Welcome to Day 1b of the €500K MPF Grand Event

Welcome back to the PokerListings' coverage of the 2022 Malta Poker Festival (MPF) Autumn Edition €550 Grand Event Powered by partypoker with the second of five opening flights set to kick off at 2 p.m. CEST.

The €500,000 guarantee on the Grand Event is likely just a placeholder based on yesterday's Day 1a which attracted a banner field of 205 entries. Daniel Taylor bagged the biggest stack of the 47 survivors and will head to Day 2 with 519,000 in chips.

The Grand Event features five opening flights from Oct. 26-29. Those surviving from any open flights will compete for two more days on Oct. 30-31 until a winner is eventually crowned on Halloween. The first four opening flights, including today's Day 1b, boast 13 blind levels of 40-minutes each giving players plenty of time to build a massive stack. The final opening flight will be a turbo-charged affair boasting 20-minute blind levels with an ending time to be determined based on the average stack sizes of the other opening flights.

The MPF is all about the players as can be evidenced in the fact that this event doesn’t feature unlimited re-entries and late registration closing at a reasonable time after Level 8 of each day. That being said, if players have some bad luck early on and don’t want to wait for another opening flight to get back into the Grand Event, they can re-enter twice each day before late registration closes.

Those finding a bag during any of the opening flights will enjoy an even deeper structure with 50-minute blinds on Day 2 and even longer 60-minute blind levels on the final day.

Players can also join a contest hosted by PokerDeals where they can win back their €550 buy-in along with plenty of other goodies. There will be flyers with instructions at each table about how to participate.

Day 1b Structure

Day 1b of the MPF Grand Event kicks off at 2 p.m. CEST and is estimated to end about 11 hours later at 1 a.m. Check out the structure for all the opening flights below.

LevelSmall BlindBig BlindAnte
15-Minute Break
75-Minute Dinner Break
15-Minute Break
15-Minute Break

Tons of Side Events

The MPF Grand Event is the cornerstone of the festival. However, there are plenty of side events, satellites, and around-the-clock cash games in different formats and stakes to provide something for every poker player.

In addition to Day 1b of the Grand Event, today will also feature the €230 Bounty Hunter Days Malta at 5 p.m. and a €60 MPF Grand Event satellite at 8 p.m.

Here is a look at the full schedule of the 2022 Malta Poker Festival Autumn Edition:

Oct. 247 p.m.€60Opening Satellite to MPF Grand Event
Oct. 256 p.m.€230HORSE Powered by Cardplayer Lifestyle
7 p.m.€60Satellite to MPF Grand Event
9 p.m.€100NL Texas Special
Oct. 262 p.m.€550MPF Grand Event Day 1a Powered by partypoker
7 p.m.€60Satellite to MPF Grand Event
9 p.m.€150MPF One Bullet
Oct. 272 p.m.€550MPF Grand Event Day 1b Powered by partypoker
5 p.m.€230Bounty Hunter Days Malta
8 p.m€60Satellite to MPF Grand Event
Oct. 282 p.m.€550MPF Grand Event Day 1c Powered by partypoker
4 p.m.€225The HendonMob Championship Day 1
6 p.m.€60Satellite to MPF Grand Event
8 p.m.€150Deepstack Fulltilt Catania
Oct. 291 p.m.The HendonMob Championship Day 2
2 p.m.€550MPF Grand Event Day 1d Powered by partypoker
4 p.m.€100Ladies First! Hosted by Katie Swift
5 p.m.€120APAT Maltese Championship Day 1
8 p.m.€150CasinoCoin CUP Satellite
9 p.m.€550MPF Grand Event Day 1e Turbo Powered by partypoker
Oct. 301 p.m.MPF Grand Event Day 2 Powered by partypoker
2 p.m.APAT Maltese Championship Day 2
2 p.m.€150CasinoCoin CUP Turbo Satellite
4 p.m.€1,100CasinoCoin Cup Day 1
5 p.m.€150Sunday Deep Stack by Stanley Bet
7 p.m.€200PLO Knight Crusaders
8 p.m.€330The PartyPoker Cup
Oct. 312 p.m.MPF Grand Event Day 3 Powered by partypoker
2 p.m.€1,100CasinoCoin Cup Day 2
3 p.m.€120Bounty Hunter Days Progressive Closer
7 p.m.€150Win the Spooky Cross Hosted by Ivonne Montealegre

Our coverage will kick off when cards are in the air for Day 1b shortly after 2 p.m. Stay tuned to PokerListings for all of your updates.

Danilo De Berardinis & Ivonne Montealegre
Danilo De Berardinis & Ivonne Montealegre

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