The Best Poker Photos of 2013

27 December 2013, Created By:
The Best Poker Photos of 2013

2013 was a big year for the poker world and was there every step of the way capturing it on camera.

To wrap things up we're digging out the best photos we snapped in the last 12 months.

From poker legends to celebrities to exotic destinations around the world we've had the privilege of visiting the biggest events in poker. Now we're privileged to share it with you.

Photos here were taken by Matt Showell, Arthur Crowson, Joe Giron, Shannon Morris, BJ Nemeth, Shruti Kapoor and Fred Guillemot.

For more photos check out these Poker Picture Books:

  • WSOP November Nine Final Table by Matt Showell
  • WSOP Europe by Joe Giron
  • WSOP Main Event by Shruti Kapoor
  • WSOP Asia Pacific by Shannon Morris
  • A Day at the WSOP by BJ Nemeth

Poker Legends

Doyle Brunson has tried to skip the WSOP for years and this year he even went to the trouble of announcing he'd be taking a pass. But in the end Texas Dolly couldn't stay away.

The Godfather of Poker played the $50k Player Championship and was seated next to Phil Ivey. He also played the Main Event and went deep into the money before getting busted from the feature table.

Doyle Brunson Phil IveyDoyle Brunson

2013 also saw big wins from living legends Phil Ivey and Daniel Negreanu.

Phil IveyDaniel Negreanu

Pretty Girls

The female form is beautiful and as photographers we do our best to capture beauty wherever we see it.

We also like a challenge and live tournaments are usually 95% men.

Liv BoereeErika Moutinhoroyalflushgirlsparis4

Sports Stars and Celebrities

We like to play paparazzi whenever we can and major live poker tournaments are a great place to snap pics of famous celebrities and sports stars.

During 2013 we had a chance to shoot a ton of big names. Here are the biggest.

James Woods 3Ray RomanoPaul PierceMichael PhelpsRoberto LuongoRonaldoNate Silver

Chip Stacks and poker action

We're suckers for chip porn. Whether it's huge stacks, dramatic action or artsy close-ups our photographers are always focusing on the tiny discs around which the game of poker revolves.

Here are our faves from 2013 snapped from locations all over the globe.

ChipsChipsChips3Chips in Racks

Exotic Locations

Poker has taken us all over the world and we're always grateful for the chance to get out of the casino and enjoy the local sights and sounds.

Whether it's Melbourne, Malta, Nassau or Paris we've usually got our cameras in hand when we're out on the town.

Fireworks2013 WSOP EuropeGiron7JG9183Battle of Malta 2Battle of Malta 3The Atlantis Marina



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Brian Masters 2013-12-28 09:07:01

bit short on pretty girls but i like it

Hank 2013-12-27 21:06:27

Nice shots



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