$1 Million Bonus Expected Today on PokerStars

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The much-anticipated 100 billionth hand will be dealt on PokerStars very shortly with $1m ready to be paid out to players at the table.

The milestone hand is fast approaching and whoever's at the right table when it hits is in for a major cash payout.

The winner of hand will score a minimum $100k bonus (depending on how many VPPs they have in the last 50 hands).

The other players at the table will each get at least $10,000. Anything left over from the $1m bonus kitty will be spread among all players at tables with the same game and stakes.

Milestone Hands All the Way In

Another 16 more milestone hands will be hit in the countdown to 100 billion with major bonuses paid out to players involved.

To sign up for an account and a chance to get lucky, download the link and play via our PokerStars review. More on the 100 Billion Hand promo here.

A quick tip if you do get dealt into the 100 Billionth Hand? Do not fold pre-flop. You'll really regret it.

UPDATE: The countdown is over! Greek microstake player "microulis69" is $100k richer after spiking a jack with J5dd on the 100 Billionth Hand!

All of the players at the 2c/5c table got a taste of the $1m bonus. Payouts below:

  • microulis69: $103,800
  • doc836: $13,440
  • HeyitsClay: $13,440
  • GlassGagguas: $13,360
  • MoodyMiss: $12,760
  • Mayers666 $12,460

With just $169,260 spread at the winning table the rest of the $1m bonus was paid out to another 9,471 players at similar stakes. Average share: $84.72.

More on the rest of the 100 Billion Hand promo here!

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