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WSOP 3-Bet: Rampaging Gold, Amazing Zinno, Robl Gone Wild

The PokerListings WSOP 3-Bet is a fresh deck, an Ace on the turn and no hesitation piling a quarter mill into the afternoon poker news pot with K5.

Have something you want to see in a future 3-Bet? Drop us a line in the comments.

Today in the 3-Bet we find a long-awaited deep Jamie Gold run, Anthony Zinno nears his 5th (!) final table of the summer and Andrew Robl gone wild at the Aria $250k cash game.

1) Jamie Gold on a Rampage

Jamie Gold
Remember this guy?

We can't think about the 2006 WSOP for very long without tears trickling slowly down our cheeks (you should have seen the free swag!) but we'll try to hold the waterworks back to get this blurb out.

Jamie Gold is back and contending for another WSOP gold bracelet.

He's second in chips with 37 players left in Event #59, $1,500 No-Limit Hold'em, and if the WSOP updates are an indication he's doing it in some vintage JG form.

Not "top top" vintage, but he's got a big stack again and is putting it to use. Like three-high to go over 1m in chips? That's our boy.

He's obv. played a few WSOP events since his momentous victory in 2006 but we can't remember him getting this close to a sniff at bracelet #2.

Please let him make the final table/livestream today, poker gods. Please?

2) Anthony Zinno Quietly Crushing 2015 WSOP

Quick: Off the top of your head name 5 players having an epic WSOP?

Mike Gorodinsky obv. comes to mind. Brian Hastings and Max Pescatori both have two bracelets. Shaun Deeb and Jason Mercier stand out. Even JRB is in the running for finishing 2nd in the $50k PPC.

Anthony Zinno
Zinno: Jumping tiers to #endboss?

Anyone say Anthony Zinno? The WPT Season XIII Player of the Year (who won back-to-back WPT events this year, remember) is quietly putting together one of the best WSOPs in recent years with little to no fanfare.

The way he explained it to us just before the WSOP, that's the way he likes it.

Still, despite being 11th in the current POY race, we'll put Zinno out there as a dark horse contender to win it all by APAC's end.

Zinno has five cashes this summer, which in itself isn't crazy, but they are ALL final tables (assuming he makes the final table of the $25k PLO today - he's chipleader with 12 players left).

They aren't in patsy events either as they include the $111k High Roller, NLHE Eight-Handed, $10k Limit Championship and O8 Championship.

Time to put Zinno in a new tier of poker superstars? We think so ... Watch for him in the PLO today.

3) Andrew Robl Born Again as High-Stakes Hero

To say we've enjoyed the Twitch stream of the $250k Aria Super High Roller Cash Game would be, well, an understatement.

Day 1, with Antonio, Doyle, JRB, Jen Tilly and Ivey, was a delightful blast from the past. Day 2 with Andrew Robl, Doug Polk, the return of Aussie Matt Kirk, Scott Seiver, Dan Colman and Paul Newey was an entirely different animal but a delight all the same.

On top of the original No-Limit stylings of Kirk a reborn Robl, who's reportedly destroying the cash games in Macau, was pretty spectacular.

From $120k flips to keep Kirk in the game to an audacious K5 bluff to a range of degen Macau stories Robl was the sensation of the day on the forums and rightly so.

Making Patrik Antonius look like a stuff-shirt is not an easy task but he made it look that way.

What's in store for the stream today? We're giddy with anticipation. Watch the replay from yesterday on the PokerCentral Twitch channel and tune in below for today's stream.

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