The Festival Series – Younes Jarir Crowned as the New Pokerlistings Champion

The Festival Series – Younes Jarir Crowned as the New Pokerlistings Champion

During the 5th consecutive PokerListings Championship, this time held at The Festival Series in Malta, excitement filled the air as participants eagerly took their places at the renowned Portomaso Casino. This prestigious event, known for its unwavering popularity among poker enthusiasts, was destined to raise the bar for prize pool records. 

In a thrilling display of skill and determination, Dutchman Younes Jarir emerged victorious after a captivating heads-up battle against Manuel Blaschke. Jarir's triumph not only secured his title as the champion but also earned him an impressive top prize of €16,200.  

The PokerListings Championship attracted a remarkable turnout of 354 entries, which contributed to an astounding €76,464 prize pool. This extraordinary figure shattered previous records, setting new standards for the event and further solidifying its status as a must-attend tournament among poker aficionados. 

As the final scores were counted and the sound of rattling chips echoed through the casino, the atmosphere buzzed with anticipation for the next instalment of the PokerListings Championship Malta. The event's consistent growth and unwavering popularity continue to showcase the allure and excitement of competitive poker, making it a highlight of The Festival Series in Malta. 

Starting Flights  

After a sloppy start on Day 1A, the following starting flights catapulted the total entries up to 354 in the end. It was eventually the reigning champion of the PokerListings Championship Nottingham Colin Lovelock, who topped the remaining 53 players after all the starting flights. During all the starting flights here during The Festival Series at Portomaso Casino in St. Julians in Malta, the atmosphere was ecstatic, and it emerged to be a perfect start to the series in the end. Despite the number of entrants being higher in Nottingham with 383, the prize pool wasn’t on the other hand as the buy-in was much less with £120.  

The Festival Series at Portomaso Casino in St. Julians, Malta kicked off with a slightly rocky start on Day 1A, but the subsequent starting flights more than made up for it, resulting in a total of 354 entries by the end. Among the remaining 53 players, it was none other than the reigning champion of the PokerListings Championship Nottingham, Colin Lovelock, who emerged at the top. 

Throughout all the starting flights, the atmosphere at the Portomaso Casino was electric, with players and spectators alike caught up in the excitement. The series got off to a perfect start, setting the stage for an incredible tournament. 

Comparatively, although the number of entrants in Nottingham reached a higher figure of 383, the prize pool didn't match up due to the lower buy-in of £120. Nevertheless, the sheer intensity and competitiveness of the tournament remained unchanged. 

The PokerListings Championship Nottingham was a testament to Lovelock's exceptional skills, as he managed to secure his position among the top players despite the fierce competition. His victory was well-deserved, solidifying his status as a formidable force during The Festival Series

As The Festival Series at Portomaso Casino continued, anticipation grew for what was to come. The initial hiccups of Day 1A were long forgotten, replaced by the thrill of the game and the hope of winning big. Players eagerly awaited the next rounds, eager to witness the emergence of new champions and the incredible displays of skill and strategy that this event is known for. 

Overall, the Festival Series at Portomaso Casino provided a fantastic start to the series, with a lively atmosphere and fierce competition. The stage was set for an unforgettable tournament, as players from all over showcased their talent and fought for their chance at glory. 

Historical Numbers PokerListings Championship:  

Day 1A 89 
Day 1B 126 
Day 1C 139 
Total 354 

Malta is a truly destined poker destination due to its location in the Mediterranean Sea, the amount of sunshine, with many activities to enjoy, and the good food server all over the island. With multiple casinos on the island, it is great for poker overall, as players can jump from one tournament to the other. With huge events like The Festival Series here, the Maltese mixed games players such as Antoine Degiorgio and Martin Smith, are super happy with it all. The first mentioned name, Antoine Degiorgio, managed to get through to the second day of the PokerListings event, trying to hunt down a trophy which he adores so much.  

Other notable names such as the Italians Benedetto Caruso and Michele Amirante, Estonians pride Marius Morel, Swedish superstars Bjorne Lindberg and Noelia Ivars, and Austrian Manual Blasche who won the event last year in Bratislava during the same Festival Series. Another notable name, Younes Jarir, who went through to the second day was sitting at the final table in Bratislava as well but then busted out as 9th.  

Chipleaders after the 3 startings flights: 

1a  Robert Forsman 399,000 
1b  Hugo Menant 503,000 
1c  Colin Lovelock 662,000 

Day 2  

The final day of the event kicked off with 53 remaining players, all looking to hunt down the victory and to be crowned prestigious winner of this event. Not only awarded with €16,200 in prize money, but also having eternal bragging rights, fame, and an iconic trophy, provided by The Festival Series. At 16:00 it was time to get going, and it wouldn’t take that long before we had reached the final table:

PokerListings Championship Malta 2023 Final Table

Fun facts:  

  • Manuel Blaschke from Austria won the PokerListings Championship Bratislava in Oktober 2022.  
  • Colin Lovelock from the UK won the PokerListings Championship Nottingham in February 2023.  
  • Younes Jarir became 9th during PokerListings Championship Bratislava in Oktober 2022. 

Younes Jarir crowned as champion! 

The final table was over before we even knew it. One after the other busted and soon later they were left with just 3 players. Blaschke was in the lead at that point, until he lost a massive all-in against Jarir when he had [Ax][10x] against the [Qx][Qx] of Jarir. From that moment onwards it was one-way traffic towards the Dutchman, and suddenly Jarir was sitting in the winner seat, while our photographer took shots for the winners portrait.  

It was an amazing event eventually, with 354 entrants going into the books as a very successful event. In the end, the PokerListings Championship was once again something not to be forgotten, and topping the side events of The Festival Series here in Malta.  

Congratulations to Younes Jarir from The Netherlands with the victory, and we will see you all during our next event!

PokerListings Championship 2023 Malta Full Results

Younes Jarir €16,200 
Manuel Blaschke €9,990 
Niklas Borg €6,690 
Vahur Tima €5,250 
Karl Sundin €4,250 
Colin Lovelock €3,250 
Tanguy Pellerin €2,574 
Wooseun Kim €1,930 
Laila Hawaszadeh €1,340 
10 Karl Gialanze €1,120 
11 Sirin Ongorur €940 
12 Sokraties Paravramidis €940 
13 Georgios Orestidis €940 
14 Hugo Menant €800 
15 Elor Bratfors €800 
16 Jonas Kovacs €800 
17 Noelia Ivars €680 
18 Michele Amirante €680 
19 Jan Sundkvist €680 
20 Nicholas Osthus €680 
21 Stian Nostdahl €580 
22 Milad Rad €580 
23 Sami Korpela €580 
24 Valmar Runk €580 
25 Keimo Suominen €500 
26 Lachezar Tsenov €500 
27 Robert Laskowski €500 
28 Bjorne Lindberg €500 
29 Christopher Cunliffe €500 
30 Marius Morel €500 
31 Erik Lindqwist €500 
32 Michael Cuevas Fernandez €500 
33 Sinead Priestley €470 
34 Ave Lepik €470 
35 Antoine Degiorgio €470 
36 John Forsman €470 
37 Jordan Dumas €470 
38 Saviour Spiteri €470 
39 Benedetto Caruso €470 
40 Joseph Wilkinson €470 
41 Lars Eklund €450 
42 Glen Gaines €450 
43 Jacob Dideriksen-Nielson €450 
44 Marko Hynynen €450 
45 Jelmer Schuurmans €450 
46 Morgan Stenberg €450 
47 Raymond de Groot €450 
48 Leonard White €450 
49 Christophe Pinna €450 
50 Paula Ensink €450 
51 Stefan Mattson €450 
52 Gabriele Sava €450 
53 Allan Arjut €450 

Photo credits: The Festival Series

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