Schweigl Loses his Short Stack

Level 10: 1,000/2,000 (2,000)
Entries: 105/205

Andreas Schweigl had his short stack of 4,000 in the pot before the 8 K 6 flop against three other players. Mark Cousin jammed for 68,500 which sent last night's HORSE winner Romain Nardin into the tank for several minutes.

"How much?" Nardin asked.

He was told the amount and folded after another minute. Meanwhile, Vincent Keen also folded for a heads-up showdown with two more cards to come.

Andreas Schweigl: A 10
Mark Cousin: A K

Cousin was ahead and had his opponent drawing dead after the 3 turn.

"Good game," Scheweigl told to his table after the Q river completed the board and he was out of chips.

Mark Cousin - 100,000
Andreas Schweigl - 0

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