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Unibet 2.0 Hits Dec. 1; Win a 28-Day Trip Around the World!

The much-anticipated Unibet Poker 2.0 software client will hit all markets Dec. 1, 2016, and with it comes one of the most exciting online poker promos in ages.

Not only will players get to log in to the next generation of the award-winning software Unibet Poker is also running its biggest-ever promotion.

Dubbed 'Around the World' it will pay out over €250,000 in prizes capped by a 28-day business-class trip for two to see the Seven Wonders of the World.

New Hand Replayer, Integrated Missions

First things first: When Unibet players log in on Dec. 1 they'll automatically be prompted to update their software to the 2.0 version. What they'll find on the new client should impress.


New features will impress.

Among the changes are a new hand replayer, fully integrated missions, improved graphics and multi-tabling options for players on desktop, mobile or tablet.

Along with the obvious improved functionality will also be an improved and revamped loyalty scheme. What they won't see but will benefit from too are improvements to the back-end functionality and the overall stability of the client.

"Unibet Poker 2.0 was built from the ground up," says Andrew West, Unibet's Head of Poker, "and designed to provide us with a foundation upon which we can seamlessly add in-game features to continuously provide the best experience possible for all of our players.

"We’re looking forward to collecting feedback on the new software and hope that our players will see the potential for 2017 and beyond."

Unibet's complete shift in direction over the past few years towards the recreational poker player is also paying off. Player growth has been substantial, highlighted by a 65% year-on-year increase in Q3 2016.

Once-in-a-Lifetime Travel Opps

If you've ever dreamed of dropping everything and winging around the world, here's your chance to do it on Unibet's dime. Along with the software release Unibet is doling out over €250,000 in prizes from tournament and cash game tickets to laptops to Unibet Open packages.

34 players will win once-in-a-lifetime travel experiences and one will win the ultimate £31,088 Around the World trip. Here's how it'll work:

Starting Dec. 1 raffle tickets will randomly be distributed at Unibet Poker cash game tables. Each time a table is selected the player on the button gets a ticket. All other players at the table will win a Unibet Open qualifier ticket. Raffle tickets are split in three tiers:

Tier# Awarded per dayEligible gamesDealer button prizeAll other seats at table
Gold5NL/PL25 and aboveGold raffle ticket€10 UO qualifier ticket
Silver10NL/PL10 and aboveSilver raffle ticket€10 UO qualifier ticket
Bronze30NL/PL4 and aboveBronze raffle ticket€2 UO qualifier ticket

One Gold ticket holder will win the 28-day Seven Wonders experience while all other Gold ticket holders will win either a travel experience or high-stakes cash game ticket.

Two Silver ticket holders will win a travel experience and all other Silver ticket holders will win prizes ranging from mid-stakes poker tickets to laptops and UK Tour packages.

Two Bronze ticket holders will win a travel experience while all other Bronze ticket holders will win low- to mid-stakes poker tickets.


Play and win.

Live Stream Raffle on January 7

Everything will culminate at 16:00 CET Jan. 7 when all prize winners will be announced via live stream on Unibet's official Twitch.tv channel.

The stream will be hosted by Unibet's host/streamer David Vanderheyden and will continue until all prizes have been given away.

Check Unibet for a full list of all the prizes which include trips to the Great Barrier ReefAngkor Wat and the Amazonian Rainforest along with hundreds of live and online tourney tickets.

The Ultimate Around the World Experience is worth £31,088 and includes: 

  • Tour for two people of the New 7 Wonders of the World over 27 days
  • Around-the-World Business Class tickets for two provided
  • Stay in luxury 4 & 5-star accommodations in each city
  • UK airport chauffeur and return private airport transfers at each destination
  • A private tour of each of the 7 Wonders
  • A personalized itinerary from your TRULY Concierge

To open a new Unibet Poker account and access our up to €200 sign-up bonus, download the Unibet software via our Unibet Poker review here.

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