CyberArts LLC upgrades online gambling software

CyberArts LLC announced that it had upgraded its Foundation software platform to allow online gaming developers to easily launch non-English-language versions of their gambling services and conduct transactions using a variety of payment systems in almost any currency.

"We are very excited to offer capabilities that will allow developers to continue to diversify their online gaming offerings, and serve non-U.S. players in any parts of the world," said Chris Derossi, co-founder and CEO of CyberArts. "Major online poker sites can safely continue their financial growth in regions unaffected by the SAFE Ports Act."

The software has been customized for marketers that require strong branding capabilities, flexibility, and support for multiple languages and currencies. It is also the world's only platform that is fully licensable, which allows companies to quickly and easily build and launch their own online gambling services.

Foundation is also the most scalable, secure online gaming software platform available and has been tested to support tens of thousands of simultaneous users with extensive fail-safe mechanisms.

CyberArts, whose software is currently used by Mansion Poker, said it is in talks with several companies who will unveil new Foundation-based online gaming services within the next 90 days. Several existing major gaming services are also expected to switch to the CyberArts Foundation platform in the near future.

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