Todd Brunson Felts Andy Beal for $5m in Bobby’s Room

When Dallas banker/billionaire Andy Beal comes to Vegas to play poker, legends are typically made.

Another one hit the record books on Friday night as Beal and Todd Brunson played some heads-up $50k/$100k Limit Hold'em in Bobby's Room at the Bellagio.

According to poker pro Kyle "@Kloman22" Loman, who railed and Tweeted the action as it happened, Brunson and Beal battled solo into the early morning with Todd having the advantage most of the way.

By the end of the match Beal was down to the felt and Brunson was $5m richer, which he confirmed in a Tweet just a short time ago:

We came to a nice steak house without a reservation. Big line. They asked if we were celebrating anything. I said yes I won 5 mil yesterday— Todd Brunson (@ToddBrunson) January 26, 2015

They sat us immediately at the nicest table they have. Employees keep coming over saying congrats. Lol— Todd Brunson (@ToddBrunson) January 26, 2015

Big Early Rail Dwindles Fast

The buzz must have spread quickly that Beal was back in town.

According to Loman about 20 people were watching the match when it began but, as it is Limit Hold'em, the crowd dwindled to just Todd's father Doyle not too long after.

Doyle didn't stay long either and it was left for Beal and Todd to battle till the wee hours. Some select Tweets from Loman outlining the action:

Andy Beal playing HU 50K/100K with Todd Brunson in Bobby's Room. I'm about to lose my mind— Kyle Loman (@Kloman22) January 24, 2015

All pink 25K chips now. Todd with 6 million and beal with 4 million+. If they started with 5, which is what I thought I saw, Todd up a milly— Kyle Loman (@Kloman22) January 24, 2015

This is the best I could get. Looks about even now at 5 million each— Kyle Loman (@Kloman22) January 24, 2015

Todd: 7 million Beal: 3 million— Kyle Loman (@Kloman22) January 24, 2015

Beal with a solid heater. Todd: 5.5 Beal 4.5— Kyle Loman (@Kloman22) January 24, 2015

Todd heating back. Looks like 8 million to 2 million for Todd— Kyle Loman (@Kloman22) January 24, 2015

Beal battling back. Looks about 6.1 to 3.9 still in favor of Todd— Kyle Loman (@Kloman22) January 24, 2015

Brunson crushing now. Has 8.5m+ to Beals less than 1.5m— Kyle Loman (@Kloman22) January 24, 2015

Todd just felted Beal. They fist bumped and he left the room. They're done for tonight. Todd wins 5 million. More updates tomorrow hopefully— Kyle Loman (@Kloman22) January 24, 2015

For Loman's full rundown of the match check his Twitter timeline here.

No new reports have surfaced of big action over the weekend although given Beal's history it might not be done yet. Back in 2006 Beal famously took on a group of pro poker players dubbed "The Corporation" in a multi-day $50k/$100k Limit Hold'em battle.

Over three days Beal beat a selection of players including Tood Brunson, Jennifer Harman and Ted Forrest for $13.6m.

The game resumed again about a week later with Phil Ivey subbing in for The Corporation. He beat Beal for $16.6m.

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