Robinson Wins a Flip to Oust Schjetne

Level 9: 1,000/1,500 (1,500)
Entries: 145/256

Jorgen Schjetne opened for 3,500 from early position before Serdar Demircan called from the button. Thomas Robinson three-bet to 14,000 from the small blind and the action got even hotter with Schtjetne four-bet jamming for 50,000. Demircan got out of the way before Robinson snap-called.

Jorgen Schjetne: Q Q
Thomas Robinson: A K

Demircan told the table he folded ace-jack of diamond and was initially upset after he would have improved to top pair on the 9 J 7 flop. However, he soon relaxed understanding that he was still behind Schjetne's overpair.

The 10 turn kept Schjetne ahead in the hand. However, that all changed after the A spiked the river to give Robinson the check mark.

"Good game," Schjetne said to the table on his way out.

Meanwhile, Demircan began to shake off that although he would have gotten it in bad, he would have won the hand if he stayed in it.

Thomas Robinson - 200,000
Jorgen Schjetne - 0

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