$10k home game raided in Georgia

Police busted a $10,000 buy-in home game in Roswell, Ga., last night, arresting 27 people who were playing poker at a suburban residence.

The game - which reportedly had been going on for months - is what police are calling the biggest gambling operation officers have ever raided.

The bust came about after police started receiving complaints from neighbors about too many cars being parked around the home. According to police, the game was held once a week in the house's basement.

Late Monday night, officers executed a search warrant of the residence using SWAT teams.

Among the 27 arrested was Glen Gilberti, a former WCW wrestler known as Disco Inferno. He and another man were slapped with felony gambling charges. The other 25 are to be charged with misdemeanor gambling.

Also awaiting charges are two women who were working as waitresses at home, which had been partially converted to look like a casino.

Police seized gambling tables, chips, poker cards, and a reported $45,000 from the home, as well as 200 ecstasy tablets and two guns from players' cars.

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