888 pools info to prevent Internet gambling fraud

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Internet gambling goliath 888.com has joined with fraud-management organization Ethoca Limited to share data to wipe out customer scams online.

The operator - which runs the Web site Pacific Poker, among others - is one of several companies to provide Ethoca with data-sharing information.

The agreement is another landmark signing for the anti-fraud body, which tracks information between companies processing remote transaction by Internet, phone, fax or mail.

"As fraud and other unwanted activity grow in size and sophistication, businesses need to stay ahead of the curve," Ethoca CEO Andre Edelbrock said in a release.  "Ethoca enables them to do that by sharing their fraud experience for mutual gain in a manner that safeguards their proprietary customer data at all times."

The organization will allow companies such as 888.com to share fraud experiences without compromising personal customer data. Though the company already has a state-of-the-art fraud prevention system, said the release, the agreement will increase the operator's global reach and operational capabilities.

Ethoca's customers are connected by member-supplied customer transaction information, which is kept secure to protect the privacy of customers and businesses. Though the company's pooling the data are often competitors, Ethoca says the Internet operators see the security measure as an area of cooperation.

"Taking care of our customers has been one of the cornerstones of 888's success and an area where we have set high standards in terms of responsible gaming and fraud prevention," said 888 CEO Gigi Levy. "The Ethoca membership allows us to be at the forefront of our industry by enhancing our high anti-fraud standards and reinforcing 888's position as one of the most responsible online gaming operators.



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