“Well, That Was a Bad Start”

Level 1: 100/100 (100)
Entries: 116/116

Don't be afraid of the title as we aren't talking about the Grand Event being off to a bad start. In fact, it is off to an amazing start with the Day 1b field already at 116 entries. The title is referring to the following hand.

 Ivar Bruvoll Vamrak bet 3,600 into a pot of around double the amount with the 4 3 10 J Q on the board. Francesco Aru raised to 15,000. Vamrak thought for a few moments before he made the call.

Aru was the first to turn over his cards and showed Q Q for the top set. Vamrak could have mucked his cards but wanted to show he had a set as well with 3 3 and was two-outed on the river.

"Well, that was a bad start," Vamrak said to the table after the hand.

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