Stig Moen Causing Trouble

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Stig Moen is a long-time friend of this reporter. We both have a passion for poker and love commentating live poker events.

Don't let the title confuse you as it is mostly tongue-in-cheek.

But very early on, Moen got involved in a small pot with Sohra Mohammadzdeh. The results are fairly irrelevant as the hand itself provided some light humor for those at the table.

Post flop, Moen bet 300 out of turn. This was confusing to Mohammadzdeh about what to do. Moen first apologized for betting out of turn which can happen to anyone before explaining to Mohammadzdeh about his options.

Moen shared that if Mohammadzdeh checked, his bet would stand but if his opponent instead decided to bet that Moen would be able to act differently as this changed the action.

Although this is clearly correct, the dealer called the floor for an official ruling. As is often the case here at Banco Casino, the floor was over in just a few seconds and said the same as what Moen shared.

Mohammadzdeh let out a huge smile and checked before snap-folding. The entire table and even this reporter had a nice laugh.

Stig Moen
Stig Moen

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