Daily 3-Bet: California Stalls, MSPT Fishing, Epic Canadian Poker

Poker table rail
Meanwhile in Canada.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet once caught a 55-pound whopper but released it back into the mid-afternoon poker ecosystem to help protect endangered species.

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In today’s Daily 3-Bet we’ll take a look at a serious blow for online poker in California, a legendary fisherman winning an MSPT event and crazy Canucks playing poker.

1) Poker Bill Dead in California

Efforts to legalize and regulate online poker in California have once against fallen short because of politics.


Sound familiar?

It should. It’s basically been the same story for the last two years.

This time around Adam Gray’s online poker bill (which had a lot of promise) didn’t go anywhere because the various parties involved, which includes a Pechanga-backed coalition of tribes on one side and another coalition of tribes (headed by the Morongo Band) and PokerStars on the opposite side couldn’t find any middle ground.

The nail in the coffin proved to be an amendment to the bill that included a “bad actor” clause and would have kept PokerStars out of the market for the first five years.

Once again time simply ran out on the bill as the California legislative session came to an end earlier today. Try again next year?

2) Takasaki Hooks an MSPT Title

Poker and fishing.

IMG 1637
Hook, line, and sinker.

There’s a ton of crossover between those two pastimes (there’s fish in both, amiright?) but never was that more apparent than yesterday at the Mid-Stakes Poker Tour stop in Grand Falls.

Fishing Hall of Famer Ted Takasaki outlasted all 187 entries to win the stop outright for $52k.

For Takasaki poker represents a nice relaxing break from fishing, which would probably be the opposite for most poker pros.

“Everybody asks why I’m not fishing on the weekend; I say, “Would a plumber fix a toilet on the weekend?"

“I love fishing, but poker is my hobby. To take a hobby and win a tournament is incredible.”

Next step for the MSPT? How about we get some bowling champs up in here? Or darts? Let’s get all the recreational sports represented.

3) Canadians Go to Extreme Lengths to Play Poker

The Canadian summer lasts all of two weeks each year so it’s important to get out there and make the most of it.

You might think that means leaving the poker table at home when going off the grid but you’d be mistaken.

Playing poker with pennies on a Wal-Mart pop-up table is simply no way to live.

The following video marks the debut of the very first railway poker table transporter and sudden-plunge poker. There might even be a cameo by online crusher Ben “NeverScaredB” Wilinofsky. It’s pretty historic, all things considered.

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