Znasik Wins a Massive Flip Against Antanaitis

Level 14: 2,000/4,000
Entries: 264/1,264

Dominik Znasik opened for 8,000 before Danius Antanaitis three-bet to 24,000. Znasik four-bet jammed for his massive stack of around 200,000 and was called off by Antanaitis for 152,000.

Dainius Antanaitis: Q Q
Dominik Znasik: A K

Znasik pulled out ahead on the 5 A 10 flop and never looked back with the 7 turn and 3 river completing the board.

Antanaitis did re-enter today with a 30,000 stack before running it up but shared he won't try the same again after hitting the rail. He is one of Lithuania's most formidable mixed-game players as evidenced by his recent run at the WCOOP where he won three separate titles this year.

Dominik Znasik - 360,000
Dainius Antanaitis - 0

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