Swedish Best Friends Make Battle of Malta Final 9 Together

"This is my best friend."

Rasmus Eriksson and Robert Berglund already loved the Battle of Malta.

Now they have two more very big reasons to.

For the part three years Eriksson, Berglund and a third friend have traveled from Sweden to Malta to play in the BOM.

The best finish they've had previously is Rasmus' 135th-place finish last year for €1,250. This year, they both made the final table of nine.

"This is my best friend from back in Sweden," Rasmus told us after the final table was set. "Robert was the first friend I started to play poker with I think five or six years ago.

"Three years ago was the first time we came to the Battle of Malta and we loved it so much we've come back every year.

"It's been a tradition for us," added Robert. "We hadn't had much success so far but this year we both made the final table."

Rasmus Eriksson IMG 1834
Rasmus Eriksson

Last-Longer Added Motivation

As a bit of an added incentive, as if they need it now that there's a €160,000 first-place prize on the table, they also have a last longer bet for a free dinner. They say they're both still very motivated to win it.

"Me and Robert have a last-longer bet," Rasmus says "and I want to take him down so I will do what I can to finish him off."

Rasmus plays poker for fun while Robert has been trying to make a living off poker for the last year. Adds Rasmus:

"The money means a lot for me. I have a normal job back in Sweden so even to make the min-cash at the final table is pretty huge.

"But I will try to play my best and not think of the money but the place of €160,000 is really huge and I want it so I will go for it."

“We are over the moon. “We’ve been speaking about how cool it would be to play heads-up for the title, but of course we weren’t serious.”

“Now we move on to Day 4 and it’s actually still possible.”

They were sitting at the same table today, but now that’s unavoidable. With 8,795,000 chips to Robert's 2,895,000, Rasmus also seems to have the upper hand. Or does he?

“I think that Robert is the best player at the table," Rasmus says, "so why would I try to target him? I think it’s better for me to target other players. He might come for me, though.”

Robert Berglund IMG 1438
Robert Berglund

Stakes Are Even Higher

Between the two of them and their unnamed friend, there is also an agreement that if one of them made the final table, the other two have to get a tattoo.

What exactly is that tattoo of? A very famous Swedish symbol, particularly prominent in their hometown of Falun: the Dalahäst, or Swedish horse.

But now that two of them have made it there, does that mean their friend has to get two tattoos?

Rasmus and Robert can easily agree on an answer here: “Yes, I guess.”

"Our friend wants us to get the tattoos, too," Rasmus says. "Since I made the final table, Robert has to do it and since he made it, I do too.

The two friends return at 3 pm to play the Battle of Malta main event final table, which you can watch right here on live stream with commentary.

You can follow along in the live updates as well right here.

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