Set of Fives Holds for Decesare to Oust Mortensen

Level 5: 300/600 (600)
Entries: 192/218

Sebastian Mortensen checked with 10,000 in the pot and the 5 10 J 6 on the board after the turn. The action picked up from there. Cheryl Taylor bet 5,000 before Shaun Decesare raised to 12,500. Mortensen came in over the top for 35,000 and Decesare called.

Sebastian Mortensen: Q 9
Shaun Decesare: 5 5

Decesare was in the lead with a set of fives but Mortensen held both a flush draw and an open-ended straight draw for a sweat. Neither of those draws was completed. Instead, the A river completed the board and Mortensen was on the rail.

Mortensen will give today another chance as he immediately got back into the action with a re-entry after losing his first stack.

Shaun Decesare - 113,000
Sebastian Mortensen - 50,000

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