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PokerListings is proud to be part of the launch of an innovative kind of live gambling event – The Festival Series. A friendly, weeklong player meetup and celebration which combines the best of live poker, casino games and sports betting – all in one scene. Here’s all you need to know about the premiere event and more.

About The Festival Series

The Festival Series will make several stops across various cities around the globe, starting in Europe. The big debut will be in Tallinn, Estonia from June 7-13, 2021 (COVID-permitting). This isn’t your standard live event, in fact there’s quite an original take on structure, including the following competitive games:

Yes, there will be plenty of poker favorites featured inside the jam-packed 7-day schedule, including various formats. Events will be running around the clock.

Olympic Park Casino have already confirmed their partnership for the initial events, where live qualifiers will also take place in a few weeks. And there will be even more live casino partners signing up soon.

The second stop will then be Bratislava, Slovakia, already confirmed for September 20-26, 2021, which will add competitive sports betting to the mix. 

* There will be a COVID-contingency plan to move packages over to the next event accordingly, if necessary.

Poker Cash Games and Tournaments

You’ll find cash games running throughout the event. The star of the show is the €550 flagship Main Event (No Limit Holdem format) with legs almost daily. And daily satellites for the main event at the start of The Festival itself.

At the same time, there’s a solid schedule of tournament formats you can buy-into daily, including: 

You’re in for a treat with plenty of unlimited re-entry games, some no-rake games, Knockouts, add-ons, “Win the Button” types and more. We can guarantee you’ll always be kept on your toes.

Roulette and Blackjack Tournaments

This event will have a whole lot more than poker – welcome to what’s probably your first competitive roulette and blackjack series. You may be used to playing roulette and/or blackjack against the casino - but here you’ll be competing against other players.

Unlike when you play against the house, your focus is not just earning money on each bet, but also racking up points and chips. You enter with a set of rounds and a stack of chips, like every other competitor. Racing against time limits, you have to gain the biggest stack possible at the end of each round to take it all. The main roulette and blackjack events will span over 4-5 days.

These kinds of tournaments are a big thrill as they reward your strategic thinking and initiative above all else. So, come along with a trick or two up your sleeve and show us what you’ve got!

Cash Prizes and Fun Times

Sure, all participating players will be competing for big cash rewards and of course, lasting bragging rights. Yet, The Festival is all about having a good time. So, as part of the event, players can join ample celebrations and leisure activities outside the casino too. That way you can really take in the city where the event’s taking place.

The Festival Packages and Qualifiers

You can find the full experience packages for buy-ins, accommodation, and celebrations available through the registration page. You’re free to opt for smaller packages and enter/buy-into more events on the fly. We even welcome your feedback about this so you can help us organize a better event next time round.  

You can enter online qualifiers and satellites through The Festival’s poker and casino partners (later sports betting too). Like Olybet, the online arm of Olympic Entertainment Group. And can win an all-inclusive package to The Festival Series event for just a small buy-in or entry bet.

There will also be satellites to the main event at the start of The Festival. Our aim is to make this an inclusive event for players of all levels and bankrolls, from micro to high stakes.  

Live Streams, Reporting and More

More details regarding online qualifiers will be released in the coming weeks on the event’s official channels. There are also plans for live coverage of the events on Twitch as well as live reporting for poker and more. This will all be confirmed at a later date.

“It’s super exciting to see this all finally line up and fall into place.” says Martin “Franke” von Zweigbergk, the man behind the whole idea. “We are here to offer a fun challenge, spread the joy and enable long-lasting relationships. All in beautiful cities around the globe. What a great way for new and old friends to meet and enjoy a good time together through their favorite games. Welcome!”

Join the ride and visit for more information and event registration.

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