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What effect will the Absolute Poker scandal have on the online poker industry? The debate in the PokerListings.com forum about rigged games and cheating is lively.

Accusations about rigged online poker games are nothing new; players have been complaining about strange hands and games being set up for years.

No real evidence of cheating has, however, been presented - until now. The question is if the Absolute Poker scandal has affected the average poker player's trust in the online poker industry in general.

Judging by the reactions in the PokerListings.com forum, most people view the cheating at Absolute Poker as an isolated incident.

Signature "idpmofo" writes:

"Anyone thinking this is bad and feel that they can't trust online poker now is mistaken. This is a GOOD thing. Security at FT (Full Tilt Poker) and PS (Poker Stars) will be tightened up and maybe the US govt will speed things up and get this s**t regulated.

"We shouldn't blame the entire industry for an isolated incident. Collusion happens too and it's unavoidable. Sites can't stop everyone. Cheaters get caught and it's still in the best interest of poker sites to run a legit operation.

However, "Absolute poker is dead," is idpmofo's conclusion.

Other forum posters are angry with Absolute Poker. "Poket_Queens90" writes:

"AP is just run by a bunch of idiots. The people who lost money will get it back. I never liked the site and never played there though.

"Also, I would suggest that no one ever play there again after this. I can't believe people are already talking about depositing there or not taking their money out ASAP. They should never be trusted by any rational person."

There are, however, people who worry about the general safety in online poker as well. "funinsun" writes:

"Unless and until there are laws and regulations that are both developed and enforced by a country, or group of countries, whose integrity I consider beyond reproach, I will never have 100% trust in online poker."

You can follow the Absolute Poker debate in the PokerListings.com forum. Don't hesitate to make your own voice heard.

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