Berndsen12 Thrashes Isildur1 Again

Viktor Blom
Viktor "Isildur1" Blom

Sander “Berndsen12” Berndsen is quickly becoming Viktor “Isildur1” Blom’s worst enemy.

The Dutch pro once again dominated Blom in the high stakes games last night and won nearly $200k. 

Blom played 2,556 hands last night and despite some notable wins in the $100/$200 PLO 6-Max games he ended up becoming the night’s biggest loser with $279k in losses.

Case in point was the $100/$200 PLO table Melusina IX where Blom lost $195k to Berndsen12 in 287 hands.

It’s widely accepted in the online community that Blom has run badly against the Dutch pro but it’s getting to the point where things should have evened out by now.

Instead Blom has lost over half a million to Berndsen12 and for some reason he keeps coming back for more.

Meanwhile Berndsen12 would have been an even bigger winner last night but he ran into the brick wall that is Ilari “Ilari_FIN” Sahamies and ended up losing a good portion of his winnings to the Finnish pro.

Berndsen finished the night with $195k in profit.

Despite his considerable success against Isildur1, Berndsen is not the biggest winner in 2012 and is still holding on to a respectable, if not spectacular, $526k in profit.

Top honors go to patpatman who is just shy of a million in profit with $973k.

Some of the other big winners from last night include 1-ronnyr3 (+$99k), SKTom84 (+$64k), L0ve2playU (+$61k) and altiFC (+$60k).

Meanwhile a couple heavy hitters found themselves on the losing side.

Fake Love888, widely regarded to be Patrik Antonius, played a scant 35 hands but lost a total of $61k.

Sam “tr1cky7” Trickett, who according to his Twitter has been going through some tough times in Macau, didn’t find any solace online as he lost $56k on PokerStars last night.

Ilari Sahamies, even though he won big against Bernsen12, finished even due to some losses in the 6-Max games.

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