The Festival Nottingham Live Report

The Festival Nottingham Live Report

Payouts – The Festival Series – Main Event 20.02.2023 13:51 by Melvin Schroen
Ignacio Menendez – Winner The Festival Series – Main Event

Here are the final pay-outs:

1Ignacio Menendez£38,595* (Deal)
2Sean O’Donnell£31,150* (Deal)
3Endrit Geci£18,250
4Gyorgy Simon£12,592
5Dmitri Dudakov£9,250
6Vegard Andreassen£7,000
7Michael O’Brien£5,500
8Mark van der Voorden£4,500
10Simon Griffin£3,000
11Samuel Deering£3,000
12Stuart Griffith£3,000
13Satnam Sandhu£2,500
14Jack Kent£2,500
15Sascha Manns£2,250
16Marian Dumitrache£2,250
17Ali Ayub£2,250
18Tadeas Vancura£2,250
19Thomas Garment£2,000
20Allan Arjut£2,000
21Gatis Reigass£2,000
22Chris Cunliffe£2,000
23Jari Karkkainen£1,750
24Robert Douras£1,750
25Michael Purkiss£1,750
26Teemu Leppalhti£1,750
27Aki Nevalainen£1,750
28Lars Eklund£1,500
29Shaun Halliday£1,500
30Kieran Plater£1,500
31Bart Dil£1,500
32Carlo Solazzo£1,500
33Michal Czeszel£1,500
34Christopher Wellington£1,500
35Javed Akhtar£1,500
36Jonatan Wedde£1,500
37Soni Padovani£1,250
38Antonius Samuel£1,250
39Adam Maxwell£1,250
40Saied Yolmeh£1,250
41Marko Keskel£1,250
42Vincenzo Lupoli£1,250
43Jamie Holland£1,250
44Marius Morel£1,250
45David Vesley£1,250
46Pawel Stock£1,000
47Leo Sigurdsson£1,000
48Ronnie Marland£1,000
49Oskar Wedde£1,000
50Daniel Schofield£1,000
51Kenneth Heinsvig£1,000
52Oliver Farrell£1,000
53Luke Wilby£1,000
54James Hotes£1,000
55Jav Javed£1,000
56Cnor Oldroyd£1,000
57Mark Wagstaff£1,000
58Simon Davidson£1,000
59Arian Hassankashani£1,000
60Nick Conlon£1,000
61Razma Gintautas£1,000
62Ahmed Younes£1,000
63Magnus Hofsteh£1,000
64Steven Taylor£800
65Marc Bolton£800
66Gareth Wright£800
67Rupinder Bedi£800
68Eugen Margarit£800
69Viktor Popvic£800
70David Clark£800
71John Whetton£800
72Sara Wickens£800
73Gerges Issa£800
74Mariusz Wiszowaty£800
75Philip Sewell£800
76Tuomas Kalvinmaki£800
77Jakub Matusiak£800
78Aaron Phillips£800
79Andras Bologh£800
80Alexandru Talica£800
81Russell Tarbox£800
82Paul Ephremsen£800
83Anders Wattengard£800
84Dmitrijs Meless£800
85Ian Vertefeuille£800
86Espen Baasto£800
87Max Maszlag£800
88Michael Skeldon£800
89Simon Wilson£800
90Callum Highley£800
91Oskar Ojaveer£800
92Carlo Solazzo£800
It’s a wrap! We have a Winner! 19.02.2023 21:59 by Melvin Schroen

It was Sean who limped in to try to trap Menendez and that was exactly what happened as Menendez threw all of his chips into the middle. Sean made the call and we had a showdown!

Menendez: K 7

O’Donnell: A 8

O’Donnell was the one at risk as Menendez had a 2:1 chiplead. The dealer opened up the flop with 7 2 9 , giving O’Donnell a flush draw and Menendez middle pair. The turn gave a 2 , and Menendez had to dodge a lot of cards which could mess it up for him. However, the 7 was not one of them. It did gave a flush, but the full-house is obviously the winning hand here.

We have an Argentinian Winner of The Festival Series!

Ignacio Menendez
Ignacio Menendez1st – £ 37,595 (After deal)
 Sean O’Donnell2nd – £ 31,155 (After deal)
Deal discussion – ‘I Agree’ 19.02.2023 21:39 by Melvin Schroen

After already having offered two times before, when there were four and three players left, the last offer to a deal was finally accepted from both ends. Here are the numbers:

Ignacio Menendez – £ 33,345

Sean O’Donnell – £ 31,155

  • Play on for £ 4,250 and the trophy!
Ignacio Menendez
Cracking Aces – Diamonds are forever 19.02.2023 21:29 by Melvin Schroen

We have a big situation for the two local players here during the heads-up. It ended with a flush for Sean, which catapults him into the lead.

 Sean O’Donnell84,000,000
Ignacio Menendez37,000,000
Current Standings 19.02.2023 21:02 by Melvin Schroen
Ignacio Menendez80,000,000
 Sean O’Donnell43,000,000
Sean O’Donnell
Ignacio Menendez
Local hero Sean O’Donnell – It’s coming home 19.02.2023 20:56 by Melvin Schroen
We are heads-up! 19.02.2023 20:54 by Melvin Schroen

Geci busted out of the tournament in 3rd place. Following the results check beforehand, we would consider Geci as the favourite to take home the title. Still a very nice result for him as he takes home £ 18,250 for his efforts. He couldn’t win when he was all-in for his last remaining 1,5 big blind. His Ace-Queen did not hold against the other two players who checked it away until the end.

Endrit Geci
Endrit Geci3rd – £18,250
The HendonMob Championship is down to final nine as well 19.02.2023 20:33 by Melvin Schroen

9 Players will try to become the new HendonMob Champion here at The Festival Series in Nottingham. There is laying £ 7,650 at the cash desk for the winner of this event.

Vikesh Shah
Alexandru Talica
Yasir Khan
Terence Newton
Maxine Collins
Callum Drummond
Farida Reem Ahmed
Thomas Ascott
Mihail Popa
Gyorgy Simon blows up his flip machine 19.02.2023 20:27 by Melvin Schroen

Level 33: 800,000/1,600,000 (1,600,000)
Entries: 5/609
Average: 24,360,000

Gyorgy Simon, the Hungarian based player, doubled up many times to stay alive in this tournament. He kept on winning flips, but his flip machine went broke on 4th place. He could not manage to top his biggest score of $45,934, as he finished runner-up during a massive event in Malta, Powered by Unibet.

Gyorgy Simon5th – £ 12,592
Some good vibe sharing of the LiveStream chat 19.02.2023 20:08 by Melvin Schroen

JonKytePoker: I’ve been listening most of the time

JonKytePoker: Just had to double through Tonka, so missed it

We had the pleasure of seeing Jon Kyte here in Nottingham. Although he is playing poker now at the EPT in Paris, he is still with his heart at The Festival Series as he is listening/watching the livestream.

We salute you!

The Festival Series Day 6 19.02.2023 19:57 by Melvin Schroen

Are you curious how it went on here in Nottingham and would you like to visit the next stop in Malta? Make sure to check the webpage of The Festival Series.

Dudakov goes out in 5th 19.02.2023 19:56 by Melvin Schroen

Level 32: 600,000/1,200,000 (1,200,000)
Entries: 6/609
Average: 20,300,000

Dmitri Dudakov started the day as the commanding chipleader, but already lost a big pot in the first hand of the day. He was going along fine with the rest of the players throughout the final table so far in terms of stacks, but couldn’t find what he was looking for as he first lost with pocket 10s against Ace-King Suited, soon followed by his bust while having 1,5 big blind left after he lost that flip. We lose him in 5th place.

Dmitri Dudakov5th – £ 9,250
Dmitri Dudakov
Andreassen busts in 6th place 19.02.2023 19:38 by Melvin Schroen

Level 31: 500,000/1,000,000 (1,000,000)
Entries: 6/609
Average: 20,300,000

Vegard unfortunately found his Waterloo in 6th place and took home seven grand for his good performance.

Vegard Andreassen6th – £ 7,000
Vegard Andreassen
Cooler Time 19.02.2023 19:32 by Melvin Schroen

Level 31: 500,000/1,000,000 (1,000,000) (40min blinds)
Entries: 7/609
Average: 15,225,000

Michael O’Brien went all-in with just 7 players left here at the Main Event of The Festival Series. The remaining players had already secured £ 5,500 and are all looking to win this epic title in the Main Event. O’Brien got it in well with K K , but sadly for him Geci woke up with A A . Michael couldn’t find a miracle and is our 7th place finisher.

End of the story for O’Brien.

Dmitri Dudakov23,800,000
Michael O’brien£ 5,500
The Flying Dutchman crashed into the sea of tens 19.02.2023 19:15 by Melvin Schroen

Level 31: 500,000/1,000,000 (1,000,000) (40min blinds)
Entries: 8/609
Average: 15,225,000

Mark van der Voorden

We arrived at a point that shoving smaller hands would be necessary and it was Mark van der Voorden who pushed all-in from the Cut Off with pocket 3s. And it was who found pocket 10s to make the correct call here. Mark needed help from the cards to come to survive:

Van der Voorden 3 3

O’Donnell 10 10

The flop gave no help with 6 6 A and then Q turn and A river blanked also for Mark. Sadly, but true, he had to leave the table towards the cash desk. We have lost our first player of the final table. GG Oranje!

Sean O’Donnell28,000,000
Mark van der Voorden8th – £ 4.500

Gyorgy keeps winning deciding flips 19.02.2023 18:51 by Melvin Schroen
Gyorgy Simon

Gyorgy is doing extremely well with flips. Already just before the final table, he managed to win an important flip for his tournament life with pocket 7s against the KJ of Ignacio Menendez. This time they clashed again and we are off to one of the many races again here in Nottingham.

Gyorgy: 6 6

Ignacio: A 8

We saw the board coming with 10 5 8 and the turn was still good for Ignacio with the 10 . A blank on the river in the likes of a 2 sealed the deal for Gyorgy and so he doubles up again! We are going on a small break now.

Gyorgy Simon19,000,000
Ignacio Menendez21,000,000
Van der Voorden takes a hit 19.02.2023 18:13 by Melvin Schroen

Gyorgy moved his stack into the middle from UTG with his pocket 8s. He received a call from Dutchman Mark van der Voorden and was at risk for his tournament life. We are flipping!

Gyorgy Simon: 8 8

Mark van der Voorden: A Q

Gyorgy Simon

We were off to the races and we saw a J 3 6 flop. The 8 ended the hand instantly as Mark was drawing dead, so the J river was just a formality.

Gyorgy Simon16,000,000
Mark van der Voorden15,000,000
Current Standings 19.02.2023 17:58 by Melvin Schroen

We are more than an hour under way and so far there is no player busted yet. The amount of Big Blinds are getting smaller and smaller, so it will kick off just very soon.

The Dusk Till Dawn history 19.02.2023 17:48 by Melvin Schroen

A bit of history here with one of the rooters of Sean O’Donnell about the Dusk Till Dawn pokerclub. Sean, who is apparently called ‘Crazy horse’ is a long-time friend of the kind gentleman here sitting in the audience. He explained me a bit about the history of the pokerclub and why it had been opened up in the first place. It seemed that some pokerplayers, including Rob Yong, wanted to play in a local casino here in Nottingham, but they weren’t impressed with those casino’s as they were just taking, taking, taking. And the ambiance wasn’t great for example and weren’t helpful at all in terms of requests for specific poker games etc. So they decided to open up their own pokerclub. And until today, it has been a great success story ever since.

The nice gentleman also mentioned that Sean is able to do crazy stuff at the table. So let’s see what happens! He is off to a good start as he started today with just 3,400,000 in chips.

The Dusk Till Dawn Pokerclub
 Sean O’Donnell18,000,000
Live at the rail with Ylva Thorsrud! 19.02.2023 17:33 by Melvin Schroen

Level 27: 400,000/800,000 (800,000)
Entries: 8/609
Average: 15,225,000

I changed my position here at The Dusk Till Dawn PokerClub. I am now sitting at a poker table right next to Feature Table together with Ylva Thorsrud. This lovely Norwegian poker professional has her own Twitch-Channel and is a huge friend of The Festival Series. Obviously, she is rooting for the Norwegian Vegard Andreassen, who made a deep run in the WSOP $1,500 PLO Event for roughly $40k in the summer of 2022. He started off as a short stack today. Let’s hope for Norway, he will grind it up!

Vegard Andreassen

The Flying Dutchman! 19.02.2023 17:13 by Melvin Schroen
Additional information 19.02.2023 16:55 by Melvin Schroen

Level 28: 300,000/600,000 (600,000)
Entries: 8/609
Average: 15,225,000

Chip info if you follow the stream:

Pink Chips : 25.000

Green Chips : 100.000

Gray Chips : 500.000


Ignacio Menendez doubles up through Dmitri in the first hand 19.02.2023 16:52 by Melvin Schroen
Ignacio Menendez

We saw interesting action unfolded in the first hand of the day. It was Menendez with a clean double up!

Dmitri Dudakov A 4

Ignacio Menendez A Q

The board ran out:

9 J K 6 A

Ignacio Menendez14,000,000
Dmitri Dudakov 31,000,000

The Festival Series – Final Nine 19.02.2023 16:47 by Melvin Schroen

It’s all about to kick off here at the Dusk Till Dawn Pokerclub in Nottingham. If you can’t make it to watch the Livestream on Twitch, I will try to keep you posted through the liveblog here at PokerListings!

Final Table – Players Info 19.02.2023 16:03 by Melvin Schroen
Endrit Geci – $302,576 in total live earnings
Gyorgy Simon – $52,015 in total live earnings
Dmitri Dudakov – $40,290 in total live earnings
Ignacio Menendez – $8,244 in total live earnings
Mark van der Voorden – No total live earnings / Or hidden
Michael O’brien – $40,712 in total live earnings
 Sean O’Donnell – $91,939 in total live earnings
Vegard Andreassen – No total live earnings / Or hidden
Whetton and Watson made a deal in The Festival Series – High Roller 19.02.2023 15:39 by Melvin Schroen
John Whetton – Winner £1,100 High Roller event

The Festival Series High Roller event attracted 65 entries to create a £63,050 prize pool. Eventually it was Whetton who topped the field by winning a nice amount of £21,285, after making a deal with Watson. The field was logically the toughest of this Festival Series and we have seen big names popping up such as Tom Hall, Simon Wilson and Vincenzo Lupoli. Unfortunately for them, it wasn’t their tournament as they didn’t make it to the money.

1John Whetton£21,285
2Nathan Watson£17,965
3Garry Spinks£9,800
4Jamie Holland£6,500
5Robert Nur£4,500
6Philip Clarke£3,000
We reached the official final table of the Main Event! 18.02.2023 23:03 by Melvin Schroen
PlacePlayerChipsBig Blinds
1 Endrit Geci17,275,00035
3 Gyorgy Simon9,100,00018
4 Dmitri Dudakov38,225,00076
5 Ignacio Menedez7,500,00015
6 Mark van der Voorden19,675,00039
7 Michael Obrien8,075,00016
8 Sean O’Donnell18,995,00038
9 Vegard Andreassen4,375,0009
Unofficial Final Table – Picture
Chip counts 18.02.2023 21:20 by Melvin Schroen

Level 26: 200,000/400,000 (400,000)
Entries: 11/609
Average: 11,072,727

Michael O’Brien13,025,000
Dmitri Dudakov22,250,000
Mark Griffin400,000
Endrit Geci16,500,000

Sean O’Donnell8,750,000
Gyorgy Simon3,350,000
Mark van der Voorden18,200,000
Ignacio Menendez12,500,000
Samuel Deering2,000,000
Dudakov gets involved in massive chiplead pot 18.02.2023 20:53 by Melvin Schroen

We got an all-in at table number 15. It waS Ali Ayub at risk, as he was the one which was all-in with roughly 7M in chips. The Estonian Dmitri Dudakov had him covered and we were going to see the biggest flip of the tournament:

Ayub: Q Q

Dmitri Dudakov: A K

The board ran out 6 J 2 4 5 and it was the end of the story for the local hero Ali Ayub. When going deeper into tournaments, it is also getting steeper.

Dmitri Dudakov20,000,000
Ali Ayub17th – £ 2.250
Fast & Furious 18.02.2023 20:41 by Melvin Schroen

Its is going very fast now here in the Main Event. We are already down to 18 players.

Thomas Garment19th – £ 2.000
Allan Arjut20th – £ 2.000
Gatis Reigass ends on 21st place 18.02.2023 20:36 by Melvin Schroen

Level 25: 150,000/300,000 (300,000)
Entries: 18/609
Average: 6,765,000

Ali Ayub – The local UK regular

Sadly, but true. The Latvian dream for Gatis Reigass to win the Main Event of The Festival Series has finished. We saw him having the chiplead not even too long ago with 11M in chips, but he seemingly had blown up his stack as he was down to just 800,000 in chips. He did manage to double it up first with Kings, but one hand later he had shoved all-in, when the button and SB had completed the blind. The button threw his cards into the muck, but the SB in the likes of Ali Ayub made the call.

Ayub: A 2

Reigass: A 3

Ayub was mentioned a 3 would appear on the board, which it eventually did. But it was the wrong 3 for Reigass as it made a Flush for Ayub. We say ‘Au Revoir’ to the flamboyant Optibet guy from Latvia, Gatis Reigass.

Ali Ayub6,750,000
Gatis Reigass21st – £ 2.000
Van der Voorden is building towers 18.02.2023 20:11 by Melvin Schroen
Mark van der Voorden

Mark van der Voorden, born and raised in The Netherlands, is firing up at the moment. He started it off slowly, but is accumulating chips over and over. Currently he is playing a healthy stack and is right in the mix.

Mark van der Voorden6,750,000
The Festival High Roller – Big Success 18.02.2023 19:47 by Melvin Schroen

Level 8: 3,000/6,000 (6,000)
Entries: 30/64
Average: 320,000

The High Roller NLHE kicked off at 14:00 GMT. When starting the tournament there were 20 registrations, which now went up to 64 entrants. A big success we have to call it. There is still time to late register!

High Roller
Barry Grime
Tariq Imam
Tom Hall
Robert Boon
Vincenzo Lupoli
More Chip Counts 18.02.2023 19:36 by Melvin Schroen

Level 23: 100,000/250,000 (250,000)
Entries: 24/609
Average: 5,075,000

Due to a redraw we couldn’t get the whole last table we had to count. But we did our best with the remaining chip counts:

Michael O’Brien4,700,000
Ali Ayub2,750,000
Sascha Manns2,000,000
Thomas Garment7,200,000
Gatis Reigass11,000,000
Chip Counts table 3 18.02.2023 19:20 by Melvin Schroen
Ignacio Menendez6,500,000
Dmitri Dudakov5,600,000
Stuart Griffith2,750,000
Jari Karkkainen2,900,000
Robert Douras1,125,000
Michael Purkiss2,300,000
Mark van der Voorden4,100,000
Chip counts table 14 18.02.2023 19:12 by Melvin Schroen

Level 22: 75,000/150,000 (150,000)
Entries: 28/609
Average: 4,350,000

Vegard Andreassen9,450,000
Jack Kent1,200,000
Endrit Geci6,750,000
Marian Dumitrache1,800,000
Chris Cunliffe5,000,000
Aki Nevalainen3,400,000
Sean O’Donnell3,750,000
A.V. is living the dream 18.02.2023 18:47 by Melvin Schroen

Level 21: 75,000/150,000 (150,000)
Entries: 29/609
Average: 4,200,000

Carlo Solazzo

We arrived at table 12 where Polish superstar Michal Czeszel was all-in for his remaining 1,4M from UTG position. His neighbour Carlo Solazzo instantly made the call by throwing in a chip. Czeszel was very enthusiastic about his hand and couldn’t keep sitting in his chair. Suddenly there was another player who moved all of his chips into the middle. It was A.V. who put his 4M chips into the middle. Which then led to Solazzo going into the tank, although he already had put in 1,4M to call the first shove, he had to make a decision for his remaining 1,8M. Eventually, he made the call and we were going to witness the biggest pot of today.

Czeszel: K Q

Solazzo: Q Q

A.V: A A

The board had to give a lot of hearts for Czeszel to stay alive. Solazzo just had one-out to go with. The flop showed 8 9 6 , which gave no help to anyone but A.V. With the 6 on the turn and the 8 on the river it became a double bust out. We are down to 29 players!

The action got real
Carlo SolazzoBUSTED – £ 1,500
Michal CzeszelBUSTED – £ 1,500
The Festival Series – Main Event – Player out! 18.02.2023 18:11 by Melvin Schroen

Level 21: 60,000/120,000 (100,000)
Entries: 38/609
Average: 3,205,000

It’s going fast with the bust outs today. We started the day with 91 players, and currently we are left with 38 players, divided over five tables here at the Dusk Till Dawn PokerClub in Nottingham.

Adam Maxwell39th – £1,250
Saied Yolmeh40th – £1,250
Marko Keskel41st – £1,250
Vincenzo Lupoli42nd – £1,250
The HendonMob Championship 18.02.2023 17:58 by Melvin Schroen
Who will win the title of The HendonMob Championship?

We currently have 190 runners in Day 1A of The HendonMob Championship. An event with a buy-in of just £120 and with a guaranteed of £25.000. With another starting flight going on at 18:00 GMT, Mr HendonMob, Roland Boothby can only be extremely grateful for this wonderful turnout.

The HendonMob is THE website to go to, when trying to find out more about poker players. Not only can you find all results of live events from every single player all over the world, you can also locate any tournament series on this amazing webpage. If you are interested in checking player rankings per country or per category, there is plenty of filters to for.

The lovely Mauritz Altikardes, Chief of PokerListings, spoke to him briefly yesterday:

Sigurdsson, who finished 3rd at The Festival Bratislava, busts out 18.02.2023 17:39 by Melvin Schroen

Leo Sigurdsson, which we know from The Festival Series in Bratislava just went on to the cash desk to collect his earnings of today. He is an incredible player, who remains calm at all times at the table. Sadly, it won’t be Mullet Time today!

Right – Leo Sigurdsson
Jamie Holland43th – £1,250
Marius Morel44th – £1,250
David Vesley45th – £1,250
Pawel Stock46th – £1,000
Leo Sigurdsson 47th – £1,000

Gatis Reigass (Optibet) is currently leading the pack 18.02.2023 17:24 by Melvin Schroen

Level 19: 40,000/80,000 (80,000)
Entries: 45/609
Average: 2,700,000

Gatis Reigass

It is starting to be a normality here at The Festival Series in Nottingham. Reigass is absolutely crushing the place. He qualified himself through day 1B with a little bit over 2M in chips. Somewhat he was hoping for to end the day with, as per his own ambitions. Yesterday, while day 1C and 1D were being played, he suddenly was sitting at the final table of The Festival FreezeOut tournament. Despite his commanding chiplead at the final 3 players, he eventually finished 3rd for £1,250. A nice score, which he currently in the Main Event equals, as the current locked cash is £1,250 while we are down to 45 players. The Optibet player will try to get to the final table today, that’s for certain.

Gatis Reigass8,400,000
Main Event – Down to Six tables – Going Rock Solid 18.02.2023 16:50 by Melvin Schroen

Level 18: 30,000/60,000 (60,000)
Entries: 49/609
Average: 2,485,000

Mark van der Voorden540,000
Michael O’Brien5,520,000
Satnam Sandhu4,600,000
Javed Akhtar2,700,000
Michal Czeszel1,300,000
Ananda Vemuri5,520,000
Marian Dumitrache5,000,000
Mark Griffin3,200,000
Payouts – The Festival Series – Main Event 18.02.2023 15:51 by Melvin Schroen

Level 18: 30,000/60,000 (60,000)
Entries: 56/609
Average: 2,175,000

Main Event Payouts

Who is in the top of the charts currently? 18.02.2023 15:46 by Melvin Schroen

Level 17: 25,000/50,000 (50,000)
Entries: 61/609
Average: 2,000,000

Michael O’Brian3,800,000
Oskar Wedde550,000
Thomas Garment2,300,000
Jack Kent2,700,000
Ronnie Marland3,300,000
Carlo Solazzo2,600,000
Ali Ayub1,000,000
Aki Nevalainen2,800,000
Vegard Andreassen3,200,000
Chris Cunliffe2,400,000
Marian Dumitrache2,800,000
Simon Griffin4,200,000
Mark van der Voorden1,200,000
Stuart Griffith3,000,000
They are dropping like flies here at Day 2 of the Main Event 18.02.2023 15:22 by Melvin Schroen

Level 16: 20,000/40,000 (40,000)
Entries: 67/609
Average: 1,820,000

We already lost 24 players today, which is a fair amount when looking at the 30-minute blind levels and the big stacks all around.

John WhettonBUSTED
Sara WickinsBUSTED
Issa GergesBUSTED
Mariusz WiszowatyBUSTED
Philip SewellBUSTED
Tuomas KalvinmakiBUSTED
Jakub MatusiakBUSTED
Alexandru Talica (Franke’s Flip Flops package winner)BUSTED
Russell TarboxBUSTED
Another one bites the bust 18.02.2023 15:11 by Melvin Schroen

We spoke briefly to Simon Wilson, a very genuine and relaxed player from Ireland. He was already with The Festival Series at Brastislava, where he won a side event and he made it to the runner-up position of The HendonMob challenge. An event he won’t be able to play today as he will be flying back tomorrow. Instead, he will go try to catch his second portrait here at The Festival Series in Nottingham, by playing the High Roller NLHE which starts at 14:00 GMT today. Already 12 players registered for that one.

Wilson, got busted out of Day 2 of the Main Event early today. He qualified himself through the turbo flight 1D yesterday, and he explained us he was a bit lucky just before the bubble play yesterday. But today he got unfortunate as the player in the small blind, Chris Cunliffe, put him at risk for all his remaining 15 big blinds. He was way ahead with [Ax][Qx] suited, but could not dodge a seven as his opponent had [Qx][7x]. He did cash however, and for sure we will see him back in the coverage during the High Roller event.

Simon Wilson
Simon WilsonBUSTED

81 players left – Playing down to Final Table today! 18.02.2023 14:49 by Melvin Schroen
Anders WattengardBUSTED
Dimitrys MelessBUSTED
Ian VertefeuilleBUSTED
Espen BaastoBUSTED
Maz MaszlagBUSTED
Michael SkeldonBUSTED
Simon WilsonBUSTED
Callum HighleyBUSTED
Oskar OjaveerBUSTED
Manns busts Skeldon early on Day 2 18.02.2023 14:41 by Melvin Schroen

Sascha Manns, a german poker-pro, busts Skeldon early on the day. All we saw was [Ax][Qx] taking down the pot with two pair. He added some nice chips to his stack, he plays around 3 Million at the moment.

Sascha Manns
Sascha Manns3,000,000
Michael SkeldonBUSTED
We are 10 minutes away to Kick Off Day 2 of Main Event of The Festival Series 18.02.2023 13:57 by Melvin Schroen

As players, we often not realize enough how much work is involved in events as such. The floor managers of the pokerpit and staff who are running around all day, gives it their everything throughout the whole event. Let’s make a tribute to this big fella of Dusk Till Dawn PokerClub!

Seat Draw 18.02.2023 13:29 by Melvin Schroen
CountryPlayer                                                      No.Chips        TableSeatInc.
ISSA GERGES                                                         5671.540.000111/D
HOYES JAMES                                                         73480.000121/A
LEPPALAHTI TEEMU                                                    5661.065.000131/D
EPHREMSEN PAUL                                                      5061.060.000141/D
YOLMEH SAIED                                                        1831.130.000151/B
WELLINGTON CHRISTOPHER                                              537710.000161/D
MOREL MARIUS                                                        2891.565.000171/C
WEDDE JONATAN                                                       107910.000181/A
OJAVEER OSKAR                                                       541435.000191/D
VERTEFEUILLE IAN                                                    54790.000211/A
FARRELL OLIVER                                                      1821.265.000221/B
SAMUEL ANTONIUS                                                     4621.860.000231/C
GINTAUTAS RAZMA                                                     579880.000241/D
Wagstaff Mark                                                       3991.005.000251/C
MARLAND RONNIE                                                      4271.665.000261/C
HALLIDAY SHAUN                                                      346640.000271/C
VANCURA TADEAS                                                      221.645.000281/A
KALVINMAKI TUOMAS                                                   118545.000291/A
BOLTON MARC                                                         1721.730.000311/B
DUDAKOV DMITRI                                                      792.375.000321/A
CONLON NICK                                                         5582.370.000331/D
KARKKAINEN JARI TAPIO                                               209755.000341/B
TARBOX RUSSELL                                                      51.640.000351/C
DOURAS ROBERT                                                       606990.000361/D
KESKEL MARKO                                                        212875.000371/B
PURKISS MICHAEL                                                     1042.140.000381/A
VAN DER VOORDEN MARK                                                1791.010.000391/B
MANNS SASHA                                                         1932.965.0001111/B
SKELDON MICHAEL                                                     42735.0001121/A
WISZOWATY MARIUSZ                                                   231405.0001131/B
GARMENT THOMAS                                                      4672.770.0001141/C
KENT JACK                                                           652.100.0001151/A
WEDDE OSKAR                                                         430970.0001161/C
OBRIEN MICHAEL                                                      5804.120.0001171/D
STOCK PAWEL STEFAN                                                  194310.0001191/B
AYUB ALI                                                            413.420.0001211/A
HASSANKASHANI ARIAN                                                 2931.300.0001221/C
WILSON SIMON                                                        545425.0001231/D
MASZLAG MAZ                                                         320950.0001241/C
EKLUND LARS Mattias                                                 322495.0001261/C
SANDHU SATNAM                                                       3913.045.0001271/C
CZESZEL MICHAL                                                      2731.020.0001281/B
SOLAZZO CARLO                                                       3112.615.0001291/C
NEVALINEN AKI                                                       3451.525.0001311/C
CUNLIFFE CHRIS                                                      2982.500.0001321/C
YOUNES AHMED                                                        296725.0001331/C
HIGHLEY CALLUM                                                      205880.0001341/B
SIGURDSSON LEO                                                      176925.0001351/B
ANDREASSEN VEGARD                                                   3631.595.0001361/C
WATTENGARD ANDERS                                                   232950.0001371/B
BALOGH ANDRAS                                                       326410.0001391/C
HOFSTEH MAGNUS                                                      611665.0001421/D
GECI ENDRIT                                                         4172.950.0001431/C
JAVED JAV                                                           1331.525.0001441/A
DUMITRACHE MARIAN                                                   2443.565.0001451/B
WHETTON JOHN                                                        341810.0001461/C
POPOVIC VIKTOR                                                      295480.0001471/C
MELESS DIMITRIJS                                                    175270.0001481/B
TALICA ALEXANDRU                                                    388490.0001491/C
HEINSVIG KENNETH                                                    191.435.0001511/A
BAASTO ESPEN                                                        111740.0001521/A
ARJUT ALLAN                                                         151.715.0001531/B
MATUSIAK JAKUB                                                      21910.0001541/A
REIGASS GATIS                                                       512.135.0001561/B
DAVIDSON SIMON JOHN                                                 5711.650.0001571/D
HOLLAND JAMIE                                                       496795.0001581/C
PHILLIPS AARON                                                      3551.180.0001591/C
DEERING SAMUEL                                                      2111.000.0001611/B
MENENDEZ IGNACIO                                                    5761.370.0001621/D
DIL BART                                                            587960.0001631/D
SEWELL PHILIP                                                       1561.020.0001641/C
WRIGHT GARETH                                                       387820.0001661/C
MARGARIT EUGEN                                                      334610.0001671/C
SIMON GYORGY                                                        2761.530.0001681/B
GRIFFITH STUART                                                     3311.220.0001691/C
VESLEY DAVID                                                        241.005.0002411/A
WILBY LUKE                                                          3031.825.0002431/C
SCHOFIELD DANIEL                                                    5031.025.0002441/D
O DONNELL SEAN                                                      5361.445.0002451/D
TAYLOR STEVEN                                                       300705.0002461/C
PLATER KIERAN                                                       591.375.0002471/A
OLDROYD CONOR                                                       382490.0002481/C
A.V.                                                       305795.0002491/C
BEDI RUPINDER                                                       530920.0002511/D
AKHTAR JAVED                                                        5292.770.0002521/D
LUPOLI VINCENZO                                                     2101.605.0002531/B
WICKINS SARA                                                        691.350.0002541/A
MAXWELL ADAM                                                        1322.035.0002551/A
GRIFFIN SIMON MARK                                                  32.100.0002571/C
PADOVANI SONI                                                       3761.010.0002581/C
CLARK DAVID                                                         1551.595.0002591/B
End of day 1D – Chip Counts 18.02.2023 10:31 by Melvin Schroen
PositionNameChip Count
1Michael Obrien4,120,000
2Javed Akhtar2,770,000
3Nick Conlon2,370,000
4Simon Davidson1,650,000
5Gerges Issa1,540,000
6S O1,445,000
7I M1,370,000
8T L1,065,000
9P E1,060,000
10Daniel Schofield1,025,000
11Robert Douras990,000
12Bart Dil960,000
13R B920,000
14R G880,000
15Christopher Wellington710,000
16M H665,000
17Oskar Ojaveer435,000
18Simon Wilson425,000
Players who won’t compete at Day 2 tomorrow 18.02.2023 02:24 by Melvin Schroen
Vadim GercevBUSTED
Algirdas PetronisBUSTED
Jonathan McCannBUSTED
Philip ClarkeBUSTED
Tariq ImamBUSTED
Hari Pekka HurriBUSTED
Allan GrahamBUSTED
Daniel PalssonBUSTED
News! 18.02.2023 02:21 by Melvin Schroen

Tomorrow, at Day 2 of the Main Event, the cards will be in the air at 1:00 PM CET and we will be playing down to 18 players.

Who will become the Champion of the Main Event?
chip counts 18.02.2023 02:13 by Melvin Schroen

It is going towards the end of the day with currently 30 players left. The blinds are sky high, so we expect still plenty of action, but players all would want to survive the day.

It’s nice and cozy here in the Media Room. It is actually the VIP area, which is being occupied by the Media Team. Just for this evening, they moved the feature table CashGame to the VIP room as the players wanted to continue. 5/10/25 blinds and enough booze for the people to enjoy. At the background the tv is on, where owner of Dusk Till Dawn, Rob Yong is playing a nosebleed CashGame with currently $469,000 chips in front of him. Playing against the likes of Andrew Robl, Gonazeles and Patryk Antonius.

I, as a reporter for PokerListings, will soon say goodbye to the pokerclub, so that I am ready for all the action to unfold at day 2 of the Main Event of The Festival Series tomorrow.

Martin ‘Franke’ von Zweigbergk together with DTD-pokerclub owner Rob Yong
Chris Janlow800,000
Gerges Issa1,400,000
Bart Dil1,250,000
Jonathan McCann1,400,000
Simon Davidson1,100,000
Simon Wilson500,000
Teemu Leppalahti700,000
Going towards the end of turblo flight day 1D 18.02.2023 01:55 by Melvin Schroen

Level 15: 15,000/30,000 (30,000)
Entries: 31/118
Average: 760,000

We will be playing until we have 18 players left. It has been a good turn out here at the turbo edition of day 1D.

Round of Chip Counts at Day 1D 18.02.2023 01:16 by Melvin Schroen
Jake O’leary1,000,000
Philip Clarke1,300,000
Michael O’Brien720,000
Ignacio Menendez620,000
Philip Roberts620,000
Jonathan McCann550,000
Dean Brett920,000
Day 1D is going turbo wild 18.02.2023 00:06 by Melvin Schroen

Just nine players were needed to reach the guaranteed prize pool of £ 200.000, but with 109 entries of which 78 are currently still in game, it can be called a big success so far here at the Main Event of The Festival Series. If you see this guy wondering around with a big smile, he either won the PLO tournament, or is just super happy about the whole event so far!

Martin ‘Franke’ von Zweigbergk – Founder of The Festival Series

Mr Jon Kyte – A true Viking – $870K in live tournament winnings 17.02.2023 23:51 by Melvin Schroen

Jon Kyte is a poker pro from Norway who has already racked up over $800k in prize money playing live poker. Not only does he play live tournaments and cash games, he can also be found at the online tables with great regularity. He also has his own Twitch-Stream, going by the name ‘JonKytePoker‘. He can be found at The Festival Series events from day 1, as well as at the predecessor CashGameFestival. Mixed Games fit Jon like a glove, so he can once again be found at the tables at Dusk Till Dawn Pokerclub here in Nottingham for this event. He is a true friend of The Festival Series and has also shown several times that he really can play cards. Yesterday, for example, he won the OFC.

Jon Kyte

Jon is a one-of-a-kind poker player. Guys like him, you don’t see very often around. He is a true passionate of the game. As soon as he walks into a room, you see instantly that there is actually a personality coming in. On top of that, he is extremely kind to everyone here at the pokerroom, but when it’s about the games itself, he will crush literally everyone. No mercy. That you can also see back in his results, and overall Curriculum Vitae.

Jon took down the Open Face Chinese tournament yesterday and attended many cash games here, but will unfortunately not finish the week here at The Festival. He will travel to the European Poker Tour in Paris, where he will go on the hunt for one of the biggest achievements in his career. Currently his top score was during the € 2,200 No Limit Hold’em – partypoker Nordic Poker Championships, resulting in a massive cash of € 240,000! But for sure it won’t be his last presence at The Festival Series, as we will see him back during the next event in Malta, being held at Portomaso Casino from 15-21 May.

Our host Anastacia spoke briefly with the myth, the legend, the Norwegian Champion, the Betsafe ambassador, the true Viking, Jon Kyte.

34 players advance to Day 2 through 1C 17.02.2023 22:54 by Melvin Schroen

We have 34 players went on to bag for the day. We will put all the chip counts after day 1D, when we will have the whole list and counts.

Highlights of Day 4 at The Festival Series 17.02.2023 21:13 by Melvin Schroen
Popovic stays alive due to a miracle river 17.02.2023 21:10 by Melvin Schroen

Popovic put his last 245k into the middle from the UTG position and he got a call from Shaun Halliday, while all the rest chucked their cards away. Showdown!

Popovic: A 4

Halliday: A Q

The flop gave no help to Popovic, as he was looking for a four 5 7 5 , on the turn was no help either with the 10 , but the river gave the ultimate save with the 4 nicely landing on the table.

Viktor Popovic560,000
Shaun Halliday900,000
‘Poker mom’ Julie Whitworth qualified herself for Main Event of The Festival Series 17.02.2023 20:42 by Melvin Schroen

Julie is an amazing personality and she was playing today at Day 1C of the Main Event here in Nottingham. Sadly for her, she just missed out on making a bag today. Perhaps we will see her back in the turbo flight of tonight where already 13 players have registered for.

Do you want to qualify yourself already for the next event of The Festival Series in Malta? Then check out the following page.

Julie WhitworthBUSTED
Marland takes out Dowers 17.02.2023 20:35 by Melvin Schroen

Level 14: 15,000/25,000 (25,000)
Entries: 56/224
Average: 800,000

Ronnie Marland had opened up the action before the flop with Ace-King. He got a call from Dowers. The flop arrived with 8 6 6 . When Marland continued for 30k, it was Dowers who put himself at risk by going all the way with his remaining 225k stack. Time for a showdown:

Marland: A K

Dowers: 9 9

Marland needed to either hit an ace or king, or a runner-runner. The turn 2 changed nothing yet, but the 4 gave Marland the flush and the checkmark and he nicely chipped up as we are coming closer to the moment the players can bag up their chips.

Ronnie Marland925,000
Daniel DowersBUSTED
Down to 68 17.02.2023 20:10 by Melvin Schroen

Level 13: 10,000/20,000 (20,000)
Entries: 64/224
Average: 700,000

We are down to 68 players out of 224 entrants here at Day 1C of The Festival Main Event. The guaranteed will be crushed by the likes of one more starting day to come, so players are fighting their way up the chip counts to be able to have a great position at the start of day 2.

Carlo Solazzo


Carlo Solazzo1,500,000
Viktor Popovic900,000
Chris Cunliffe1,500,000
Endrit Geci2,900,000
Jacob Dideriksen-Nielsen985,000
Niedzwiecki doubles up through Holland 17.02.2023 19:55 by Melvin Schroen

Marcin Niedzwiecki just got a nice double up in a classic domination nation hand.

Niedzwiecki A K

Holland A Q

Holland was looking for one of three remaining Queens in the deck, or to chop it up. The last thing almost happened as the flop came J J 5 . But the turn and river showed the 4 and the J . Leaving Holland behind with 14 big blinds

Marcin Niedzwiecki470,000
Jamie Holland 275,000
New chipleader 17.02.2023 19:34 by Melvin Schroen

Level 12: 10,000/15,000 (15,000)
Entries: 75/224
Average: 600,000

Carlo Solazzo1,700,000
Wedde doubles through Hamre 17.02.2023 19:29 by Melvin Schroen
Oskar Wedde – The Festival Series Bratislava

Level 12: 10,000/15,000 (15,000)
Entries: 78/224
Average: 574,000

Oskar Wedde, a Norwegian poker-pro and Twitch-Streamer with $123K in Live poker earnings, just got a nice double up with pocket nines. He got it all-in after an open from Erik Hamre on the flop, where he had flopped a middle set on a 2-9-10 board. Hamre couldn’t get away from the hand as he had Aces. While no ace arrived on the turn and river, it was Wedde who chipped up nicely. He is looking for a new personal best here in Nottingham, as his current biggest cash was during the Norwegian Championships back in 2018, collecting $47,644 for his victory.

Oskar Wedde760,000
Win big or go home 17.02.2023 19:06 by Melvin Schroen

Level 11: 6,000/12,000 (12,000)
Entries: 88/224
Average: 476,000

We are down to the last 10 tables of the day, as we have 88 players left who are all looking to bag at the end of the shift.

Ahmed Jassim Al-BassamBUSTED
Peder OyreBUSTED
Pawel StockBUSTED
Denas PranaitisBUSTED
Malcom MckinlayBUSTED
Daniel CarterBUSTED
Thomas ClackBUSTED
Lucas CominelliBUSTED
Haydn MorganBUSTED
Set over set – It happens to all of us 17.02.2023 18:40 by Melvin Schroen

Level 10: 5,000/10,000 (10,000)
Entries: 105/224
Average: 426,000

Vlad Costas thought he could scoop a big pot of Piotr Zima as he had flopped a set, evolving into a full-house on the river. He had pushed the all-in button, and it had put Zima at risk. However, Zima also had flopped a set on the flop, a better one. Zima, who has no live cashes behind his name so far, is looking in Nottingham to open up his HendonMob account. If it won’t happen today, he might could join the HendonMob Championship here at The Festival Series, which starts tomorrow.

Piotr Zima670,000
Late registration is closed 17.02.2023 18:15 by Melvin Schroen

Level 9: 4,000/8,000 (8,000)
Entries: 118/224
Average: 380,000

We have reached the end of the registration period and the total number of entrants including Day 1A and 1B, is now 491. This means that only 9 players are needed on day 1D to reach the guaranteed prize pool.

Today we will play down from 224 to 34 players.

Chip Tour 17.02.2023 18:07 by Melvin Schroen

Level 9: 3,000/6,000 (6,000)
Entries: 126/224
Average: 355,000

Steven Taylor (888poker)600,000
Shaun Halliday650,000
Glen Wilson1,240,000
Gareth Wright720,000
Endrit Geci1,360,000
We have a new Sheriff in town 17.02.2023 17:29 by Melvin Schroen

Lucas Cominelli is sitting comfortably at table number 38, taking a sip from his drink and checking out the action at his table. He is currently the chipleader presumably with a nice stack.

The Sheriff of Nottingham is the main antagonist in the legend of Robin Hood. He is generally depicted as an unjust tyrant who mistreats the local people of Nottinghamshire, subjecting them to unaffordable taxes. Robin Hood fights against him, stealing from the rich, and the Sheriff, in order to give to the poor; it is this characteristic for which Robin Hood is best known. The Sheriff is considered the archenemy of Robin Hood, as he is the most recurring enemy of the well-known outlaw.

Lucas Cominelli950,000
7/2 never lose, just not in the UK 17.02.2023 17:21 by Melvin Schroen

We just witnessed a showdown at table 35, where Kevin Remelie stood up from his chair and grabbed his stuff. In front of him, he had his cards opened which were 7 2 . His opponent, which we saw earlier in the PokerListings Championship, Kasper Wurtz from Norway, had the goods with 5 2 as he had flopped a straight at 3-4-6.

”Seven deuce is supposedly the worst hand in the game and has the least opportunity to win. When you are dealt your two cards this achievement will become available when you have a two and a seven in different suits (e.g. seven of hearts and two of clubs).”

Kasper Wurtz
Tariq Imam takes down The Festival Short Deck tournament 17.02.2023 16:57 by Melvin Schroen
Martin ‘Franke’ von Zweigbergk / Tariq Imam – Winner of The Festival Short Deck

Imam got busted earlier out of the Main Event, but took down the short deck tournament instead. In a very short timeframe he bested a field of 10 players, and made a deal with James Mclaren. Both will be playing the Main Event most likely again as turned a buy-in of £ 230 into more than £ 1K.

Tariq Imam£ 1,050
James Mclaren£ 890
It’s a rough life sometimes in poker, priceless quotes as a result 17.02.2023 16:53 by Melvin Schroen

James Price just came to the cask desk and told the kind ladies behind the desk: ”Can I please re-enter this horrendous tournament?” We will keep an eye on him how he will handle his second bullet of the day.

It’s a mine field today – Surpassing 200 entrants 17.02.2023 16:34 by Melvin Schroen

Level 6: 2,000/4,000 (4,000)
Entries: 155/206
Average: 267,000

It is all hands on deck today. You need to be careful where you are walking here at Dusk Till Dawn Pokerclub during The Festival Series. You might get trapped.

Hamish FowlieBUSTED
Sarbjit KularBUSTED
Steve JelinekBUSTED
Colin Lovelock (PokerListings Champion)BUSTED
Darren FullerBUSTED
Jacob StoneBUSTED
Khadir KhoshawyBUSTED
Highlights of day 3 of The Festival Series 17.02.2023 15:56 by Melvin Schroen

Are you curious how it all goes down here in Nottingham? Check that out!

Chip Tour 17.02.2023 15:32 by Melvin Schroen

We went into the first break of today, and we managed to scoop some of the chipcounts for you.

Shaun Halliday600,000
Vegard Andreassen590,000
Russell Bowman195,000
Andrew Tuxworth460,000
Aaron Philips450,000
John Farrell550,000
Sonia Padovani550,000
Whoever is looking for a new pair of Flip Flops – Now is your Chance! 17.02.2023 15:16 by Melvin Schroen

Today it is the last chance to get yourself to the top spot of the ranking for Franke’s Flip Flops competition. Mainly Omaha flips will be played and the buy-in is £ 20 minimum, depending on how many players will enter. Last time in Bratislava, 8 wins were sealing the deal for Ian Vertefeuille, who came all the way from the United States to the Banco Casino in Slovakia, just to play Flips to be able to capture the famous Flip Flops of The Festival Series owner – Martin ‘Franke’ von Zweigbergk.


Get your wallets ready, it will all kick off at 21:00 GMT, right next to the bar. The current leader has got 6 points, followed by one player with 4 points. If you care interested anyhow to come visit the next stop of The Festival Series in Portomaso Casino in Malta, make sure to check out this webpage which gives you all possible info you need to know.

Re-Entry DeLuxe 17.02.2023 14:45 by Melvin Schroen

Level 4: 1,500/2,500 (2,500)
Entries: 130/140
Average: 215,000

We are going into level 4 now and already have a couple players who had to run to the cash desk for a re-entry.

Aki NevalinenBUSTED
Maxine CollinsBUSTED
Andrew MappBUSTED
John FarrellBUSTED
Marc WrightBUSTED
Michael StewartBUSTED
Felix Emmanuel OveyBUSTED
Barry GrimeBUSTED
Oskar ‘Deckflow’ OjaveerBUSTED
Tariq ImamBUSTED

Going Strong 17.02.2023 14:16 by Melvin Schroen

Level 3: 1,000/2,000 (2,000)
Entries: 122/127
Average: 208,000

Oskar ‘Deckflow’ Ojaveer200,000
Greger Larsson200,000
Sean O’Donnell200,000
Carlo Solazzo200,000
Benjamin Sweetman200,000
Will the GTD be reached? 17.02.2023 13:48 by Melvin Schroen

Currently we have 113 players registered for the Main Event Day 1C. Magical numbers so far, but are we going to see the Guaranteed prize pool of £ 200K being reached? That’s the Million Dollar question! There need to be at least 500 players.

Starting FlightTotal EntrantsAdvanced to day 2
Day 1A12919
Day 1B13821
Day 1C113+tbc
Day 1Dtbctbc
Cash Game Challenge 17.02.2023 13:32 by Melvin Schroen

To be able to win one of the many packages to the next Festival Series in Malta, you will have to scoop the most profit (in big blinds) during a Cash Game session. Yesterday we saw crazy action unfolding at the feature table, which was live streamed on the Twitch-Channel of The Festival Series. Today there will be two sessions being played again. Players who are interesting in participating, can register themselves at the cash desk in the cash game area.

98 players already sitting at the tables 17.02.2023 13:23 by Melvin Schroen
Angus Dunnington200,000
Attila Erdei200,000
Oliver Gadsby200,000
Simon Mark Griffin200,000
Mark Krombas200,000
Marius Morel200,000
Kasper Wurtz200,000
Daniel Palsson200,000
JJ Hazan200,000
Andras Balogh200,000
Today’s schedule 17.02.2023 13:04 by Melvin Schroen
Name EventBuy-InTime
Satellite Main Event £ 50+612:00 GMT
Main Event Day 1C£ 400+5012:00 GMT
The Festival Short Deck£ 200+3012:00 GMT
The Festival FreezeOut£ 100+2017:00 GMT
The Festival PLO FreezeOut£ 200+3020:00 GMT
Main Event Day 1D£ 400+5021:00 GMT
Get your seatbelts on – Main Event Day 1C is about to start the race 17.02.2023 12:40 by Melvin Schroen

It is Friday the 17th of February and we are here in ‘windy’ Nottingham at the Dusk Till Dawn Pokerclub for Day 1C of the Main Event of The Festival Series. It has been a blast so far already, and it is about to kick off as we reached the most busiest days of the event. I will run around the premise all day to get you information about chipcounts, interesting hands or discussions at the tables, name it all.

Good luck to all the players!

Recap: Main Event Day 1B 17.02.2023 12:31 by Melvin Schroen
1 Marian Dumitrache3,565,000
2 Sascha Manns2,965,000
3 Gatis Reigass2,135,000
4 Marc Bolton1,730,000
5 Allan Arjut1,715,000
6 Vincenzo Lupoli1,605,000
7 David Clark1,595,000
8 S. G.1,530,000
9 O. F.1,265,000
10 S. Y.1,130,000
11 Michal Czeszel1,020,000
12 Mark van der Voorden1,010,000
13 Samuel Deering1,000,000
14 Anders Wattengard950,000
15 Leo Sigurdsson925,000
16 Callum Highley880,000
17 Marko Keskel875,000
18 Jari Karkkainen755,000
19 Marius Wiszowaty405,000
20 P. S.310,000
21 Dmitrijs Meless270,000

Sascha Manns ends day 1B – 21 players on to day 2 16.02.2023 23:07 by Melvin Schroen
Main Event Day 1B

German professional poker player Sascha Manns already had a big stack all day in front of him, but in the last hand of the day it was given to him pretty easily. He opened up the action with Ace-King, and the small blind which was rather short with 400,000 in chips left, put his dancing shoes on and went all-in with Ace-Six. A king on the turn gave the win to Sascha, and made it happen that 21 players will advance to the second day of this Main Event here at The Festival Series in Dusk Till Dawn Nottingham.

Breaking NEWS! 16.02.2023 21:23 by Melvin Schroen

The Festival Series founder Martin “Franke” von Zweigbergk just announced to the large crowd at Dusk Till Dawn that the schedule has been released for The Festival Series Malta. The festival will take place from May 15-21 at the luxurious Portomaso Casino.

The schedule boasts 49 numbered events highlighted by The Festival Series Malta €550 Main Event. As is always the case at The Festival Series, the schedule also features tons of mixed game events. In addition, there are casino events with tournaments in Blackjack, Roulette, Slots, and Sportswagering.

Check out the full schedule for The Festival Series Malta here!

ACR Stormers – Their boat sank right in front of the harbour 16.02.2023 21:16 by Melvin Schroen

Oskar ‘Deckflow’ Ojaveer and Daniel ‘Danielmarpoker’ Palsson, both Twitch-Streamers, just got busted out of the tournament, and went on to go look for their captain as their ship sank on their way to the harbour.

Ojaveer threw in his last 225,000 with pocket 4s, and was way behind against the 6s from Callum Highley. While Ojaveer was walking away he mentioned to his team mate that he should defend the honours of the team now, roughly one hand his glass also broke and could hit the rail. 25 players are left and we are looking for 4 more players to bust here before the end of Day 1B.

Oskar ‘Deckflow’ Ojaveer

Win a package with the Cash Game Challenge 16.02.2023 20:47 by Melvin Schroen

The Cash Game challenge is live on the Twitch Channel of The Festival Series. Currently Martin ‘Franke’ von Zweigbergk is on the lead of the ranking, as he previously managed to get 600+ big blinds in profit. With hands like this, it might just happen that Franke will lose his top spot today!

Cash Game Challenge – Blinds 1/2 – NLHE
Going towards the end of Day 1B 16.02.2023 20:41 by Melvin Schroen

Level 14: 15,000/25,000 (25,000)
Entries: 36/138
Average: 766,000

We are getting closer and closer, while Manchester United is running for a draw against Barcelona, the players are looking for their own draws here in Nottingham at The Festival Series. 36 players are remaining from a staggering 138 entries. We are down to the last four tables of the day and the action will be big, pots will be monster!

Sascha Manns1,900,000
Mark van der Voorden1,180,000
Leo Sigurdsson1,000,000
Gyorgy Simon1,500,000
Marian Dumitrache2,000,000
Oliver Farrell1,225,000
Teresa Clark510,000
The livestream of the Cashgame challenge is LIVE 16.02.2023 20:23 by Melvin Schroen

As the Main Event is going in full swing, the Cash Game Challenge is kicking off at the Livestream of The Festival Series.

Cash Game Challenge NLHE 1/2
Break Time 16.02.2023 20:09 by Melvin Schroen

Level 13: 10,000/20,000 (20,000)
Entries: 46/138
Average: 600,000

Gatis Reigass1,020,000
Jari Tapio Karkkainen1,050,000
David Clark980,000
Mariusz Wiszowaty740,000
Sascha Manns1,350,000
Callum Highley1,300,000
Oliver Farrell950,000
James Clarke850,000
Marian Dumitrache1,200,000
Gatis Reigass gets lucky 16.02.2023 19:49 by Melvin Schroen

Level 12: 10,000/15,000 (15,000)
Entries: 48/138
Average: 575,000


Not often he is lucky during The Festival Series, but during Day 1B of the Main Event he found the right gear, it seems. Reigass just took a big pot from Belgian player Dimitrios Loupakis, who qualified himself through Unibet, by winning with pocket Tens against the Aces of Loupakis. A straight was enough to take it down and Reigass added a nice couple chips to his stack, following Loupakis it was a 1,000,000 chip pot, but then Reigass must have lost some afterwards. Loupakis eventually busted as well at the same table. He will come back tomorrow to play the turbo Day 1D.

Gatis Reigass810,000
Dimitrios LoupakisBUSTED
Tough talks 16.02.2023 19:19 by Melvin Schroen

Level 12: 10,000/15,000 (15,000)
Entries: 53/138
Average: 520,000

I’m sitting right in the middle of the tournament area, which is fairly comfortable when being a live reporter I have to say. At the table next to me I heard a player giving some tough talks to his opponents who were in the blinds. Michal Czeszel opened up the action himself from the button to 25,000. ”You are right in the sandwich, my friend” – he said to the player in the small blind. Daniel Palsson, an ACR-Stormer wasn’t that impressed by the trash talk and made it 85,000 to go and said ”It’s just playmoney, right”, soon followed by folds from all remaining players in the hand.

Talks aren’t always justified, seeing his all time live results being nearly $80,000 is pretty impressive, but there were 71 money finishes needed for that.

Daniel Palsson360,000
Michal Czeszel300,000

Chip Tour 16.02.2023 19:04 by Melvin Schroen

Level 11: 6,000/12,000 (12,000)
Entries: 61/138
Average: 452,000

Sportsbook tournament for Package Holders
Sascha Manns1,070,000
Bash Mahmood620,000
Leo Sigurdsson560,000
Nick Hicks700,000
Anders Wattengard720,000
Wiszowaty doubles up through Silvius 16.02.2023 18:56 by Melvin Schroen

Level 11: 6,000/12,000 (12,000)
Entries: 62/138
Average: 445,000

Strolling around poker paradise, we saw the some tough action at table number 14. Many timebank cards were used on the river, but eventually a call was made and we had a showdown.

The board holded 10 5 6 K Q and it was Wiszowaty who had to make a decision for his tournament life as he was put to the test by Dutchman Silvius with a bet of 350,000 into a pot of roughly the same. Wiszowaty took it down eventually, holding the third best flush with J K . Silvius also had to open his cards and it was a stonecold bluff with A 10 , trying to scoop the pot.

Mariusz Wiszowaty910,000
Bas Silvius420,000
21 Players will go through to day 2 16.02.2023 18:27 by Melvin Schroen

Level 10: 5,000/10,000 (10,000)
Entries: 70/138
Average: 394,000

The floorman just announced that 21 players will succeed to go to day 2 of the Main Event. With currently half of the players still in, its everyone’s game.

Winner The Festival Series Main Event Bratislava – Michel Molenaar (NL)
Reigass busts Winell 16.02.2023 18:21 by Melvin Schroen

Level 9: 4,000/8,000 (8,000)
Entries: 72/138
Average: 373,000

Gatis Reigass

Reigass is always up for some action and so did he in this hand we just witnessed. Reigass had opened from the middle position, and next to him it was Annika Liv Winell who put her remaining stack of 85,000 at risk. As soon as everyone went out of the way, it was Reigass who pressed the call button.

Reigass – Q K

Winell – A J

A standard situation, to say the least. Reigass took directly the lead on a Q 5 7 flop, but with the 10 appearing on the turn, Winell was drawing to a flush and straight as well. Sadly for her none of her outs came on the river with the 7 being drawn. Another one bites the dust.

Gatis Reigass620,000
Annika Liv WinellBUSTED
Van der Voorden loses with Aces 16.02.2023 18:09 by Melvin Schroen

Level 9: 4,000/8,000 (8,000)
Entries: 74/138
Average: 373,000

Mark van der Voorden

I just spoke to fellow Dutchman, Mark van der Voorden. He told me he had lost a 450k pot. His opponent chucked in all of his chips on a J-3-3 flop with pocket 7s, Van der Voorden was holding the Aces, but sadly for him one of the remaining 7s appeared on the river. Tough game sometimes..

Mark van der Voorden360,000
Click, Clack, Cluck 16.02.2023 17:29 by Melvin Schroen

Level 8: 3,000/6,000 (6,000)
Entries: 85/137
Average: 322,000

Hospitality Event – Bowling

Thomas Clack, residing in the UK and with live earnings surpassing the $40,000 mark, is sitting comfortably at the table number 3 currently. He just raised it up to 125,000 on the river, while his opponent had made it 50,000 before. Nick Hicks, the player in question, mucked his hand and was saying it was a nice bluff of Clack, who chips up to a stack of around 375,000.

Thomas Clack375,000
Nick Hicks590,000
Main Event is on a roll today – Get Rich or Die Tryin’ 16.02.2023 17:07 by Melvin Schroen

Level 7: 2,500/5,000 (5,000)
Entries: 88/133
Average: 303,000

The Main Event is in full swing and with currently 133 entrants. That being said, you could conclude that for a Thursday it is very neat, especially when you consider that tomorrow with two starting flights, the real work still has to kick off. We have seen so many different nationalities already, and this is what poker makes so special, all kinds of cultures who come together and share the passion we have for the game.

Marian Dumitrache 600,000
Dimitris Loupakis750,000
Stuart Griffith640,000
Nils Jakob Linden550,000
Vincenzo Lupoli660,000
Side Event Alert! Open Face Chinese still open for late reg 16.02.2023 16:46 by Melvin Schroen
Martin ‘Franke’ von Zweigbergk

Side events and the Cash Games are running very decent at the moment. With several other tournaments to start later on, it is being promised that whoever busts out of the Main Event, will have plenty of possibilities to continue playing. In the Open Face Chinese, where founder of The Festival Series Martin ‘Franke’ von Zweigbergk just took place, has currently still 15 out of 23 players in the game. The satellite for the Main Event started off with 52 players and they are now down to 27 players, with 5 seats guaranteed.

Open Face Chinese £ 200 + 30
Satellite Main Event£ 50 + 6
‘I just had a possible sick hand, Melvin!’ 16.02.2023 16:13 by Melvin Schroen
Greger Larsson – The Festival Series Bratislava

We arrived at table number 15, where we see Dutchman Mark van der Voorden sitting in seat 2, and Greger Larsson in seat 6. Greger came up to me and explained what had happened beforehand.

”One guy on the button had opened to 8,000 and the small blind made it 21,000, on which i decided to fold K Q from the big blind. When the flop was dealt with 10 5 5 I would have a flushdraw, which eventually came on the turn with the J . Arrived on the river A it would have given me a Royal Flush, which was so sick. The guy shoved on the other one at the river, and I would have had a sick stack. One of them had Aces even.”

In the meantime, partner in crime from the ‘George Clooney from Sweden’ had busted out of the tournament. She will maybe re-enter today, or give it another shot tomorrow on day 1c and 1d.

Greger Larsson330,000
Anna MalmiBUSTED
Oscar Ojaveer – Cool Runnings 16.02.2023 16:04 by Melvin Schroen

Oscar ‘Deckflow’ Ojaveer is a Twitch-Streamer from Estonia. This charismatic, cool dude from the Baltics already has won a side-event here in the likes of the Roulette tournament. Today he is playing Day 1B of the Main Event, as yesterday he might had needed some time to recover from the heavy evening beforehand. To win an event deserves its celebrations, and that’s exactly what had happened. Good luck to you today sir!

Oscar Ojaveer115,000
First break of the day 16.02.2023 15:29 by Melvin Schroen

Many players were happy to see that it was time for the first break of the day, to get some drinks and food in. It gave us the opportunity to note down some notable chipcounts:

Saied Yolmeh753,500
Marian Dumitrache425,000
Teemu Leppalahti430,000
Pawel Stock450,000
Andras Balogh525,000
Andrew Mapp460,000
Vincenzo Lupoli700,000
Chip Tour 16.02.2023 15:07 by Melvin Schroen

Live bloggers, running around the pokerpit all day, the step counter on the phone is going into the red zone currently. We noted a couple of the bigger stacks at these early stages of Day 1B of the Main Event:

Erik Hamre350,000
Callum Highley510,000
Teemu Leppalahti500,000
Vincenzo Lupoli470,000
Swedish Power! 16.02.2023 14:58 by Melvin Schroen

Level 3: 1,000/2,000 (2,000)
Entries: 95/104
Average: 216,000

We arrived at table 15 where Anna Malmi is showing ff her poker skills. One table next to her Greger Larsson, partner in crime, is sitting. Malmi called from the button a raise to 5,000 from the CU. Also both of the blinds came along, one of them is ACR-Stormer Neil Edwards, aka TwinnyPoker.

After the flop was dealt with showing K Q 10 , it was the CU who continued for 12,500. Malmi was not convinced and made it 25,000 to go, on which the blinds went out of the way. Attila Erdei, who was the man behind the CU, decided to complete to be able to see a turn. After checking the action, Malmi fired 35,000 and Erdei quickly folded.

Anna Malmi180,000
Attila Erdei120,000
Neil Edwards (TwinnyPoker)135,000
Andras Balogh262,000
Hiller gets it done with a full house 16.02.2023 14:40 by Melvin Schroen

Level 3: 1,000/2,000 (2,000)
Entries: 96/104

Average: 216,000

We saw a small pot being brewed at table number 3, where Sturla Hiller was putting Kevin Remelie to the test.

With around 30,000 in the middle, the board showed [4x][5x][4x] and with a [6x] on the turn it the straight possibilities became real. A [3x] on the river made it complete. Remelie opened up the betting process with 12,000 chips putting to the middle. Hiller however, had a plan and made it 35,000 to go. After a call the showdown appeared and Hiller had the goods with a flopped full house with his pocket 5s. His opponent called it off with A-high.

Sturla Hiller210,000
Kevin Remelie250,000
Side Event Alert! – Open Face Chinese + Satellite Main Event 16.02.2023 14:17 by Melvin Schroen

Currently we have two side events running here at the Dusk Till Dawn PokerClub. The pokerpit is close to be fully packed, and with many more events to be coming up today, it is overall another day in Paradise!

Event NameStarting Time
Main Event Day 1B12:00 GMT
Open Face Chinese12:00 GMT
Satellite for Main Event13:00 GMT
The Festival Deepstack17:00 GMT
Satellite for Main Event19:00 GMT
The Festival PLO 4/5/620:00 GMT
Roulette tournament of Yesterday
Early stages – great start of the day 16.02.2023 14:11 by Melvin Schroen

Level 2: 1,000/1,500 (1,500)
Entries: 88/89

Gatis Beigass – left

One player already had to head to the cash desk for a re-entry within the first hour of play. It is a great turn out so far, and it is to be expected that this number will grow as there are plenty of levels available for late registration. A 200,000 starting stack gives you plenty of space for tricks.

Sascha Manns250,000
Gatis Beigass260,000
John Farrell260,000
Samual Deering260,000
Simon Wilson190,000
Women in poker – Coming in numbers to play day 1B 16.02.2023 13:53 by Melvin Schroen

The Festival Series is an event for everyone. All sorts of players find their way to Dusk Till Dawn Pokerclub this week and we have an incredible amount of female players in the mix as well. Lately we have published an article about women in poker. A must read for all of you!

Anna Malmi – Friend of The Festival Series
Teresa Clark200,000
Maxine Collins200,000
Anna Malmi200,000
Maili Tannbaum200,000
Wendy Watson200,000
39 players already registered 16.02.2023 13:02 by Melvin Schroen
Leo Sigurdsson200,000
Gatis Reigass200,000
Dimitris Loupakis200,000
JJ Hazan200,000
Matias Eklund200,000
Jack Allen200,000
RInalds Zimka200,000
Mark van der Voorden200,000
The Festival Series – Main Event day 1B – Huge numbers to be expected 16.02.2023 12:45 by Melvin Schroen

A place where the common player is distinguished from the beasts of the game. A place where miracles happen that would not be possible anywhere else. Everyone is fighting for those coveted portraiture and the numerous packages that have been added to various disciplines. In Bratislava, The Festival started publishing these unique ratings, something The Festival has done exceptionally well.

Colin Lovelock – Winner of PokerListings Championship

It’s Thursday, February 16th, the day of Main Event Day 1B. The weekend is upon us and we expect large numbers of players today. We at PokerListings are literally here from dusk till dawn and we’ll keep you posted on all the details of this magnificent event. Yesterday we saw a total of 129 entries, where 19 eventually made it through the day and already secured a place in the money, and of course continue for day 2. With a guaranteed prize pool of £ 200,000, it is one of the better events of this season in the UK.

Side events

As everyone knows by now, The Festival Series is mainly focused on mixed games and today we kick off the ball with an Open Face Chinese tournament, six players have already been registered so that is very promising. The Main Event will of course be in the spotlight, which will also have two satellites played today. We also have a PLO 4/5/6 on the schedule, and a Deepstack NLHE event. Of course there are endless cash games going on all day long with the Challenge in there as well. On top of all this, there are Franke’s Flip Flop games running in the evening hours, and you can secure your package with ‘Spin the Weel’ during the cash games.

Martin ‘Franke’ von Zweigbergk / Gatis Reigass / Rob Young

We are super happy with the great atmosphere hanging around in the pokerclub, and we hope you will enjoy the liveblog today! Good luck to all the players!

Colin Lovelock is the new PokerListings Champion! 16.02.2023 02:16 by Melvin Schroen

We have had a long day of poker today behind us. We saw many clashes of big stacks, we have seen short stacks fighting their way through the mine field, but above all, we have seen absolute joy today! It is nice to be here in Dusk Till Dawn Pokerclub in Nottingham, and the players are absolutely having a ball.

The day started off with 57 players, all wanting to win the that fabulous trophy here at the The Festival Series. Players such as Georgina ‘GJ Reggie’ James, Ian Vertefeuille, Corrado Nane and Colin Lovelock all made it to Day 2 of this event. For GJ Reggie it ended just before the final table as she couldn’t manage to win against Alexandru Grigorie.

”GJ Reggie, what is her online nickname on PokerStars, just got out of the tournament as she chucked in her last 8 big blinds, when the Grigorie went about all-in from UTG before her.

GJ Reggie 10 J  

Grigorie K Q  

The board gave a King, but no diamonds or draws/pairs for Georgina. With this bust we can conclude that the new PokerListings Champion won’t be a female player.”


Not much later we had reached the final table and the following players were taking a seat at the feature table. It was Nicholas Burrett who had the commanding chiplead already for a long while, as well when going into the final 9:

Colin Lovelock12,740,000
Nicholas Burrett23,925,000
Russel Bowman8,150,000
Corrado Nane4,200,000
Vlad Talica4,040,000
Alexandru Grigorie5,925,000
Dimitru Enache3,000,000
Jeraint ‘JJ’ Hazan8,350,000
Sean O’Donnell5,300,000

All nine players were great throughout the whole tournament and were chasing the grand first prize, together with many additions to it such as a trophy and a package. Burrett was in an amazing spot to finish it off, but eventually came short and didn’t make it until the end of the tournament. Hazan, Bowman and Lovelock on the other hand, have every reason for bragging rights as they managed to make a deal when they were left with the three of them. If you would like to watch back the whole final table, or to read all the keyhands of the final table, make sure to check it out!

Place + Player NameOriginal PrizeAfter Deal
1 Colin Lovelock£ 6,850* + Package for The Festival Series Malta£ 5,225
2 Russel Bowman£ 4,225*£ 4,335
3 JJ Hazan£ 3,026*£ 3,885
4 Nicholas Burrett£ 2,350
5 Corrado Nane£ 1,850
6 Alexandru Grigorie£ 1,500
7 Dimitru Enache£ 1,200
8 Sean O’Donnell£ 950
9 Vlad Talica£ 750
Colin Lovelock

Thank you all very much for following the liveblog. And stay tuned for all the live action at The Festival Series here in Nottingham!

Heads Up has ended 16.02.2023 02:13 by Melvin Schroen
Russell Bowman

We were already playing Heads Up for some time, and after we saw Russell doubling up with KQ against the KJ from Colin it was this time another hit. As mentioned before, a deal was made already when three players were still in the game. So the winner would walk away with a decent amount of cash, a package for Malta, a signed comic poker book, and last but not least, an unique portrait!

After Russell had taken a big hit the hand before, he went all-in with his remaining 6,900,000. No help for Russell, and Colin Lovelock would be crowned as the official winner of the PokerListings Championship!

Last Hand
Colin LovelockWINNER
Russell BowmanBUSTED

Recap – Main Event Day 1A 16.02.2023 01:25 by Melvin Schroen

Unfortunately we didn’t had much time today to blog about the major event of this series, the Main Event Day 1A as we were following the PokerListings Championships until the very end. But do not worry, we won’t miss a thing of the rest of the tournament. 19 Players remained from the first starting day, and it’s Ali Ayub who is in the commanding lead with 3,420,000 in chips. We also see the American Ian Vertefeuille (790,000) and Jonatan Wedde (910,000) still in the running. Everyone who remained, has locked up a min cash already, and we will see them all back on Day 2.

PlacePlayer NameChips
1Ali Ayub3,420,000
2D. D.2,375,000
3M. P.2,140,000
4Jack Kent2,100,000
5Adam Maxwell2,035,000
6Tadeas Vancura1,645,000
7Javed Jav1,525,000
8Kenneth Heinsvig1,435,000
9K. P.1,375,000
10S. W.1,350,000
11David Vesely1,005,000
12Jakub Matusiak910,000
13Jonatan Wedde910,000
14Ian Vertefeuille790,000
15E. B.740,000
16Michael Skeldon735,000
17Tuomas Kalvinmaki545,000
18James Hoyes480,000
19Carlo Solazzo395,000
Heads Up turned around 16.02.2023 01:14 by Melvin Schroen

With the previous hand the stacks have turned around as well:

Russell Bowman50,000,000
Colin Lovelock26,000,000
Double up for Bowman 16.02.2023 01:10 by Melvin Schroen

Watch the action unfold live on Twitch! We are coming to an end Ladies and Gentleman! Bowman just doubled up as he shoved all-in with KQ, and holded against the KJ of Colin.

Heads Up standings 16.02.2023 01:06 by Melvin Schroen
Russell Bowman21,000,000
Colin Lovelock55,000,000
Mr Hazan finished in 3rd place  16.02.2023 00:18 by Melvin Schroen
JJ Hazan

Fireworks was promised at this final table, and we certainly got well served. With three players remaining a deal was discussed and everyone typed ‘I agree’ in the end. Soon after, Hazan was at risk with a huge contest ahead of him as he was up against Lovelock.

JJ Hazan: 2 2

Lovelock: Q Q

The board gave no help to Hazan and as it ran out 7 6 6 3 8 .

It is what it is. Jeraint ‘JJ’ Hazan just became 3rd for a nice payday. We will see him back during the Main Event and many more side events throughout this week as he will be staying for bit longer here in Nottingham.

We are down to the Heads-Up!

  • Numbers from the deal will be revealed later on.
Russell Bowman44,400,000
Colin Lovelock32,225,000
Jeraint ‘JJ’ Hazan
Burrett finds his Waterloo in 4th place (£ 2,350) 15.02.2023 23:39 by Melvin Schroen

Burrett was the chipleader for so long in this tournament. Basically from the moment there were still 30/35 players left, he was leading the pack. But he found his Waterloo on 4th place as he busted with Kings against the Queens from Jeraint Hazan.

Burrett: K K

Hazan: Q Q

The board remained low on the flop with 5 4 6 , but the turn gave Burrett a slap in the face Q , on the river no help got offered with a 5 and the former chipdaddy can go to find the cash desk.

Jeraint Hazan39,800,000
Nicholas BurrettBUSTED

Corrado busts in 5th place (£ 1,850) 15.02.2023 22:59 by Melvin Schroen

We have to say farewell to Corrado Nane. The flamboyant Englishman busts out in 5th place against the 4s from Russel Bowman.

Russell Bowman15,575,000
Corrado NaneBUSTED
Current chipcounts 15.02.2023 22:53 by Melvin Schroen
Corrado Nane12,300,000
Russel Bowman11,200,000
Jeraint Hazan6,300,000
Live on Twitch 15.02.2023 22:39 by Melvin Schroen

Make sure to check out the Twitch-Channel of The Festival Series. The final table is running hot. If you want to join more action the upcoming days, make sure to give them a follow!

Nicholas Burrett / Russell Bowman
Corrado takes a big one 15.02.2023 22:14 by Melvin Schroen

Corrado had opened the action, followed by a shove from JJ Hazan. It was a classic clash between the titans of the final table:

Corrado: A Q

JJ Hazan: A K

The pot in total was 16,400,000 and Corrado was at risk. The flop revealed directly a straight for Corrado with K J 6 , the turn gave some hope to Hazan however with another diamond on the board 6 , but this time it weren’t diamonds who last forever with the 10 on the river. Nice double up for Corrado here with seven players remaining

Nane Corrado16,400,000
JJ Hazan4,650,000
Corrado Nane
Dimitru Enache story ended at 7th place (£ 1,200) 15.02.2023 21:59 by Melvin Schroen

Dimitru Enache managed to get a 7th place for 12x the buy-in. A nice payday but he would definitely be hoping to get more out of it. His last hand went as follow:

Dimitru Q J

JJ Hazan A K

It was up for the races, Dimitru had to find the light in the jar to be able to survive as he had thrown in his last 1,400,000 chips into the middle. Hazan woke up with the goods and was hoping to chip it up, which eventually happened.

The board gave a gutshot for Dimitru with 4 9 K . With three remaining tens in the game it was looking for the straight, but it wouldn’t be happening this time as the turn and river were the 9 and 2 to put Dimitru out on the 7th place.

JJ Hazan12,900,000
Dimitru EnacheBUSTED
Sean O’Donnell 8th (£ 950) 15.02.2023 21:48 by Melvin Schroen

Sean got it in for his last 4,150,000 chips and got a call from Russell in the big blind.

Sean A 6

Russell A A

The board appeared to be full of clubs, but it wasn’t in favour of Sean and was about dead already.

J 4 3

A straight flush had to help Sean, but it wouldn’t be happening this time.

Turn 3

River J

Talica is the first victim at the FT (Vlad Talica £ 750) 15.02.2023 21:41 by Melvin Schroen

We saw Talica at risk at the final table. And unfortunately his hand did not improve.

Talica 8 8

Player A Q

The flop gave no help with 10 10 4

The 8 on the turn sealed the deal and it was over and out. The river J was just a formality.

Final Table time – The clash of the titans 15.02.2023 21:37 by Melvin Schroen

We arrived at the final table of the PokerListings Championship. 8 Players have reached the last table of the day, and will all give it all to become the newly crowned champion. Here are the chipcounts of all the remaining players:

Colin Lovelock12,740,000
Nicholas Burrett23,925,000
Russel Bowman8,150,000
Corrado Nane4,200,000
Vlad Talica4,040,000
Alexandru Grigorie5,925,000
Dimitru Enache3,000,000
Jeraint ‘JJ’ Hazan8,350,000
Sean O’Donnell5,300,000
Huge Blinds are taking its toll, Final Table has been reached 15.02.2023 20:33 by Melvin Schroen

Blinds: 150,000 / 300,000 (Ante 300,000)

We had to say ”Au Revoir” to Garry Spinks sadly. He had put in his last 3 big blinds and the big blind decided to add a couple chips to make the call.

Colin Lovelock K 5

Garry Spinks 5 9

Garry was asking the dealer to turn over a nine, but he wouldn’t listen and turned over 7 10 5 3 J . Luckily he could handle the bust, as his opponent is a friend of him.

We are down to the final table. Which will be streamed live at Twitch.

JJ Hazan at the feature table 15.02.2023 20:28 by Melvin Schroen

JJ Hazan, travelled to every Festival Series stop so far, is feeling very comfy today as he is grinding his stack up and is sitting in the spotlights at the feature table. JJ is a true friend of the series, and is also providing PLO players a true masterclass at this event. Check the following link for more information, as it will be held at the next Festival most likely as well.

Yates story ends 15.02.2023 20:20 by Melvin Schroen

At the feature table, live streamed on Twitch-Channel of The Festival Series, we lost another player. We are down to 12 players.

Michael YatesBUSTED
Georgina James (PokerStars) won’t become PokerListings Champion 15.02.2023 20:14 by Melvin Schroen

GJ Reggie, what is her online nickname on PokerStars, just got out of the tournament as she chucked in her last 8 big blinds, when the Grigorie went about all-in from UTG before her.

GJ Reggie 10 J

Grigorie K Q

The board gave a King, but no diamonds or draws/pairs for Georgina. With this bust we can conclude that the new PokerListings Champion won’t be a female player.

Alexandru Grigorie4,125,000
Georgina JamesBUSTED

*Any mention of a bonus or discussion of such terms is not in relation to the province of Ontario.

Notable chipcounts at the outer table 15.02.2023 20:05 by Melvin Schroen
GJ Reggie5,500,000
Russell Bowman6,700,000
Toivo Ojasoo – Friend of The Festival 15.02.2023 19:51 by Melvin Schroen

Spoke a little bit with PAF-casino qualifier Toivo Ojasoo when he joined the table I am sitting at. He mentioned he had played the Main Event but it didn’t end well for him as he had lost a very unfortunate 3-way clash.

”I had pocket Tens and the flop was 10-K-4, we went 3-way all-in and one player had Ace-King, while the other one had Queens. No idea what he did there with Queens, but OK. The river card was another Queen and he won the 1M pot.”

It happens in poker, but for sure we will see Toivo ‘the friendly Fin’ back in action throughout the upcoming week.

Morel from Estonia recently won another Main Event 15.02.2023 19:38 by Melvin Schroen

Marius Morel, residing in Estonia, just recently just had won a Main Event already. It was the Olybet Holiday Special for $25,191. The event, being held in the Hilton Olympic Park Casino in Tallinn, had attracted 212 entries and had a prize pool of just above $100,000. Let’s see if he can win another major title back-to-back. He is currently playing at the feature table. You want to get to know Morel better? Check the following interview.

Marius Morel
Wurtz and Taylor out 15.02.2023 19:27 by Melvin Schroen

We just started the action after the players had another break of 15-minutes, and we already lost two players. Wurtz, who ended up being short, couldn’t turn it around anymore.

Player NameFinal position
Kasper Wurtz15th
Claire Michelle Taylor16th
Main Event registration is closed for Day 1A 15.02.2023 19:01 by Melvin Schroen

Level 9: 4,000/8,000 (8,000)
Entries: 76/129

We noted down the bigger stacks of the room for you. Here is an overview:

Player NameChipsBig Blinds
Michael Purkiss 1,200,000150
Jack Kent900,000113
Jakub Matusiak750,00094
Ali Ayub750,00094
Jamie Holland600,00075
Vincenzo Lupoli600,00075
Kieran Plater580,00073
Artu Myllys550,00069
Harriwin Selvarajoo550,00069
Dmitri Dudakov520,00065
Carlo Solazzo450,00056
Break 15.02.2023 18:55 by Melvin Schroen

We are down to 16 players and one of the tables will become the feature table and will be streamed with a 30-minute delay on the official Twitch-Channel of The Festival Series. I will make sure you won’t miss any of the action from the outer table. It is Nicholas Burrett who still has the commanding chiplead and is really running hotter than the sun at the moment.

Who will become the PokerListings Champion? We will see it after the break.

GJ Reggie5,500,000
JJ Hazan4,600,000
Nicholas Burrett15,500,000
Nane Corrado6,000,000
Down to two tables 15.02.2023 18:30 by Melvin Schroen

The PokerListings Championship is down to its last two tables, after we had to say goodbye to Danny Ball. He finished 19th.

Other busts:

Ylva Thorsrud (Coolbet)BUSTED
Danny BallBUSTED
Justin KeanBUSTED
Olov Yngve VestgardsBUSTED
Lee Richards MartinBUSTED
Not the day of the Thomas’s 15.02.2023 18:22 by Melvin Schroen

We just lost Thomas Ascott, who told us before he would go win the tournament. It didn’t turn out well for him and his rollercoaster ride ended on place 21.

Another Thomas, Clack as surname, also got busted out of the tournament. He finished 20st.

Thomas AscottBUSTED
Thomas ClackBUSTED
Kovacs can head to the bar for his next drink 15.02.2023 18:13 by Melvin Schroen

We saw a lot of chips laying in the middle of table 36 (Players got moved to the other side of the room due to the Main Event expanding). It was Kovacs who had to decide on the river if he would double up or go home.

Board: [5x][Qx][5x][7x][9x]

Kovacs called eventually the all-in with King-Queen, while his opponent had the goods with pocket 7s. Exit for Kovacs.

Jonas KovacsBUSTED
Skinner busts 15.02.2023 17:50 by Melvin Schroen

Gorden Skinner, who was the absolute short stack of the tournament, moved all-in from UTG for 325,000 effectively. With Corrado and Taylor both putting in the same amount for a call, it was Grigorie who shoved his 3,500,000 into the middle from the Big Blind and we would see a showdown as Corrado and Taylor folded:

Grigorie: A Q

Skinner: A 4

Help was needed for Skinner, but the poker gods were not convinced to do him a favour.

Board: A 5 7 6 10

We are down to 25 players. Everyone has locked up £ 300 so far, but of course all of them are looking to win the first prize of £ 6,850 + Malta Package. Not bad for a £ 120 buy-in tournament.

Allexandru Grigorie4,500,000
Gordon SkinnerBUSTED

Side Event Alert! – Poker Paradise 15.02.2023 17:33 by Melvin Schroen

There are currently 3 events running and some Cash Games as well. With the KO-tournament about to start, the venue will be fully packed in the early hours today.

PokerListings Championship 27/383
Main Event78/114
Sat to Main Event20/46
Cash Game2 tables
Corrado on a roll 15.02.2023 17:25 by Melvin Schroen
Nane Corrado

We saw an all-in at table number 31. It all went in on the flop and the player at risk was Rinalds Zimka. Corrado had the goods and took down a 1,8 million pot.

Corrado: A 10

Zimka: J K

Flop – J Q K

The turn didn’t help Zimka, Q , and the river was a complete blank 7

Corrado stood up and informed his mates that he had the nuts, before the turn and river was dealt. He started today as the chipleader, and is among the big stacks still. 3 tables left.

Nane Corrado5,500,000
Rinalds ZimkaBUSTED
No more 15.02.2023 17:14 by Melvin Schroen

Level 20: 50,000/100,000 (100,000)
Entries: 28/383
Average: 2,735,000

Saied YolmehBUSTED
Sigurd ThengilssonBUSTED
Daniel EdlerBUSTED
Dimitrys MelessBUSTED
Robert MitchellBUSTED
Down to 30 players 15.02.2023 17:11 by Melvin Schroen

Level 19: 40,000/80,000 (80,000)
Entries: 30/383
Average: 2,500,000

We got a player going by the name Nicholas Burrett who has about 10% of the chips in play. We are seeing two empty spots next to him, most likely victims of his outstanding performance.

Nicholas Burrett7,000,000
Michael VasosBUSTED
Garry SpinksBUSTED
Main Event closing to 100 entrants on Day 1-A 15.02.2023 16:48 by Melvin Schroen

Level 5: 1,500/3,000 (3,000)
Entries: 78/99

At the Dusk Till Dawn Pokerclub it is really comfortable for live reporters to say the least. All the action is located in one big room, with tables close to each other. It makes the step counter on the phone not overloading. Let’s see who we can recognize from the players:

Player NameChipcount
Joseph Jackson200,000
Kristo Erala200,000
Tone Fester200,000
Niels Moerenhout200,000
Oskar Ojaveer (Deckflow)200,000
Toivo Ojasoo200,000
Marcin Niedzwiecki200,000
Espen Baasto200,000
Break Update 15.02.2023 16:31 by Melvin Schroen

Level 19: 40,000/80,000 (80,000)
Entries: 38/383
Average: 2,000,000

We made a tour across all remaining five tables and noted down the bigger stacks of the tournament:

Player Name Chipcount
Michael Yates2,950,000
Thomas Ascott2,900,000
Alexandru Grigorie3,600,000
Nane Corrado3,900,000
Nicholas Burrett3,800,000
Michael Vasos2,000,000
Roman Sembratovych2,400,000
Colin Lovelock4,400,000
Marius Morel3,200,000
Thomas Clack2,800,000
Russell Bowman1,700,000

Last hand before players will enjoy the first break of the day 15.02.2023 16:18 by Melvin Schroen

Level 19: 40,000/80,000 (80,000)
Entries: 38/383

GJ Reggie, a PokerStars Team Online Pro, just managed to chip up during a battle of the blinds. When we joined the action, we saw Vlad Talica timebanking for a while before open-folding Ace-Jack. He had made a 3-bet to spice up the action versus GJ Reggie, but she was not going anywhere and decided to go All-in. Talica threw in a couple timebank cards, soon followed by a muck.

Vlad Talica2,170,000
Georgina James (GJ Reggie)1,900,000

Shaw loses against pocket Jacks 15.02.2023 16:03 by Melvin Schroen

We just saw Eddy Shaw walking away from his seat, after losing a classic flip and his remaining chips. Situations which you just have to win at some point, if you want to reach the final table.

Shaw: A K

Burrett: J J

The board ran out 10 7 5 8 J and Shaw got subbed for a new player at the table. We got 38 players remaining.

Eddy ShawBUST
The dream ended for Patel 15.02.2023 15:57 by Melvin Schroen

Level 18: 30,000/60,000 (60,000)
Entries: 39/383

Unfortunately for her, Patel just lost her remaining chips when she was up against a player who had Ace-Jack.

Patel: 4 6

Player: A J

The board showed a Jack, and no pairs or straight for Patel. She will be heading to the cash desk to collect her winnings. It’s the first lady who busts out of the tournament today, but with 3 ladies still in the game, we might will crown a female winner today of the PokerListings Championship!

Priti PatelBUSTED
‘I am going to win this thing, trust me pal’ 15.02.2023 15:46 by Melvin Schroen

We spoke a bit with Thomas Ascott, who went through to the second day by surviving Day 1C. He started the day with 2,7 Million in chips and he told us it was like a rollercoaster today. Losing Ace-King against Ace-Queen for example, and then doubling it up again. At least we can say Ascott is full of confidence today of winning this event. GL Sir!

Thomas Ascott2,000,000
Chip and a Chair 15.02.2023 15:32 by Melvin Schroen

Level 17: 25,000/50,000 (50,000)
Entries: 45/383

It happened to all of us at least once, being the absolute short stack of the tournament. Priti Patel sadly had lost almost all of her chips against Sigurd Thengilsson from Iceland. It left her with just one chip behind, which she put on the spot right the hand after that. Like a player said at the table – ”It could become a story of a lifetime”. That is, if she manages to keep winning all-ins for the next upcoming time.

The first all-in situation she managed to win, was when she cracked Aces with just [4x][7x], hitting trips 7s on the turn.

Priti Patel70,000
Ylva Thorsrud is having a ball 15.02.2023 15:21 by Melvin Schroen

Level 17: 25,000/50,000 (50,000)
Entries: 46/383

Average: 1,700,000

One of The Festival Series most loving Poker player’s is Ylva Thorsrud. At PokerListings, we have made a tribute to her as a player, and not without a reason. Check it out! She is currently one of the remaining contestants for the title of the PokerListings Championship here at The Festival Series in Nottingham.

Ylva Thorsrud2,000,000
Ylva Thorsrud
Overview of Chipcounts 15.02.2023 15:15 by Melvin Schroen

Level 17: 25,000/50,000 (50,000)
Entries: 47/383

Player NameChipcounts
Simon Stokes1,700,000
Alexandru Grigorie3,300,000
William McCallum2,900,000
Vlad Talica2,800,000
Colin Lovelock4,000,000
GJ Reggie (PokerStars)1,800,000
Michael Yates2,700,000
GJ Reggie
Follow the leader 15.02.2023 15:03 by Melvin Schroen

Colin Lovelock has got a pile of chips in front of him. Bit hard to count but he is doing well at the moment, that’s for sure as he started off the day with 1,600,000 in chips. We will check later on with him how he accumulated his chips and we will ask him for his love with building castles.

Colin Lovelock4,000,000
Corrado starts off well 15.02.2023 14:51 by Melvin Schroen

Level 16: 20,000/40,000 (40,000)
Entries: 48/383

Nane Corrado

One of our favourites for today is Nane Corrado. He is off to a good start as he just knocked out a player with Ace-Jack against Queens. An Ace appeared on the flop and there wasn’t any Queen popping up on the board. Eddy Shaw can straight jump into the Main Event, which is also in full swing at the moment as there are already 55 entrants.

Nane Corrado2,825,000
Cornell with Aces 15.02.2023 14:38 by Melvin Schroen

Level 15: 15,000/30,000 (30,000)
Entries: 52/383

The action pre-flop we can only imagine, but on a K-high flop we saw Cornell opening the action with a bet of 250,000. His opponent, Michael Yates opted a reraise for 500,000. Cornell checked his cards once more before putting all his chips in the middle. Yates instantly folded.

It’s a rough start for Yates as he started the day off with 2,7 Million chips.

Paul Cornell1,700,000
Michael Yates1,500,000
Magical flop 15.02.2023 14:26 by Melvin Schroen

Level 15: 15,000/30,000 (30,000)
Entries: 54/383

We saw an all-in after the flop at table 22. Jonas Kovacs went for a clash with one of the current Chipleaders, William McCallum, who was sitting in the big blind and added a couple chips to see the flop.

Kovacs K K

McCallum 2 4

Board: 4 K 4 5 10

Jonas Kovacs1,700,000
William McCallum3,800,000
First hand of the Day 15.02.2023 14:15 by Melvin Schroen

Level 15: 15,000/30,000 (30,000)
Entries: 57/383

Ian Vertefouille started the day with only 10 big blinds and he got it in pretty well in the first hand of the day with Ace-Jack. He was up against the Queens of Robert Mitchell and sadly couldn’t spike an Ace. We will say GG to the winner of the Flips ranking of Bratislava. For sure we will see him later on in the Main Event

Robert Mitchell 1,200,000
Ian Vertefouille BUSTED
Cards are in the Air! 15.02.2023 13:53 by Melvin Schroen

Day 2 of the PokerListings Championships has started and we will play until we have a Winner today. Everyone is already secured from a mincash of £ 200, and there is a grand first prize of £ 6,850 + Package The Festival Series Malta worth 1,600 Euro’s!

1£ 6,850 + Package for The Festival Series Malta
2£ 4,225
3£ 3,026
4£ 2,350
5£ 1,850
6£ 1,500
7£ 1,200
8£ 950
9£ 750
10-13£ 600
14-18£ 500
19-22£ 400
23-27£ 300
28-36£ 250
37-57£ 200

Day 3 of The Festival Series has arised 15.02.2023 13:19 by Melvin Schroen

Hello PokerListings readers,

Today we will have a grand day ahead of us with Day2 of the PokerListings Championships and the Main Event is about to start as well today. We will mainly focus on the PokerListings Championships today, but we will take some gossip from the Main Event as well. In about an hour from now we will Shuffle Up and Deal. Good luck to all the players and keep crushing today!

Day 1C ends with a cooler 15.02.2023 01:08 by Melvin Schroen

We reached the end of the day as 20 players will remain on contest to become the PokerListings Champion and with not only winning grand prize money, he or she will also get a package for the next stop of The Festival Series in Malta. It was eventually the Norwegian Twitch-Streamer Ylva Thorsrud who eliminated Samuel Deering in a stylish manner.


Early big stacks

We saw many hands again today and we eventually played for about 9 hours straight. It was Yin Yahzou who had the commanding chiplead from the get-go, but when the end was narrowing he had to go in survival mode and eventually finished the day with 730,000 chips. We also saw Latvian pride Dimtrys Meless who finished yesterday at Day 1B as the stone cold bubble, but today he bagged chips and fully deserved it this time with a stack of 1,620,000. Other notable cashes are Kasper Wurtz (2,865,000), Jonas Kovacs (2,700,000), and Thomas Ascott (2,670,000).

We have seen also some crazy action such as the following saga:

John Kitchen, who by now hit the showers, had an interesting hand before he actually busted his stack anyhow. When I was talking to him a bit, he moved all-in for his remaining 93,000 from UTG. He told me he had two flush draw possibilities with his hand. His neighbour Tahriq Qaiyum went all-in as well and all remaining players folded. ”I want to see his pain in the fance once he loses with his Ace-King” John mentioned to me. And oh boy, did he not.

Kitchen – 4 6 

Qaiyum – A K 

The pain was real, and it became even worse for Qaiyum.

Board : J 3 4  3  J 

We have had many beats and braggs today. But in the ultimate hand it was Ylva Thorsrud who busted Sumual Deering with a cooler to finish off the day. Ylva’s Kings holded up against the Ace-Queen suited of Samual. No help and Sumual finished on the most dishonourable place of the tournament, the bubble.

Chip Counts Day 1C PokerListings Championships:

1Kasper Wurtz2,865,000
2Jonas Kovacs2,700,000
3Tom Ascott2,670,000
4Ylva Thursrud2,115,000
5Dmitrijs Meless1,620,000
6Colin Lovelock1,600,000
7Thomas Clack1,170,000
8Pa Thenilsson1,155,000
9Daniel Edler1,110,000
10Chris Lee1,075,000
11Alexandru Talica1,025,000
12Gordon Skinner950,000
13Leon Jennings925,000
14Robert Mitchell800,000
15Yin Yuzhou730,000
16Lynne Etches680,000
17Justin Kean525,000
18Priti Patel510,000
19Simon Wilson275,000
20Roman Sembratovych273,000
Wilson uses his poker face, Yahzou is surviving 14.02.2023 23:06 by Melvin Schroen

Level 17: 25,000/50,000 (50,000)
Entries: 20/23

Simon Wilson, who lost as lot in previous clashes, keeps on 3-betting despite being under the 1M chipmark. After an open 100,000 and a call of the player from the middle position, he then made it 280,000 to go from the CU. Both players folded when looking at the poker face of Simon Wilson.

Yin Yahzou isn’t that commanding anymore as he was before. He is one of the shorter stacks and needs to push/fold at all times. However, its not him who is folding all the time at his table.

Simon Wilson1,050,000
Yin Yahzou805,000
3 Players will remain cashless today 14.02.2023 22:57 by Melvin Schroen

Level 16: 20,000/40,000 (40,000)
Entries: 23/136

On table 13 we have Dimitrys Meless, who became the bubble-boy in yesterday’s episode Day 1B, 4-bet shoved from the SB, and the original raised moved out of the way before Simon Wilson went into the tank. It wouldn’t take long before he folded as well and so he lost his 305,000 bet he had in front of him. Meless showed Queens when Wilson asked to show his hand.

On table 14, we had another pot brewed where the Queens were involved. It was Gorden Skinner who took some from previous Chipleader Kasper Wurtz. Wurtz who seems to have lost an incredible chunk of his stack in a split-second. Queens vs Ace-Jack and the pocket pair stood up all the way.

Dimtrys Meless1,800,000
Gordon Skinner950,000
Kasper Wurz3,200,000
Kovacs outplays Andrews 14.02.2023 22:42 by Melvin Schroen

Jonas Kovacs saw Andrews going all-in after an opening raise of the CU. Holding [Ax][Qx] it was an easy-peasy reshove for Kovacs, with a stack of 1,1 Million chips.

Andrews [Ax][10x]

Kovacs [Ax][Qx]

The board gave no help, some chop pot opportunities but nothing happened on the river. It was the end of the story for Andrews, who can join the lot at the bar, as it’s getting busy over there.

Jonas Kovacs1,600,000
Colin AndrewsBUSTED
Wurtz is hitting the 5M chip mark 14.02.2023 22:28 by Melvin Schroen

A player in early position opened up the party with a raise to 55,000, on which Wurtz in the SB, and Lambert in the BB decided to see a flop.

Flop: 8 10 9

Wurtz checked and Lambert put her remaining 355,000 into the middle. The original raiser folded instantly and Wurtz threw in a timebank card, before making the call with 8 7 . It was a logical call, when looking at the stack of Wurtz who is the dominating chipleader, but Lambert had flopped well with 9 6 for a Gut-shot straight-flush draw.

The turn however, gave a straight to Wurtz J , and with the river being a 2 , it was Game Over for Lambert. Wurtz is really in the commanding chiplead at the moment overall, with just 5 players left to bust to finish Day 1C here at the PokerListings Championships.

Kasper Wurtz 5,000,000
Wendy Lambert BUSTED
Diamonds are Forever 14.02.2023 22:03 by Melvin Schroen

Gordon Skinner got to know that Diamonds last forever, unfortunately. We saw the dealer had already turned over the flop, which was 10 5 7 . Wendy Lambert, also from the UK, went all-in on the flop, after an open from Skinner. An immediate call followed and cards were about to be opened:

Skinner: 10 Q

Lambert: K 8

With the 10 on the turn nothing changed, but the flush came through with the 9 and Lambert made a double-up towards the end of Day 1C.

Wendy Lambert600,000
Gordon Skinner300,000
Rien ne va plus – Roulette tournament well received 14.02.2023 21:35 by Melvin Schroen

The Roulette tournament attracted 16 players, and whenever chips are flying around you can be certain that The Festival Series Owner – Martin ‘Franke’ von Zweigbergk is present. Later today, in the results tab, you can find all results of the Side-Events of this wonderful series here at Dusk Till Dawn Pokerclub in Nottingham.

Chip Counts 14.02.2023 21:07 by Melvin Schroen
Player NameChip Count
Roman Sembratovytch1,600,000
Samuel Deering1,500,000
Ylva Thorsrud (Coolbet)820,000
Pa Thengilsson740,000
Thomas Ascott700,000
Colin Lovelock720,000
Kyle Pakey520,000
Alexandru Talica770,000
Jackpot Johnny gets it done for Sembratovych 14.02.2023 20:59 by Melvin Schroen

Level 13: 10,000/20,000 (20,000)
Entries: 47/136

It’s the players dream. Flopping a set while the other aggressor, with a decent stack, hits top-pair with top-kicker. Sembrastovych saw it happening as he was involved in the hand himself holding J J . He opened up the action pre-flop to 50,000, with the blinds on 10,000/20,000/20,000. Neighbour player Justin Kean made the call, before the big blind put his dancing shoes on and raised it up to 265,000. Neil Hackman who was the player in question, had a decent stack with about 30ish big blinds behind.

Flop: J 6 K

Hackman continued for 225,000, on which Sembrastovych announced to be all-in. An instant call of Hackman which showed A K and saw the bad news, when looking his opponent cards. No runner-runner appeared and Hackman hit the rail, which was fairly close as table number 16 is right at the end of the poker pit.

We have a new Chip Leader!

Roman Sembrastovych1,600,000
Neil HackmanBUST
Lazarus loses ground 14.02.2023 20:14 by Melvin Schroen

When you see a board of K J 9 K A , and 3 players are involved in the pot, it certainly has to be fireworks.

Lazarus had put in 56,000 on the river, into a pot of around 150,000. The big stack of the table folded his hand, but Mikael Doverklint made ‘just’ a call on the river with 10 Q . Lazarus was a bit surprised, as he thought he would have taken it down with K 7 .

Kasper Wurtz900,000
Mikael Doverklint340,000
Richard Lazarus210,000
”I want to see his pain in the face once he loses with his Ace-King” 14.02.2023 19:48 by Melvin Schroen

John Kitchen, who by now hit the showers, had an interesting hand before he actually busted his stack anyhow. When I was talking to him a bit, he moved all-in for his remaining 93,000 from UTG. He told me he had two flush draw possibilities with his hand. His neighbour Tahriq Qaiyum went all-in as well and all remaining players folded. ”I want to see his pain in the fance once he loses with his Ace-King” John mentioned to me. And oh boy, did he not.

Kitchen – 4 6

Qaiyum – A K

The pain was real, and it became even worse for Qaiyum.

J 3 4 3 J

The awkward silence got taken over by the noise of chips chirping. And John chipped up to around 200,000. But soon later it followed by a bust as we no longer see him in the list of remaining players.

John KitchenBUST
Great camera work! 14.02.2023 19:20 by Melvin Schroen
Stacks to keep an eye on 14.02.2023 19:12 by Melvin Schroen
Kasper Wurtz490,000
Dimitrys Meless650,000
Yin Yazhou980,000
Yin Yazhou
Yuzhou chipleading the day 14.02.2023 19:08 by Melvin Schroen

Level 9: 4,000/8,000 (8,000)
Entries: 76/136

We have seen Yin Yuzhou sitting extremely comfortably throughout the whole tournament and he seems to be a real contestant for the victory in this tournament. With his smooth skills he is easily chipping it up – We got hold of one of his winning hands:

Michael Ingram, who opened op the action from the button with a raise to 16,000, got a 3-bet against him of 40,000 from Yuzhou. After being in the tank a bit he raised it up to 76,000 on which Yuzhou moved in all of his chips. Ingram, who just had around 230,000 behind, concluded he had to lay down his hand and moved them into the muck.

Yin Yuzhou 980,000
Great turnout PokerListings Championships 14.02.2023 18:48 by Melvin Schroen

We have reached the end of the registration period of the PokerListings Championships. The grand total of participants is 383, which gives a total prize pool of £37,121. A number which crushed the guarantee of £25,000.

Today we will playing until 15% of the felt of Day 1C is left, so 20 players will be able to bag their chips.

Players who have made it to Day 2 – will collect approximately a £200 min cash at least.

Dutchman Van der Voorden needs to lay it down 14.02.2023 18:31 by Melvin Schroen

Mark van der Voorden, one of the many Qualifiers of The Festival Series got his package secured by winning a satellite event at Unibet. We noticed him already a bit earlier in the tournament, but now we finally got a hand of him as well.

Jonas Kovacs opened the action from early position with a bet of 15,000 on blinds 3,000/6,000/ with ante 6,000. Van der Voorden is sitting right next to him and he made the call, so did the player in the big blind and 3 players saw the flop 4 7 3 . Kovacs continued for another 15,000, on which Van der Voorden 3-bet to 42,000. Kovacs wasn’t afraid and put in 100,000 chips as a 4-bet. The Dutchman didn’t throw in chips, but timebank cards instead before throwing his cards into the muck.

Mark van der Voorden
Lazarus triples up 14.02.2023 18:09 by Melvin Schroen

Richard Lazarus had only a couple chips left but got it in 3-way for a grand total of 220,000 chips. Eventually only him and just one his pre-flop opponents got to the showdown in the end and he opened up a nice set of 7s to take it down and is back on starting stack.

Richard Lazarus220,000
Simon Wilson in the club 14.02.2023 18:04 by Melvin Schroen

By meeting so many people in the previous events, it is sometimes hard to recognize players by name, but some folks you will always remember. This is also the story with Simon Wilson, a very eager and kind gentleman from the UK, who won the Texas NLHE Freezeout in Bratislava. The Festival Series has found a unique way of awarding the winners throughout the series. From every picture of the winner, a portrait will be made by Ukranian artist ‘Modernoise’. Interested? Make sure to check out the interview with him.

Edler takes it down 14.02.2023 17:56 by Melvin Schroen

Level 7: 2,500/5,000 (5,000)
Entries: 73/114

We currently are one level away of the end of the late registration of the PokerListings Championships. A decent turnout today we have to say, although it looked like it would become more busy today. As the 8-Game is popular over here, several players decided to play mixed games instead of No-Limit Hold’em.

We grabbed a hand of table number 3 where Daniel Edler added some chips to his stack after his opponent gave up on a flop of 4 8 6 . Pre-flop Edler had already 3-bet to 26,000, followed by a bet on the flop of the same size.

Daniel Edler280,000
William Bowley220,000

Side Event Alert! 8-Game is proven to be popular in the UK 14.02.2023 17:19 by Melvin Schroen

Currently there are 56 players who entered this side event, and 52 players are still in the game to win this all-round mixed games event. We have a lot of familiar names sitting at the tables. Let’s see is there and can still keep it together:

WIlliam Paxton
Sasha Manns
Jon Kyte
Georgina James (GJ Reggie) – Team PokerStars
JJ Hazan
Mason Pye – Team PokerStars
William Lynch
Bluff comes through from Jari Latti 14.02.2023 17:08 by Melvin Schroen

We have seen Jari Latti already hitting the fields yesterday, and by seeing him today again on Day 1C we can conclude that yesterday didn’t end well for him. Going into the hand we had seen, he had about starting stack at the start of the hand. While moving in a raise of 56,000 on the river into a 110,000 pot, his opponent Dimitrys Meless threw his hand into the muck. The board had ran out K J 6 J 2 and Latti was satisfied with the fold of Meless, who became the stone cold bubble boy on Day 1B.

[Ax][4x] off suited made it work out well for Latti.

Jari Latti270,000
Kean is keen to take it down with Queens 14.02.2023 17:00 by Melvin Schroen

We just spotted an all-in on table number 1 where Justin Kean put a player at risk in the name of Danut-Andrei Onofrei. The dealer had dealt [Ax][Jx][10x][9x][4x] and Kean had thrown out a bet which put Onofrei at risk for his tournament life. Onofrei went into the tank, thinking through what actually had happened. Unfortunately, he couldn’t get rid of his [Kx][Jx] as it was no good against the [Qx][Qx] of Kean.

Justin Kean550,000
Danut-Andrei OnofreiBUST
Picture Perfect 14.02.2023 16:39 by Melvin Schroen
Bowling in the alley 14.02.2023 16:34 by Melvin Schroen

Players who have taken an hospitality package will go soon to the Bowling Centre to enjoy themselves. The Festival Series is not only about playing poker, but also to put on some dancing shoes now and then. Who will throw the most strikes this afternoon? For more information about such events, make sure to check the following link.

Break Updates 14.02.2023 16:27 by Melvin Schroen

Players enjoyed a 15-minute break, which gave us the chance to collect some of the notable chip stacks. It is rather busy already with 95 entrants, and it has surpassed the guaranteed prize pool with these numbers. With still 4 levels of late registration, there is plenty of time for people to either register or re-enter.

Tai Hoang745,000
Dimitrys Meless270,000
Mark van der Voorden357,000
Scott Wills510,000
Maxine Collins480,000
Amer Kahriman470,000
Jan Ghadami570,000
Oliver Hutchins470,000
Sigurdsson takes a hit 14.02.2023 16:01 by Melvin Schroen

As mentioned before, the 3rd place finisher of The Festival Series Main Event of Bratislava in the name of Leo Sigurdsson took a heavy hit to his stack by calling off a big river bet of his opponent Jonatan Wedde, a Twitch-streamer from Norway.

Sigurdsson’s ”sigh” moment happened when he called of a bet of 97,500, into a pot of 80,000. The board had ran out [Ax][Ax][6x][10x][7x] and when the cards opened up, Wedde showed nicely [Ax][Kx] to take it down.

Jonatan Wedde300,000
Leo Sigurdsson80,000
Notable Stacks 14.02.2023 15:54 by Melvin Schroen
Oliver Hutchins470,000
Jan Ghadami510,000
Marian Butu450,000
Work to do for Greger Larsson 14.02.2023 15:41 by Melvin Schroen

The fancy Swede, also called the ”George Clooney of Sweden”, who attended every event of The Festival Series so far, is also sniffing around in Nottingham. He is a true member of The Festival Series army, and we hope for him he will run deep today. Sadly for him, he just lost a big chunk of his stack due to a lower kicker. His [Kx][Jx] was no good against the [Kx][Qx] on a K-high board.

Greger Larsson 137,500

Greger Larsson
Sapiano likes to bet big 14.02.2023 15:32 by Melvin Schroen

We joined the action at table 14, where Albert Sapiano is giving a masterclass at the moment. He clashed already couple times with his opponent William Delaney. In the current hand the board had ran out so far 9 8 6 7 , And Delaney had released a bet of 15,000 into a pot of 30,000 chips. Sapiano made the call to see the 7 on the river, followed by an immediate bet of 75,000 on the river, adding the words ”A flush won’t help you”.

Delaney thought about it for a bit before putting his cards into the muck. Sapiano gently showed A J and took down the pot with a nice bluff.

Albert Sapiano180,000
William Delaney300,000
3rd place finisher of Main Event Leo Sigurdsson is in Nottingham as well 14.02.2023 15:14 by Melvin Schroen

Leo Sigurdsson from Iceland, who managed to become 3rd for €50,550 during the Main Event of The Festival Series in Bratislava is also attending this event. We already saw him strolling around yesterday, but we didn’t see him playing anything yet. For sure he is gearing up for another deep run in the Main Event, starting tomorrow.

Leo Sigurdsson
Kauzloric off to a good start 14.02.2023 14:39 by Melvin Schroen

Anthony Kauzloric had a bet of 27,000 laying in front of him, while the action was on his opponent on the river.

His A 3 was enough to take down the pot on a board of 10 3 4 10 2 . His opponent didn’t believe him as he called if off with [Ax][Kx].

Anthony Kauzloric – 280,000

Look Around – Jump Around 14.02.2023 14:12 by Melvin Schroen

We got already 38 players registered for the PokerListings Championships event Day 1C, the last one of the starting flights. Let’s have a look around in the field so far:

Sanjay Patel200,000
Gatis Reigass (Optibet)200,000
Paul Smith200,000
Dimitrys Meless200,000
William Delaney200,000
Alistair Donaldson200,000
Side Event Alert! 8-Game about to kick off with already 35 players registered 14.02.2023 14:05 by Melvin Schroen

As The Festival Series is specialized in offering mixed games, this event cannot be missed out on. Many Scandinavian players will attend this event, and with the mix of local UK players it is going to be a ball to be playing an event of such. If you are unsure about your 8-game skills, hold your horses, we got everything you need to know in our website.

GJ Reggie – Mixed Games specialist
It’s a beautiful day! Day 1C PokerListings Championships is preparing for take off 14.02.2023 13:40 by Melvin Schroen

After a long Day 1B yesterday, the players who didn’t make it yesterday are strolling around the casino again hoping to qualify for the prestigious second day of the PokerListings Championships event. The Festival Series is expecting it to be big today as many online qualifiers and package holders will join the tables as well.

Stay tuned for all the action here in Nottingham on the third day of The Festival Series!

Day 1B Chip Counts:

PlacePlayer NameChip Count
1Corrado Nane3,005,000
2Yngve Vestgards2,205,000
3Jeraint Hazan2,140,000
4William Dudgeon2,020,000
5Sean O Donnell1,800,000
6Marius Morel1,795,000
7Alex Cheng1,740,000
8Garry Bennett1,700,000
9Vlad Talica1,650,000
10Russell Bowman1,360,000
11Georgina James1,195,000
12Jack Kent1,160,000
13Nicholas Burnett730,000
14Adam Naylor670,000
15Danny Ball650,000
16Rinalds Zimka610,000
17Lee Radford395,000
18Glen Wilson385,000
19Ian Vertefeuille345,000
Recap – PokerListings Championships day 1B 14.02.2023 02:43 by Melvin Schroen

After an eventful day with 128 entrants, we can call it quits at Day 1B of the PokerListings Championships. We have seen many big pots being brewed, and small pots being collected like peanuts. Only 19 players remain and will come back for Day 2, being played on upcoming Wednesday. The PokerListings Championships is one of the major events of the Festival Series and with still one starting flight to go, it is going to be an epic prize pool.


Carrano leads the pack

We have seen many familiar faces of previous Festival Series joining this tournament such as JJ Hazan from the UK, Greger Larsson from Sweden, Ian Vertefouille from the United States, and Gatis Reigass from Latvia. Team PokerStars Online member GJ Reggie also came to play some cards here at the Dusk Till Dawn Pokerclub in Nottingham. But not all of them made it to the next day, JJ Hazan and GJ Reggie however, went through with notable stacks of 2,140,000 and 1,195,000 respectively. Gatis Reigass unfortunately busted two spots away from the end, also his friend Dimitrys Meless didn’t make it as he finished as the stone cold bubble. Ian Vertefouille was going strong all day long, but ended the day as absolute short stack with 345,000 in chips.

Carrado accumulated a chip stack of 3,005,000, mainly by winning the biggest pot of the day with set over set. He simply cruised his way towards the end and he will come back as one of the overall chipleaders.

Corrado Nane

During the last break of the day we had spoken with Carrado briefly – ”One guy opened the action to 40,000 and I raised it up to 75,000 with [Jx][Jx], we saw a flop with [Jx][8x][5x] and after a check of my opponent I made it 200,000 to go. The other guy then instantly shoved his whole stack into the middle, which was about 1,2 Million. When sitting there with Jacks in your hands, it’s easy. He eventually had [8x][8x] for a lower set. Now I am playing a bit above 3 Million chips. I might just stop playing for today in it.”

With the entrants combined of Day 1A and Day 1B we have now a total of 247 entrants, from which 18 players from Day 1A and 19 players from Day 1B will continue to the next day. Tomorrow we will have the last starting flight on the schedule. The Guaranteed has almost been reached, so we are expecting to reach the jackpot tomorrow.

Stay tuned for more blogs of the upcoming days as we will crown a winner for the PokerListings Championships. He or she will also get an additional package for the next Festival Series in Malta!

Action for tomorrow:

  • The hospitality events will also kick off tomorrow, starting with a Bowling Adventure!
12.00£120PokerListings Championships Day 1C
12.00£2308 Game [56 Cap]
17.00£120Tuesday Turbo [63 Cap]
18.00£120Roulette Tournament
18.00£1,100PLO High Roller Day 1
Cash Game Challenge
19.00£56Main Event Satellite : 5 seats GTD
Cash Game Challenge
Rich, Richer, Richest 14.02.2023 00:28 by Melvin Schroen

Level 14: 15,000/25,000 (25,000)
Entries: 21/128

Carrado just added a big pile to his stack by winning a 1,5 Million chip pot by flopping a Boat with his 5 5 .

We arrived at the table when the flop was already dealt and the pot included around 500,000 chips. Carrado put out a bet of 410,000 on the flop and his opponent, Alexander Cheng, called to see a turn. When the turn arrived J , Corrado then went All the Way, on which his opponent got timed out as he went through his whole timebank.

In Nottingham they are using a Shot Clock, and all players have received several TimeBank cards to make use of.

Side Event Alert! – LowRoller is going Big 14.02.2023 00:15 by Melvin Schroen

This iconic event for The Festival Series is like a couch and a chair for the living room. 67 Players found their way to this event and currently there are 22 Players left, who are all aiming to win this event. Eight of these players will make it into the money. A majestic £1,135 will be given to the winner, as well as a portrait trophy and a signed comic book. All, just for £60!

Previous winner of the LowRoller at The Festival Series Bratislava
Short Stacks are collecting chips towards the end of the Day 13.02.2023 23:56 by Melvin Schroen

Level 14: 15,000/25,000 (25,000)
Entries: 24/128

On table 13 Russel Bowman just shoved his stack of 345,000 in the middle from the button, everyone folded so he collected the blinds. He is surviving, but making advantage of the tight image players are taking on them towards the end it seems.

Table 14 has with Chris Janlow a short stack with 279,000 in chips. He added some chips when he shoved all-in from the Small Blind against the Big Blind. After been in the tank the big blind eventually folded.

We have 24 Players left currently, and only 19 will continue to Day 2.

‘Break Talk’ – Starring Corrado Nane 13.02.2023 23:44 by Melvin Schroen

We talked briefly with the current Chipleader of Day 1B which goes with the name Corrado Nane. Corrado, who is actually living in Italy, in sunny Sicily, likes the event so far. Who wouldn’t, being the Chipleader currently. A very cool guy to talk to, and he explained he was going to attend next festival series in Malta as well. We asked him how he gathered this massive stack and he explained it a bit to us:

”One guy opened the action to 40,000 and I raised it up to 75,000 with [Jx][Jx], we saw a flop with [Jx][8x][5x] and after a check of my opponent I made it 200,000 to go. The other guy then instantly shoved his whole stack into the middle, which was about 1,2 Million. When sitting there with Jacks in your hands, it’s easy. He eventually had [8x][8x] for a lower set. Now I am playing a bit above 3 Million chips. I might just stop playing for today in it.”

Corrado Nane
Say Cheese! 13.02.2023 23:01 by Melvin Schroen
Doverklint busts towards the end 13.02.2023 22:54 by Melvin Schroen

Mikael Doverklint just bust his remaining 150,000 stack by losing K J vs A Q of Alexander Cheng, who keeps on adding chips to his decent stack.

Board: 7 5 9 4 9

There was no help for Doverklint, who already stood up from his chair before even one card was shown on the board. Perhaps we will see him back tomorrow for Day 1C.

Cheng – 725,000

Doverklinkt – BUST

Updated chipcounts from the leading pack 13.02.2023 22:29 by Melvin Schroen

We got many players with the same sizable stacks. As the action is slowing down a bit, as the end is nearing, we are waiting for the fireworks to explode.

Ian Vertefouille – 1,250,000

Vlad Talica – 1,300,000

Conner Roche – 1,250,000

Olov Yngve Vestgards – 1,300,000

Gatis Reigass – 1,050,000

Rinalds Zimka – 1,200,000

Adam Naylor – 1,100,000

Corrado pot bets on the flop and takes it down 13.02.2023 22:12 by Melvin Schroen

Nane Corrado just showed one of his tricks to us when he made a potsized bet on the flop, eventually showing an [8x].

Let’s go to the action:

Stephen Morgan opened up the action from early position for 25,000, on which Orlando Anderson from the cutoff made it 95,000 to go. In the big blind was Corrado and he decided to call with a healthy stack leaving behind. Morgan also decided to call and see the flop. With around 300,000 in the middle, three players went to the flop which showed A 8 5 .

Corrado pulled out a potsized bet and the others immediately put their cards in the muck. By showing an [8x] Corrado made some eyebrows raising up from the other players, followed by a disconcerting ”Nice Hand Sir”.

Nane Corrado – 920,000

Stephen Morgan – 430,000

Orlando Anderson – 300,000

Down to 50 players 13.02.2023 21:48 by Melvin Schroen

We are currently down to 50 players, which is around 30% of the initial field of 128 players.

The Live Stream is Up and Running 13.02.2023 21:28 by Melvin Schroen

As most of the days this week, the Cash Game Challenge will be streamed live on the Twitch-Channel of The Festival Series. We have some fun players at the table, resulting in a lot of banter. Make sure to give it a try and don’t forget to subscribe/like the page, so you will be informed about all the upcoming streams.


Playing down to ITM 13.02.2023 21:19 by Melvin Schroen

Level 9: 4,000/8,000 (8,000)
Entries: 60/128

The late registration period has ended and we are playing until 15% of the field is remaining. This means that all remaining players of the day will already lock up a nice min cash. With 128 entries today on Day 1B, and 119 entries of Day 1A, we currently have 247 registrations with one more starting on the list for tomorrow. It is already proven to be a big success during the PokerListings Championships.

Break Chip Counts 13.02.2023 21:15 by Melvin Schroen

Glen Wilson – 850,000

Mehrban Iranshad – 950,000

Ian Vertefouille – 1,300,000

Jav Javed – 900,000

Rinalds Zimka – 810,000

Zimka finds Aces 13.02.2023 20:55 by Melvin Schroen

Level 8: 3,000/6,000 (6,000)
Entries: 60/122

As we are reaching the end of the late registration period, Rinalds Zimka found Aces in a dream spot. A player in utg position opened up the action, on which the player in the cut-off went all-in for 250,000. Zimka was sitting right after him and decided to reshove all-in. The original raiser went out of the way and we had a showdown.

Zimka A A

Player 10 Q

No help came as the board remained extremely low and thus added Zimka roughly 250,000 to his stack.

RInalds Zimka – 700,000

Ian Vertefouille above the Million chip mark 13.02.2023 20:47 by Melvin Schroen

Our American friend, king of the Flips, is not even playing for that long today and he already has chipped up to over 1 Million chips. It seems the lack of sleep is not disturbing him at all, as he is talking with all of his neighbors at the table the whole time.

This is what The Festival Series is about – Socializing and having fun at the tables!

Side Event Alert! – Will ‘Jacob Diederiksen-Nielsen’ become back-to-back Champ? 13.02.2023 20:33 by Melvin Schroen

Currently we have another Side-Event which started in the likes of a Heads-Up tournament. 16 Players believe in their head-to-head skills, but only one will walk away with the first prize, together with a nice portrait and a signed comic book. Will Jacob the Dane win the tournament for the second time in a row?

Jacob Diederiksen-Nielsen
Naylor Cruising at day 1B 13.02.2023 20:26 by Melvin Schroen

Adam Naylor from the UK, is among the Chipleaders, if not the actual Chipleader. With a stack of roughly 1,5 Million he has nothing to complain about so far.

Adam Naylor – 1,500,000

Tran Trung loses 250k pot 13.02.2023 20:11 by Melvin Schroen

Level 7: 2,500/5,000 (5,000)
Entries: 71/114

Trung had 55,000 chips laying just over the line, and there was about 200,000 in the pot after the river. The player in seat 5, Adam Bone, shoved his stack in there as a result for about 350,000 effectively. Trung didn’t had to think twice, as he folded right away. Bone opted for the flush as there were three hearts on the Q-high board.

Tran Trung – 300,000

Adam Bone – 610,000

Next Festival Stop – Malta 13.02.2023 20:01 by Melvin Schroen
Straight Flush for Jari Latti 13.02.2023 19:43 by Melvin Schroen

Level 6: 2,000/4,000 (4,000)
Entries: 74/107

There were 230,000 chips in the middle and we saw the cards open of Jari Latti 6 9 and James Clarke J J . We can only imagine how it went in as the cards were already open on a board 5 7 8 2 and the river wouldn’t make any difference with a [10x].

Jari Latti – 230,000

Reigass goes big as usual 13.02.2023 19:24 by Melvin Schroen

Gatis Reigass from Latvia, always good for action at the tables, just took town a reasonable pot of Steve Brown. He managed to work his stack up to roughly 450K.

Gatis had raised it up preflop from utg position to 8,000 and he had one caller in the name of Steve Brown. After the flop Q J 2 , he pulled out another bet of 12,000, which was quickly called by Brown. The turn gave a 10 and Gatis continued for 55,000, which was then quickly folded by his opponent.

Gatis Reigass – 430,000

Steve Brown – 200,000

Side Event Alert – Sviten Special is looking for the first non-Nordics winner 13.02.2023 19:13 by Melvin Schroen

If you are for some real Mixed Games, make your way up to the cash desk to register yourself for one of the most amazing mixed games events of this week – Sviten Special.

You don’t know the rules? Don’t stress out, not many do. But feel free to check out the rules of the game here.

Can England take it home?

Chip Counts in the first Break 13.02.2023 19:03 by Melvin Schroen

We collected a few notable chip counts during the break for you. Currently we have 97 players registered with the late registration still open.

Vlad Talica – 650,000

JJ Hazan – 500,000

Glen Wilson – 450,000

Stephen Morgan – 420,000

Sean O’Donnell – 550,000

Samuel Deering – 620,000

‘GJ Reggie’ found her way to the PokerListings Championships 13.02.2023 18:39 by Melvin Schroen

Another familiar face has joined The Festival Series army in Nottingham for a game of poker, it is Georgina James from the UK and member of Team-PokerStars Online. We will see her passing by more often during this event in the live blog. She is also known by her always entertaining Twitch-Channel.


GJ Reggie – 260,000

Broomhead dusts off another one 13.02.2023 18:30 by Melvin Schroen

Level 4: 1,500/2,500 (2,500)
Entries: 72/89

Lee Broomhead just busted a another player. With 95,000 total in the pot it was not a big pot, but every stack counts as they say. He scooped the pot on the river with his [Ax][Jx] against [Kx][4x] off the player who hit the rail.

Board: [Kx][8x][Qx] [5x] [Ax]

Lee Broomhead – 250,000

American ‘King of Flips’ from Bratislava has arrived 13.02.2023 18:17 by Melvin Schroen

Ian Vertefouille, who had won the ranking of Franke’s Flip Flops in Bratislava has just joined the felt. I spoke to him shortly and he didn’t sleep for 48 hrs since he left the States to come play cards at The Festival Series, an event which suits him a lot in regards of the great atmosphere hanging around. He will have a long week ahead of him, full of great tournaments. Read the following content to get to know this great American professional poker player.

James McMillian takes another one with Queens 13.02.2023 18:07 by Melvin Schroen

Level 3: 1,000/2,000 (2,000)
Entries: 68/80

We saw two players on the table number 1 brewing a big pot.

Flop 9 7 K

On the turn Q McMillian had raised it up to 25,000, after a bet of 9,500 from Michael London which he eventually called as well. On the 8 river, McMillian fired 80,000 chips to the middle, on which Michael decided that his hand wasn’t good enough.

James McMillian – 310,000

Michael London – 80,000

Rinalds takes a big pot 13.02.2023 17:45 by Melvin Schroen

We saw a shove on the river from Zimka Rinalds, after an opening bet on the river from James McMillian. Both players have got healthy stacks in front of them.

Board: 9 Q 4 A 4

McMillian decided not to call the shove and thus lost the 40K he put in the middle on the river.

Zimka Rinalds – 270,000

James McMillian – 230,000

Ace – King vs. Ace – King 13.02.2023 17:32 by Melvin Schroen

We saw an all-in on the turn at table number 15. Robert Mantu was in the tank for quite a bit before calling for almost all of his chips against Dimtrys Meless. Both players had the goods with [Ax][Kx] on a K-high board, and split the complete pot.

Robert Mantu – 200,000

Dimtrys Meless – 170,000

MasterClass in PLO – by JJ Hazan 13.02.2023 17:24 by Melvin Schroen
JJ Hazan

On wednesday morning players have the chance to get a MasterClass from long time regular JJ Hazan. In previous events it showed an immediate result with student players reaching to the deep stages of the PLO Events.

For more information check the following link

Wilson scoops the classic cooler 13.02.2023 17:16 by Melvin Schroen

We saw a pre-flop allin at table number 15, where Glen Wilson had his remaining stack at risk against Adam Pearson. Sadly, for Adam he was faced [Ax][Ax], while holding himself [Kx][Kx]. The board brought no help with 5 9 9 3 3 . Soon later Adam busted and is already at the cash desk for a re-entry.

Glen Wilson – 300,000

Adam Pearson – Bust

Some familiar faces are turning up 13.02.2023 17:05 by Melvin Schroen

Greger Larsson – 200,000

JJ Hazan – 200,000

Gatis Reigass starts in fashion 13.02.2023 16:59 by Melvin Schroen

Level 1: 1,000/1,000 (1,000) Entries: 46/46

We joined the action on table number 5, where Gatis Reigass from Latvia is seating. The player from Optibet opened the action from the cut off to 2,500 and both blinds decided to make the call and saw 9 J 8 on the flop. Both blinds checked the action, and Gatis continued for 3,500, which was just called by Steve Brown in the small blind. After the 7 on the turn, it was Gatis who fired again for 10,000. On the 2 Steve opened it up to 10,000, on which Gatis relaunched to 25,000 and this was enough to take down one of the first pots of the day.

Level 1: 1,000/1,000 (1,000) Entries: 46/46 13.02.2023 16:44 by Melvin Schroen

We have got quite a sizable field for the start. More players are on the way, but will most likely be stuck as well due to the traffic situation outside.

Start of PokerListings Championships Day 1B 13.02.2023 16:25 by Melvin Schroen

We will kick off the live blog with the start of Day 1B at 15:30 P.M Local Time. Sadly due to an accident on the highway close by, many dealers are not able to come in on time.

PokerListings Championships Day 1A – W.M bags the Chiplead 13.02.2023 15:07 by Melvin Schroen

It was February 12th, the day Dusk Till Dawn Poker Club opened its doors for another instalment of The Festival Series. United Kingdom had been entranced for weeks, and they showed up in large numbers on the unofficial start day of this event and the majority of the felt were local players for now. On the next starting days, we are expecting the international players to arrive including all the qualifiers who managed to scoop a package deal, which will evolve in some great fireworks.


Day 1A of the PokerListings Championships was scheduled for Sunday. With a starting stack of 200,000 chips, and ample blind levels, there was plenty of room to sit back and relax. There were already 80 registrations in the first two hours of the tournament, and this continued to grow throughout the rest of the day.

Martin ‘Franke’ von Zweigbergk managed to find his first bust of the Series within two hands. Of course, it wouldn’t be a story of Franke if this wasn’t accompanied by some drama due to missing a flush draw and such. Together with PokerListings Anchor, Mauritz Altikardes, they tried to qualify themselves for the final day, but most likely we will see them giving it another try tomorrow as they didn’t manage to survive for long.

The atmosphere in this poker club is extremely pleasant for the players, and you can tell by everything that people here are completely focused on the game we love so much. As it’s a club dedicated to Poker, you won’t find many casino games around, somewhat which is different from other premises. So it was W.M who finally topped the list from 119 entrants and of the 18 remaining players at the end of Day 1A, with a heavy stack of 3,920,000 chips, good for 20x the starting stack. Other notable stacks are M.Y with 2,700,000 in chips, and P.G with 2,650,000 in chips. With one more day to go, we’ll be able to get approximately close to 250-300 registrations and when Day 2 arrives next Tuesday, it will become a battlefield with big stacks all flying around.

The Live Blog will officially start from Day 1B 2PM Local Time of the PokerListings Championships onwards, so stay tuned and follow all the action of The Festival Series Nottingham here at PokerListings!

Here is a list of all remaining players of Day 1A:

PlacePlayer NameChip Count
1W M3,920,000
3P G2,650,000
4V M1,865,000
5L R1,810,000
6G S1,240,000
7E S1,145,000
8LUKE CORNELL1,075,000
9LEWIS MORTON1,060,000
10S Y970,000
11G T945,000
13MARK STOKES865,000
16C T460,000
17L F425,000

Are you curious for Today’s action?

TimeEvent #Event
2 p.m.1£120 PokerListings Championship Day 1b
5 p.m.2£230 Sviten Special
6 p.m.3£230 Heads Up [32 Cap] Day 1
6:30 p.m.4Cash Game Challenge
7 p.m.5£60 Low Roller
9:30 p.m.6Cash Game Challenge
PokerListings set to do Live Reporting from The Festival Series in Nottingham (13-19 February 2023)  12.02.2023 21:41 by Melvin Schroen
Melvin Schroen – Live Reporter

For the first time in the history of The Festival Series, an event series is being held at the Dusk Till Dawn Pokerclub in Nottingham. PokerListings, represented by Melvin Schroen, will handle the live blog, and will provide all of you with all the inside information of this epic week of events. There will be a total of 35 unique tournaments being held, divided over the next seven days. The Series, who is mainly focused on mixed games and all the events around poker itself, will provide a guaranteed prize pool of £200,000 for the Main Event. Additionally, another great event will take place in the name of PokerListings Championships and it has a whopping £25,000 guaranteed. Both big events we will cover from A to Z for you, with the last-mentioned event currently already started with more than 80 entries in just two hours! 

Games for Everyone  

The Festival Series is known for its diversity in game selection, specialized in mixed games. With 35 unique events, there is of course enough to play for Hold’em fans, but the mixed games are right up there in the likes of Omaha, Mixed PLO/NLHE, PLO 4/5/6, PLO HiLo, Open Face Chinese, Short-Deck, and Sviten Special. So, if you like games with more than two hole-cards, the place to be this week will be the Dusk Till Dawn Pokerclub in Nottingham! Don’t forget about the following, for every event there is an amazing trophy to be won, which will be an unique portrait drawing of the winners photo. If that’s not enough yet, you will also get a signed comic book!

About the Main Event 

The Main Event of The Festival Series is a deep-stacked and nicely structured event with four opening flights. With 200,000 chips in starting stack, it is going to be promised to be a fun ride of action for everyone. With the first three days to be 30-minutes levels, the last turbo flight will be with 15-minute blind levels. A guaranteed prize pool cannot be missed and this time there has been set a whopping £200,000 as a guarantee, which promises to give the top spots a heavy prize.  

Players are allowed to re-enter once per starting day and can re-enter until the end of the first two levels of the second day, unique in its kind. Last edition in Bratislava was won by Dutchman Michel Molenaar, who collected a nice €126,650 score at the cash desk, in which another Dutch player in the name of Gerianne Dijkstra became second for €77,450.  

It is certain to be fireworks in Nottingham. And if you still have the chance to hop on a flight or train, you won’t be disappointed! 

Winner Bratislava Main Event : Michel Molenaar

Secure your package for the next stop in Malta!

There are several packages to be won for the next stop in Malta (15-21 May). Regardless of what you will play this week, in any discipline you can scoop a package worth 1,600! We have listed them for you:

Player of the Series

During the previous stop in Bratislava a true players ranking was introduced. Swede Totti Linde walked away with the package for The Festival Nottingham. To get hold of this all-round trophy, you will have the score the most points based on the ranking system. Meaning that you will either need to run very deep in the Main Event and make a couple of other notable finishes in other side events, or you simply play every single side event and cash in most of them. For more information check this link.

Cash Game Challenge

Are you a cash game player? Twice per day there is a cash game challenge, which mostly will be streamed live on the twitch channel of The Festival Series. It does not matter if you have deep pockets or not, regardless the buy-in level or blind level, it is all about the net profit in big blinds collected. All this needs to happen within the designated time frame which stands in line for this challenge. For more information check this link.

Franke’s Flip ‘n Go’s

The famous flip games are also part of the assortment in Nottingham during The Festival Series. Whoever wins the most flips throughout the whole week, takes home a package for the next event. Do you want to become the next flip master? Check out following link for more information.

PokerListings Championships

The PokerListings Championships is in full swing currently with Day 1A being played but hold your horses. Tomorrow there is another starting day as well. With a well-structured event and a 200K starting stack, there is enough space for some stunts. The winner does not only walk away with a heavy first prize, but also takes home the trophy + a package for the next stop. 

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