The Rich Get Richer

Level 5: 200/400 (400)
Entries: 297/351

Gernot Asanger fired out for 2,500 into a pot of exactly 5,000 after the 10 K 4 flop and was called by Natalia Chuprinskaia, Vlantouts Kourka, and Jozef Cajka.

Three players checked before Cajka bet 6,500 on the 10 turn. Chuprinskaia and Kourka both folded while Kourka called.

The 7 river completed the board. Kourka checked. Cajka jammed for 17,100 and Kourka went into the tank.

"Don't know why I put you on a flush draw," Kourka said more than once. "If I fold, will you show?"

Cajka remained silent the entire time.

"OK," Kourka said. "I call."

"Good call," Cajka said as he turned over the Q 8 . Kourka only had 5 5 but this was good enough to win the pot and add some chips to his already big stack.

Vlantouts Kourka - 165,000
Jozef Cajka - 0

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