Tom Dwan Drags Spectacular $3.8 Million Pot

Tom “durrrr” Dwan reportedly raked in a colossal $3.8 million (USD) pot in Macau this week according to Poker Portal Asia.

Dwan won the pot, which amounted to HKD $30 million, against a Chinese businessman while playing No-Limit Hold’em with blinds of $1,300/$2,600.

According to Poker Portal Asia details were sparse on the hand but Dwan apparently picked up ace-ten against his opponent’s ace-deuce.

The flop came an action-heavy A-T-2 giving both players aces-up and a betting war ensued.

Eventually all the money went in on the flop and, after fading any trouble cards on the turn or the river, Dwan picked up the scale-tipping $3.8 million pot.

Biggest Pot in History of Poker?

The article didn’t state whether Dwan ended the session a winner.

If confirmed, the pot would rank as one of the biggest in the history of poker.

Dwan already owns the biggest pot in TV history when he edged Phil Ivey in a $1.1 million cooler on the Million Dollar Cash game back in 2010.

Apparently the big game at Starworld Hotel’s Poker King Club has been going for the last week but Dwan is one of the only big name pros who has been playing it regularly.

Andrew Robl dropped in for one session this week and there’s a good chance it went well as he confirmed his participation in the $1 million buy-in WSOP Big One this summer on Monday.

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