’t shy away from the game either.

All that should make for an interesting Athletes’ village in Rio. Here’s a full-size look at Akkari hoisting the torch on his Instagram account:

3) PokerStars’ Posts Top 5 Blow-Ups

Who doesn’t love a good blow-up in poker? As long as you’re not the one blowing up, it makes for some pretty compelling video.

PokerStars just posted a top five blow ups video to YouTube and there are some highlight-reel examples including a couple from blow-up legend Phil Hellmuth.

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