“You Might Want to Stay at This Table”

Level 1: 100/100 (100)
Entries: 114/114

It has been mostly small ball on all the tables as one should expect with such a deep structure with players starting with 500 big blinds. There is at least one exception to this with Table 3 seemingly creating a bit of action.

"You might want to stay at this table," Totti Lind said while he noticed PokerListings observing a hand.

So far, we fully agree with Lind with much of the action being generated by Davoud Nikravan, who recently got back to near a starting stack as follows.

Nikravan fired out for 8,000 into a pot of a little bit more with the 5 7 8 4 on the board after the turn. Karl Gialanze called before Andre Yoann called.

Nikravan then continued with his aggression with a large bet of 15,000 after the 7 paired the board on the river. Yoann was at the table when Nikravan bluffed against Lind and went into the tank before giving up on the hand.

Davoud Nikravan - 45,000
Andre Yoann - 35,000

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